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Stone Enjoy by IPA: 12.21.12 coming to MA

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by jamvt, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. wondering how hard this will be to track down once it lands. i picked up a bottle of the previous run in CO when i went out for gabf. not my favorite ipa, but not bad.
  2. I really enjoyed this while I was in CO, so I'm really looking forward to it. I didn't get to try it in a bottle, so I'm hoping to grab at least a sixer of these when they get here. I was hoping for one of these threads so I can get an update whenever it hits anywhere in MA. Is there an expected date for it to hit yet?
  3. According to the Stone FB page "Stone Enjoy By 12.21.12 IPA will be bottled, loaded and shipped on Friday, November 16."

    So knowing how things work in our lovely Commonwealth....we should see it on shelves right around 12/22...
  4. One more reason why I'm glad I live 45 minutes from the Massachusetts border. Is it being distributed anywhere else other than Massachusetts?
  5. Southern California
    Central Coast California
    Northern California
    New Jersey
    New York City
  6. o_O
  7. This will really be a test for distributors and stores. I know they will probably treat this differently but I'll be surprised if they handle this as intended. Unless it's super limited, in which case it shouldn't be that difficult to get it out and sold by 12/21. We shall see.
  8. I wish I knew how much of this would be around. I'm not gonna run around like crazy looking for it, but if I see it, I'll most certainly try it. But heck, just found fresh MBC Lunch, so I'm fine with missing it if it comes down to that.
  9. Not too much insider knowledge, but I'd look for it at the same places that got Lucky Bastard and the Stone Mint Chocolate collab, and probably in similar amounts (based on what stores in other areas got in previous batches).
  10. Maybe BA Grover (Stone New England Rep) can chime in re. locations? I'd like to try this but I'm not driving all over Eastern MA.
  11. It will arrive the week of Thanksgiving... Check out www.stonebrew.com/enjoyby to see the map of where it will be....and remember when you find it tweet about it using #Enjoyby #MA

    Jeff Nelson
    Stone Brewing Co.
    New England Sales rep.
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  12. Public allocations? The wave of the future? That map is pretty sweet.
  13. If you're on the South Shore, I'd say Granite Liquors in Weymouth would be a great bet to find it.
  14. OK. Now I know exactly who'll have it...now I need to find out the exact DAY it'll show up for sale. The shop near me who is getting it is sometimes a little cute about when they get something vs. when they will actually sell it. I would hope something like this goes straight up for sale the day they get it. Sometimes they hold stuff in the back and refuse to sell it until the "official" for sale date begins. "Oh yeah - we have that," they'll say. "But it isn't going on the shelves until next week. It's not in the system yet." I have heard that one several times. I guess things like this happen with the bigger chains sometimes. Hopefully this case is different.
  15. Aren't stores supposed to keep it held back until the official release date set by the brewery? Or am I misreading/misinterpreting your post?
  16. Yes. You are misreading my post. I sometimes go to a store, and they sometimes tell me they have an item in the back. I ask for some. They sometimes tell me that said item won't be entered into their computer system for another week. I don't like it. I sometimes drive to another store that same day where I find the same item I went looking for. The item is prominently available on shelves. I buy some. The same day. I was talking about the store's release date. Not the brewery's. Sorry for the confusion.
  17. Gotcha. Yeh that would bug me too.
  18. Unless you know for sure the store is being "cute" about not putting it out, I would guess they physically can't sell it to you until the proper manager/owner whatever adds the item to the software, sets the price, and links it to the UPC. The ability to add and remove items from inventory is generally reserved for people fairly high up in the employee chain.
  19. Yeah, that's exactly my problem. That's exactly what I mean about being "cute". I have no problem with the kid who can't sell it, but I do with his boss.They have inventory sitting in the back that can be sold immediately, but the people "fairly high up the food chain" would rather not put it out just yet for various reasons. I have a basic understanding of how retail sales work. As you say, they "physically can't sell it until the proper manger/store owner whatever adds the item to the softwar, sets the price, and links it to the UPC". I get it. Obviously. But any store that needs a week to "physically" put the item into the system is a bit detached from what some of their customers actually want, especially high demand items. If, for example, they get a giant pallet of SA Boston Lager, I can see them taking a week to move it out front, as they probably already have stock on the floor to sell. But if, for example, a Stone or Founders or what-have-you limited release sits in the back, then I think they are making a mistake. Customers, myself included, just get it somewhere else. Some well-run stores understand this and get the high demand items out for sale quickly despite having to enter UPC codes. That's my point. Some stores, particlarly the large chain stores, aren't always aware of what some of their customers want. Big stores with large "food chains" are sometimes very inefficient.
  20. There's usually a 24 hour turnaround period for me when I get in a new product that isn't in the system. I can't fill out a product creation sheet with just one new product at a time (unless there's only one new product in that week) so I end up having to wait for all the trucks to come in. Once I get the sheet filled out and faxed to the main offices the product is usually in the system by the end of the following day. Usually. It can get a little frustrating since I have extremely limited space designated for beer in the back.
  21. At my shop things go on the shelf hours within receipt. Basically, when I get in. It does take a few hours for the UPC etc to get entered but just a price gun on the rack and have my register folks ring it up as misc. That being said, our inventory isn't very accurate either. We use a fairly antiquated system so it has it's benefits/drawbacks. I get excited when new shit comes in so I get it up as quickly as possible. Didn't read all the posts but on the first topic, I was told we would be getting enjoy by next week and at that time, I will put it in the cooler.
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  22. Nice. That's the way to do things.
  23. kinopio

    kinopio Savant (410) Massachusetts Apr 30, 2009

    That site is great. I wish more breweries would have maps like that and definitive dates of when the beer would be where.
  24. If there is a bottle limit for this my gf will most certainly be muling.
  25. Update: Lands at distributor Tuesday. Expect some stores (and bars ) to have by Wed.
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  26. just picked up two bottles at julios. $7.99 each. looked like they had about 6 cases and they won't be getting anymore.
  27. Patrick

    Patrick Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 13, 2007

    Got mine at Liquor World. As of about 5:30 there was one $23 Bolt Cutter on the shelf as well.
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  28. i love how Liquor World shelves everything. I've seen Fruet on the shelf there, Bourbon County Coffee... it's great. unlike certain unnamed local liquor stores that keep everything not only behind the counter, but literally in the storeroom until you ask for it.

    also, just downed a bottle of Enjoy By and yeah... that was awesome.
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  29. Patrick

    Patrick Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 13, 2007

    Liquor World is the shit. Very friendly/helpful staff as well as good prices. I never get the "I don't know" answer from them. Someone there always knows what's up.
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  30. yeah, one of my favorites in the area, although sometimes the lack of volume they have is a little annoying when they run out of shit like Hoponius. best prices out of the good liquor stores in the area too though...
  31. AdamP

    AdamP Savant (425) Pennsylvania Mar 26, 2012

    Better than Craft Beer Cellar? I've never been to Liquor World but I'm in that shopping center often for Shaw's and CVS...
  32. when i was saying area, i was restraining it a little more to the cambridge/somerville area. although, to be honest, not sure there's much of a difference in price between CBC and Liquor World... Pretty close. Liquor World definitely beats Ball Square and Downtown though, which are my other 2 go-tos closeby.
  33. AdamP

    AdamP Savant (425) Pennsylvania Mar 26, 2012

    Fair enough. I hit up Ball Square on rare occasions, like when they got Founder's Harvest and Flower Power. Atlas in Medford has actually gotten a much better selection in the past few months.
  34. Patrick

    Patrick Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 13, 2007

    I haven't been to Craft Beer Cellar, but I see no reason to head out that way when Liquor World is so close to me and doing a great job. If you are in the area, stop by.
  35. yeah, i like Atlas, and for sheer price, they cannot be beat, but they just don't have certain things, and they don't appear to get limited allocation stuff as best I can tell.

    I really, really like the people and atmosphere at Ball Square - I just wish shit wasn't consistently 50 cents more than everywhere else, but that's the price you pay for having a store within very close walking distance of your home. I will continue to give them my money until I move.
  36. Craft Beer Cellar is well, well worth the trip, if only for the conversation and seemingly neverending tastings. Yes - I can find most of the things I can find at CBC at Liquor World, but CBC is just... Fun to be in. Also, the best glassware selection of a store I've ever been in, including Westy chalices & Pretty Things goblets. GLASSWALES
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  37. Patrick

    Patrick Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 13, 2007

    Pretty Things goblets, eh?
  38. as far as I know, CBC & Ball Square are the only places that ever had them. Don't know if either still has them though, didn't look in Ball Square when I was in there today...
  39. Liquor World is definitely cheaper. CBC has Downtown prices.
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  40. Patrick

    Patrick Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 13, 2007

    Sounds like I won't have to make the visit then.