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Stone Enjoy By 04.01.13

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by shamrock071521, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Schultz

    Schultz Aficionado (160) Maryland Jan 19, 2008

    Just picked up 4 bottles at Perfect Pour, 39.00 total for all 4. Arrived today and at 8:15 they had 3 cases left. Jasons and Northridge on same route and probably got theirs today as well. Enjoyed a couple on tap at Friscos Friday night and it was excellant, though keg is probably kicked by now. Max's is tapping their keg at 5:00 Thursday. Not sure when other bars are tapping their keg, but all the kegs have been delivered.
  2. getting hosed here is the norm but 11.25 is high even by our standards. picked mine up at blanchards (not reknown for low pricing) came to an even 20 for 2 bottles.
  3. willbm3

    willbm3 Savant (380) Massachusetts Feb 19, 2010

    People have different perceptions about what constitutes Boston. When I say Boston I'm referring to downtown Boston, not "Boston area" aka Cambridge, Brookline, Allston, Quincy, Somerville, Roxbury, Dorchester, Charlestown, etc. I expect to pay a little more so if you paid $10 at Blanchards I don't feel so bad. I know it costs a hell of a lot more to run a store downtown than it does in the suburbs.

    I would like to know where that person bought it in "Boston" for $7 though.

    PS - how awesome is the Sunset > Blanchards > home move?
  4. Zurich

    Zurich Zealot (90) New York Sep 4, 2012

    I picked up 4 in Brooklyn, store had at least a dozen. It shows up in pretty unlikely places, I have a few random bodegas I scope for it. At $7.99, I'm very happy about that price. I'm going to bring one to Hunahpu's to share since this batch didn't get to Florida.

    I really enjoyed this, but I think I preferred 12.21. Hard to say as I only had a taste of that.
  5. true, "boston" is used to mean anything from downtown specifically to boston + its extending neighborhoods (allston, charlestown, roxbury, dorchester etc) to altogether separate towns and cities (brookline, cambridge, etc). but as to your larger point, idk to be honest, generally i find prices at a lot of places to be on par with what you see downtown. charles st is typically on the high side - i'll stop here because it's close to work (still easily on par w blanchard's, $-wise... cheaper in some cases) but for example federal wine and spirits on state st is pretty reasonable. $4$ i find blanchard's to wield some of the highest price points anywhere in the city. ($9+ for a rochefort 10?)

    was in sunset the other day... 2 days, as it turned out, before they tapped BA bigfoot :(
  6. willbm3

    willbm3 Savant (380) Massachusetts Feb 19, 2010

    It's definitely an expensive city to buy booze. Charles St. and Jobi are my usually go to's because they're a short walk from my apartment. Occasionally I stop in at BWX (great bomber selection) but that's about it. If I'm far outside of the city I'll stop places but its not much cheaper (usually a couple dollars at best even 45 min outside of downtown). That's why I thought it was insane when people were buying this for $5.99

    I haven't been to Sunset I awhile. Probably because every time I go I have a $100+ tab
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  7. Gameover170

    Gameover170 Savant (330) Indiana Feb 8, 2013

    that's so cheap! I paid $8.49 in Indy. Still worth it, very good beer
  8. Gameover170

    Gameover170 Savant (330) Indiana Feb 8, 2013

    Have you noticed the difference even in letting the Enjoy By sit for a few days? I had one last Friday and then last night, and even then I noticed a difference in taste. I'm guessing this is due to the "freshness" factor
  9. stafford2

    stafford2 Aficionado (230) Maryland Nov 13, 2010

    As of Wed, March 6th, I still haven't seen any in the Baltimore County/Towson area. Beltway Fine Wines still doesn't have it in and they are generally the first to get a lot of stuff.
  10. I haven't really let any sit longer than a week after they were released. My post was a response to those claiming certain batches were better than others. It was not a comment on whether the beer fades quickly or not. I do believe they fade fast, that's why I drink them so quickly.
  11. kona650

    kona650 Savant (270) California Jun 12, 2011

    Just found some at Safeway! That would be the last place I would expect to find some they had about six bottles left!
  12. szmnnl99

    szmnnl99 Advocate (705) Michigan Apr 3, 2006

    I paid $12 in MI so you can feel better at my expense. It better be good.
  13. We just tapped the "Enjoy By IPA" at Jacoby's bar in Detroit. It's awesome!
  14. broodog

    broodog Savant (385) Illinois Jul 18, 2009

    (This thread will self destruct on 04.01.13)
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  15. This just showed up in my local shop in NYC for $7.50 per. Unlikely place too. They have a few cases, at least.
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  16. No1Smitty

    No1Smitty Savant (395) California Nov 7, 2011

    Where in Cali ? At which Safeway?
  17. $7.99 in NYC. With bottle deposit and taxes, comes to an even $19.48.
  18. kona650

    kona650 Savant (270) California Jun 12, 2011

    I'm in the bay area! I just stumble upon it today I was pretty shocked! Where abouts are you in Cali?
  19. BKBassist

    BKBassist Savant (490) New York Jan 24, 2013

    Wanna divulge your secret locations? I went to an "unlikely location" that I found on the Stone website (random natural foods store on Graham ave in east williamsburg, granted they had a solid beer room), and the people there were very confused as to a)what the beer I was talking about was called, and b) why I would be looking for a "limited release" beer in the first place.
  20. $5.99 here. Monterey/Santa Cruz, CA. tons and tons of it, I picked up a full case.
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  21. May I ask where you found this?
  22. athenmonk

    athenmonk Aficionado (145) New York Jan 17, 2012

    Picked up two bottles, for $8.99 each, yesterday at Oliver's beverage in Albany, NY. Unfortunately they didn't last long but a keg is going up.
  23. SenorHops

    SenorHops Savant (410) Rhode Island Aug 10, 2010

    Can't put my finger on it it. Just not a clean taste. Soemething funky in the flavor. I wouldn't buy it again. More for you guys.
  24. zoober911

    zoober911 Savant (435) New York Jul 31, 2012

    It's also available in upstate ny...apparently they (oliver's) cracked the cases yesterday am after i had left and sold through in just a few hours. on a brighter note....they're adding it to the tap list :D
  25. zoober911

    zoober911 Savant (435) New York Jul 31, 2012

    i totally just read right over this..my b...sorry for the double post.
  26. Riiiiight. I'm sure this had everything to do with the beer and nothing to do with the taster :rolleyes:
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  27. I was able to get some on draft yesterday in Rochester. Anybody in Rochester that wants to try it, go to the Old Toad. It's so good.
  28. dar482

    dar482 Advocate (710) New York Mar 9, 2007

    The map on Stone's website was useful. Just call ahead of time. I found a ton at Fairway of all places.

    Quite a good DIPA, for over 9% ABV, but not something I would go crazy over to need to buy again.
  29. fyp.
  30. Cvescalante

    Cvescalante Savant (435) Texas Dec 24, 2012

    How does Vermont get included on this one? That's not even fair lol.. I've picked up 5 and had 2 so far here in Fort Worth. Its been lovely
  31. $6.49 at Avenue wine and $6.99 at kreston's. Avenue sold out on Saturday and I would bet krestons is done as well. It's on tap at two stones right now, I highly recommend heading over there before its gone!
  32. It's excellent but I am not sure how you can make that statement. I paid $7.99 for a bottle and sounds like some people are paying even more. At 22oz. Thats more than $4 per 12oz. And factors out to over $26 for a 6 pack. I bought a sixer of Lagunitas Sucks for under $10. Again, I love Enjoy by but I would say it's one of the worst values out there as far as DIPA's go.
  33. I paid $6, but I feel you.... What you aren't accounting for, however, is the subjective value that my taste buds impart upon it, which makes it a greater value.
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  34. zoober911

    zoober911 Savant (435) New York Jul 31, 2012

    [​IMG] boy did i get lucky. last bottle and filled two growlers...one for me and one for my brother.
  35. Just had this Enjoy by last night. Its awesome. One of the best IPAs Ive had in a long time. Nothing like a freashly brewed Stone.
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  36. Chris77McGrath

    Chris77McGrath Savant (295) Ohio Feb 8, 2013

    I had one Sunday night, very good IPA.
  37. Gameover170

    Gameover170 Savant (330) Indiana Feb 8, 2013

    Didn't pick up the sarcasm on that post eh? I was mocking the enjoy by marketing wiseass
  38. Rback

    Rback Aficionado (185) New York Feb 26, 2012

    Just bought it yesterday at Village Beer Merchant in Buffalo
  39. Seems like the beer shops out here got wise to the demand of this beer. Last week, 7.99. This week, 9.99. Its a shame the allocation for the entire Northeastern NC (roughly 100 miles from otherwise closest available location) is only 1 case per store...3 stores in all, one got a case last week, one today and one tommorow. But o well, I paid 9.99 each (2 bottle limit) Its a little expensive, but I can come up with 100 ways to justify paying it :p
    SN , I'm really looking forward to seeing "Sucks" back on the shelves!
  40. No I didn't. Perhaps you should try using one of these next time: :rolleyes: