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Stone Espresso IRS

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by awdturboiv, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. ohiobeer29

    ohiobeer29 Advocate (640) Ohio Feb 2, 2013 Verified

    this sums it up nicely.man what an amazing beer.
  2. ohiobeer29

    ohiobeer29 Advocate (640) Ohio Feb 2, 2013 Verified

    i can imagine. on yap was really really good
  3. MilkManX

    MilkManX Savant (355) Arizona Jul 10, 2012

    I have had 3 bottles. 2 were excellent but 1 seemed more boozy than than the others and seemed to have more "heat" to it. Maybe that one was fresher.

    Still an excellent beer.
  4. gkoz

    gkoz Advocate (560) Arizona Apr 22, 2013 Verified

    last time i went to my local spot there were a few cases i believe if anyone is iso and wants to trade
  5. Five left at my local shop after I bought one
  6. Buff0910

    Buff0910 Savant (390) Alabama Jan 20, 2013

    I had 2. One after my first Dark Lord and was unable to taste how awesome it was. Tried the next one later and loved it. ISO more Espresso IRS
  7. ohiobeer29

    ohiobeer29 Advocate (640) Ohio Feb 2, 2013 Verified

    got a few left this is going to be a classic next year
  8. BeerMeInStl

    BeerMeInStl Advocate (620) Missouri Jan 26, 2013 Verified

    I had my second one of these last night and was reminded just how great it is. I gotta get some more before they're all gone.
  9. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Poobah (1,010) California Jan 31, 2005 Verified

    agreed. I got much love for this IRS version!!!

    PS Your avatar always distracts me. I think I like it more than the aforementioned beer.;)