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Stout BIF - Hints & Hauls

Discussion in 'Beer It Forward' started by bbpro47, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. RayUF07

    RayUF07 Advocate (600) Florida Sep 22, 2012

    If anything, this BIF got great responses.
  2. jakeox

    jakeox Initiate (0) Illinois Dec 15, 2012

    My boxes are out. Or at least sitting in a FedEx Kinko's until they put them on a truck.

    I'm going to be a little sad when this is all over, though. When's the reunion?
  3. RoninTK3

    RoninTK3 Savant (290) New Hampshire Nov 12, 2012

    Another BIF, different style of beer perhaps?
  4. much as an ipa one would be fun it'd be hard to deliver the loads since the freshest of the fresh is where its at...
  5. maybe next year? i'll be posted up in MN for some surlybombing :D
  6. A locals only BIF?
  7. RayUF07

    RayUF07 Advocate (600) Florida Sep 22, 2012

    I'm down for another.
  8. I've done those before, and they are amazing. I'd totally jump on another. Especially if I get a sender from, I don't know, Wisconsin or the suburbs south of Chicago...
  9. this once my wallet has a bit to recover... this one took a frickin bite out of my normal me stuff budget...
  10. jakeox

    jakeox Initiate (0) Illinois Dec 15, 2012

    I hope it's recovered enough to make it through this week with raspberry truffle abduction hitting ... is it still truck chasing when they deliver in a hatchback?
  11. its creepervan chasing.... and bobbys drivin :D
  12. jakeox

    jakeox Initiate (0) Illinois Dec 15, 2012

    Right, I forgot they upgraded their wheels! More capacity is good.
  13. also im running my creeper stash right now since i lost a bet... so i'll be extra pro at chasing the van
  14. I was gonna say jake you've seen it but then remembered you weren't at stout fest
    Only John has had that honor? I suppose ...to see this sucker.

    I hate losing bets....

    And jake so your not to sad goose clybourn just tapped d-day one of their brews from stout fest very good!
  15. jbdpsu82

    jbdpsu82 Savant (355) Pennsylvania Aug 28, 2012

    Let me know if/when the packages are delivered. Scheduled delivery for today, but after "Destination scan" over weekend, status hasn't been updated. Hope they didn't get intercepted! :eek:
  16. jakeox

    jakeox Initiate (0) Illinois Dec 15, 2012

    I saw that ... pear and coffee stout, right? That sounds awesome. Going to see if I can swing by there sometime soon.
  17. i highly recommend it, it was good although london fog was a bit better in my bleary state of mind... i'd be curious to try the two of them side by side with a less fuzzy mind.
  18. What a great birthday present:D

    Had a bomb dropped in my driveway!!! What a packing job..holy shit, it was like trying to break into Fort Knox. Thank you very much I'm blown away and yes I agree bourbon makes everything better. I'm looking forward to trying the Dark Intrigue.

    pics to follow
  19. [​IMG]

    Also got a pint glass from Appalachian Brewing Company (sorry no photo) put it right into the dishwasher since it was ready to be run

    Thanks again jbdpsu82! Really looking forward to trying these. Is the KBS a 2012? I could not find a date code

    I drank one of the Troegs Scratch Beer 83 Impending Descent. It went great with dinner
  20. jbdpsu82

    jbdpsu82 Savant (355) Pennsylvania Aug 28, 2012

    Actually the KBS is a 2011. Hope you enjoy the beer. I know you get Troegs there, and that's the primary local brewery for me. Did what I could!
  21. The Big Gruesome. Man i gotta try that. and KBS one day. Awesome box.
  22. Damn yeah. Sweet box from the newb. Those Troegs Scratch beers are tricky to find, which sucks, because they're usually awesome.
  23. calcnerd

    calcnerd Savant (410) Pennsylvania Oct 26, 2009

    I was at Troeg's last weekend and they didn't even have any there :(
  24. jbdpsu82

    jbdpsu82 Savant (355) Pennsylvania Aug 28, 2012

    They just released an Irish Red Scratch beer. They said until Nugget Nectar "season" is over they won't be focusing on many scratches.
  25. calcnerd

    calcnerd Savant (410) Pennsylvania Oct 26, 2009

    Yea that was pretty much the focus when I was there. Nugget nectar as fresh as you can get it was amazing. I saw one of the brewers when I was there and tried to talk them into a BA version of flying mouflan. Didn't get an answer which could be good or bad...
  26. jbdpsu82

    jbdpsu82 Savant (355) Pennsylvania Aug 28, 2012

    Did you get a chance to try their barrel aged Troegenator? It was INCREDIBLE! Loved it. I was also told to be on the lookout for a Splinter release notice sooner rather than later.... Just an FYI.
  27. calcnerd

    calcnerd Savant (410) Pennsylvania Oct 26, 2009

    Nah didn't get to try it. We got there and there was some huge party there that bought about 100 flights of beer. They decided they didn't like anything other than the pale ale so they were literally SHOVING flights down our throats. Had my fill of Javahead, Dopplebock, Nugget Nectar and a few others for free. Pretty awesome day.
  28. jbdpsu82

    jbdpsu82 Savant (355) Pennsylvania Aug 28, 2012

    I love working down the street from it. Any time they announce something that sounds good I can run right over on lunch and partake before the crowds.
  29. MADPolo

    MADPolo Initiate (0) Alabama Dec 19, 2012

  30. atxdelivery

    atxdelivery Aficionado (235) Texas Aug 28, 2010

    How do I post a pic from my phone?
  31. Down load photobucket and upload pics from there. Click the photo you want to use, then hit the info button, you should be able to use the IMG link given there to post.
  32. Squidly

    Squidly Savant (425) New Jersey Nov 26, 2006

    Boxing up today.
  33. jbdpsu82

    jbdpsu82 Savant (355) Pennsylvania Aug 28, 2012

    If you're interested in Big Gruesome, I should be able to get my hands on more. Maybe after this BIF we can work out a deal. BM me if you're interested. As for the KBS... you're on your own, haha. Only got two bottles in a recent trade, gave one to emottram. The other.... well you know :D
  34. MADPolo

    MADPolo Initiate (0) Alabama Dec 19, 2012

    Here's where we stand now that the ship window has officially started:

      1. bbpro47(NJ)+
      2. Smurf2055(WA)+
      3. BeerBuddy2122(PA)+
      4. StoutSeth(VA)+ Shipped
      5. MADPolo(FL)+ Shipped
      6. atoulouk(IN)+ Shipped
      7. beernads(FL)+
      8. Squidly(NJ)+
      9. mike409(MI)+ Shipped
      10. Wolfpack2005(NC)+
      11. Texasdrugaddict(NM)+ Shipped
      12. Ohsaycanyoubeer(FL)+
      13. Kelp(NH)+
      14. ForkAndSpoonOp(PA)+ Shipped
      15. elkhunter36(WI)+ Shipped
      16. BruceBruce(TX)+
      17. calcnerd(PA)+ Shipped
      18. hokiechef(VA)+ Shipped
      19. Azzy(TX)+ Shipped
      20. jakeox(IL)+ Shipped
      21. RoninTK3(RI)+ Shipped
      22. jebsinger(IL)+ Shipped
      23. atxdelivery(TX)+ Shipped
      24. Czar_chasm(MI)+
      25. jbdpsu82(PA) - will ship earlier+ Shipped
      26. RayUF07(FL)+
      27. DBijnagte(MN) - will ship earlier+ Shipped
      28. bonkers(NJ)+ Shipped
      29. emottram(MA)+ Shipped
  35. bonkers

    bonkers Savant (455) New Jersey Feb 14, 2008

    It looks like I have it narrowed down to 8 possible senders
  36. bbpro47

    bbpro47 Savant (265) New Jersey Mar 8, 2011

  37. i wanna see the pictures!
  38. Smurf2055

    Smurf2055 Savant (485) Washington Nov 12, 2011

    I plan on shipping my box out tomorrow

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