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Stone Enjoy By 02.15.13 IPA Released

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by Jason, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. cjoc83

    cjoc83 Advocate (515) Pennsylvania Jul 31, 2010 Beer Trader

    Ha, that's hilarious! CT a 'state'. You're such a card.
  2. Well they charge me state taxes. Who should I complain to? :p

    I am going to tweet Stone every day. That is my small part to play in getting Enjoy By into CT.
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  3. Heading out tonight to Capones in Norristown,PA to pick up my reserved bottle and have one on tap - just tapped today!
  4. wvsabbath

    wvsabbath Advocate (580) West Virginia Apr 29, 2010 Beer Trader

    Just got a case, putting one in fridge now, was lucky to score a bottle of 11-9-12, cant wait to see how this one compairs.
  5. Artmcd88

    Artmcd88 Savant (325) Pennsylvania Dec 22, 2011 Beer Trader

    Just picked up a bottle today on the way home from work. They had a bunch but only allowed one per customer.
  6. MikesBrew

    MikesBrew Initiate (15) Jan 17, 2013

    Any of this floating around Los Angeles or specifically the San Fernando Valley?
  7. Apparently you can get bottles and growlers at the Stone store in Pasadena, but otherwise it won't be seen around town.
  8. how is it this time around? cant wait to get my hands on it soon, its a top 5 DIPA for me without question
  9. Just got this in Pittsburgh today. A 6 day old beer. Really aromatic and really tasty.
  10. JohnGalt1

    JohnGalt1 Champion (920) Idaho Aug 10, 2005 Beer Trader

    Drinking my 2nd in 2x days and no joke, this is the real deal.
  11. ImJ2x

    ImJ2x Aficionado (175) California Jan 3, 2012

    Filled my growler (plus the 2 max bottles) at the Oceanside store yesterday. [PS: Why do you fools live in poopholes like PA when you could live in beautiful SoCal and drink the best beers in the world every damn day? Not hatin'.... educatin'.] And I have the day off, so figured it would be a good day to crush this superfresh growler (slowly, responsibly). Enjoyby for breakfast = Nirvana. And this may be the best batch yet. Slightly more booziness than past iterations, but TONS of complex hoppy flavor notes. Absolutely delicious.
  12. Beerpharmer

    Beerpharmer Zealot (95) New Jersey Apr 22, 2010

    BUTT LOADS. Cheers
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  13. smutty33

    smutty33 Advocate (705) Connecticut Jun 12, 2009

    I said the same thing w/ the release of the Mint Choc. Imp.Stout recently.

  14. MadDogMD

    MadDogMD Aficionado (140) Arizona Jan 7, 2013 Subscriber

    Has anyone spotted this in Phoenix yet? And which stores?
  15. CDR

    CDR Aspirant (30) California Jan 9, 2013

    I picked up a few bottles last night at the Stone Company Store in South Park (San Diego). Definitely one of my more favorite tasting IPA's to come out of Stone. Great job!
  16. Stone is in CT, just not with the special one-offs. My understanding, and someone please correct me if Im wrong, is it's due to CT's restrictive product licensing regs. CT doesnt license a brewery as a whole, allowing them to buy one license and bring in whatever they produce, but rather they require a brewery to license (and pay licensure fees) for each and every single product a brewery wants to bring in. It's a lot of red tape that keeps special unique offerings out of the state. (shields up)
  17. flayedandskinned

    flayedandskinned Advocate (515) California Jan 1, 2011 Beer Trader

    We just got these in my store. Im shocked at the price point; 5.99!!!!

    I picked up 2 bottles. Cannot effin' wait to crack one open tonight!!