Styles that American brewers just haven't nailed

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  1. herrburgess

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    Absolutely! If you want a brew that nails the style 1970s Southern German-style Pils that is consistent with Northern German-style hopping and is, unlike any of those pilsners, unfiltered...nothing fits the bill like a Prima! Prost!
  2. “Absolutely! … Prima! Prost!

    Three exclamation marks!!! That’s the spirit, brother Scott!:)

  3. Gose, saison, belgian pale ale
  4. steveh

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    good point
  6. djsmith1174

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    I'll second that. Pretty tasty representations of the style.
  7. Hefeweizen. I have yet to have a decent domestic yeast/wheat brew.
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  8. Fresh Sebago Brewing Hefeweizen is pretty good. Not up to German standards, and only good fresh, but one of the better American versions I've had.

    Now I'm going to finish my Ayinger Brau Weisse
  9. djsmith1174

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    Schell's Snowstorm 2010 was the best American brewed Weizenbock that I've had. The SN Beer Camp Weizenbock from 2011 was pretty damn tasty too. Outside those two, I haven't really seen too many American breweries attempt the style. Much to my dismay. :(
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    people saying saison are nuts