Sucaba/Barleywine Question

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  1. If you enjoyed Sucaba, also try FW's Double DBA (another barrel-aged English-style barleywine). I love both, though I prefer both with about a year of age on 'em. I have to second the King Henry suggestions (though it's gonna cost you a small fortune to get one now) and if you buy a four-pack of North Coast's Old Stock and let it sit for a year or two in a cool dark place, you'll be very, very glad you did.
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  2. I was lucky enough to walk in my go to store last week and find one sucaba sitting on the shelf. It is not sitting in my basement until my police academy graduation on may 22nd!
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  3. Prh27

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    I love Sucaba and one of the best of its' style. All this chatter in here and I think I've only seen Insanity mentioned once. That stuff is fantastic and inexpensive for the BA barleywine game. I'm working my second 4pk from this years's batch.

    Congrats! I too am planning on opening mine around April 18th when I get capped for third class.
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    Was down at Alesmith not to long ago picking up my beer. Had quite a few of their beer on tap. Old Numbskull was hands down the best of their beers that I tried. Had it out of a bottle a couple weeks later, and although very good, was nothing like it was on tap. Still damn tasty though!
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  5. Come after ME! I'm a man! I'm forty!
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    I suggest trading for the following:

    Mother of All Storms, Bligh's, Kuhnhenn BBBW, Central Waters BBBW, and, finally, King Henry. All these English-style barleywines are at or above the level of Sucuba.
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  7. Keep an eye out for Weyerbacher Insanity, Blithering Idiot, Brooklyn Monster Ale, Harpoon Leviathan Barleywine, and Anchor Old Foghorn.
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  8. Was just re-reading this thread, and now I'm wondering how it turned out with your friend and the Sucaba. Did he love it? (Or is he insane? ;))

    Ps. Have some CW BBW headed my way tmrw in a trade :eek:, and was able to find Insanity and Millenium at a bottle shop nearby. Haven't tried any of them yet, but I'm stoked!
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    he thought it was sublime.... then again, I knew he would.
    I'm a batshit crazy person because I still haven't had my 1 bottle of sucaba. Guess I'm waiting to celebrate something? So ridiculous, especially as I'm already impatiently waiting for parabola to arrive over here.
    BTW, that acronym was beyond me... what is CW BBW?
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    Cricket hill actually ships out of nj?
  11. mporter13

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    BA Bigfoot. I don't know if there's any left on the shelves at this point, but it's definitely one to look into.
  12. I had Sucaba on tap a few weeks ago and I also loved it. The two others that it reminded me of are Alpine Great and Samael's Ale by Avery. Great is hard to come by, but the '09 vintage was the single best liquid I ever poured into my mouth.
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  13. Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine. It's really good. I've only had it fresh, and while it is great fresh, it has a slight, harsh ethanol note to it that I know will disappear with a bit of age, at which point it will be amazing.
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  14. sacrelicio

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    Balls, consider yourselves dipped.
  15. I don't think Sucaba or King Henry are good examples of traditional barleywines, particularly because they mask the alcohol presence so well. But they are among the two best barleywines I've ever had. So I guess I'm like you, because the average barleywine that someone tells me to buy in a store (Bigfoot, Old Horizontal, Old Guardian, etc.) I'm not a huge fan of and I won't buy. But the very good, barrel-aged specialties like Sucaba, King Henry, BA Hi-Fi Rye, Mother of All Storms, Bligh's, etc. have all been excellent and I believe share some stout-like characteristics.

    More oak and vanilla, less hops. Maybe I just like English examples, but either way the ones I mentioned in the end are all worth the hunt!
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  16. Sebago Single Batch Barleywine is good if you can luck upon any now.
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