Steeping Ellies Brown Temp?

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  1. I'm doing my first all grain batch and was curious as to what temp should this batch be steeped at? What water levels as well?
    Has anyone done this brew? How did it turn out?

    Note: There was no info on the website with the recipe listed.
  2. Doing all grain that process is called mashing. Generally you can go with 1.25 quarts of water per pound of grain. Mash temp is dependent on what you are shooting for with fermentability of the wort. Generally you can shoot for 152-154 and be okay if you are just shooting to get your first AG batch done successfully. The lower the temp the more fermentable the wort, the higher the temp the lower the fermentability. General range goes from 146-160, those arent set in stone necessarily but I always stick to that range.
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    Further to the information that is above (which is excellent), you need to add water that is about 16-18F hotter than what you are aiming for as a mash temperature as the mash tun & grains absorb a lot of heat.

    If I were you I would be reading's section on all grain brewing as it sound like you are missing some essential knowledge (although I could be wrong). I also would consider not buying kits from that location anymore if they don't give a targeted mash temperature.

    Could you maybe post the details of the recipe? What size kit is it (5 gallons? Less?)
  4. Sorry, for the noobing and thank you for the help. Yes it's called mashing, my bad. The kit size is a 5 gallon. My mash tun is a typical cylinder igloo cooler.
    The recipe is here if you go to the second one down it is the Ellie's Brown Ale.
    Also, I've gotten a tip on sparging. The suggested using a coffee lid to help slowly disperse the sparge water instead of just dumping in water all at once. Anyone got any better suggestions?
  5. Batch sparging works great for me, I would suggest that.
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    For this recipe, never having had the beer, I'd guess a 152-154F mash temp would be appropriate. I'd batch sparge too, but the coffee lid can help with the vorlauf to get the runnings clearer quicker so as to disturb the grain bed.
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  7. Thanks! I was assuming to do 152 so that's what I will shoot for.