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Suggestions for Good Beer Store in Orlando

Discussion in 'US - South-Atlantic' started by Gus_13, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. I've done some searching on the web and forum here but, does anyone have any suggestions to find some good stuff around Orlando? I'm here on business all this week and looking for some stuff to send back home. I've gotten some stuff from Total Wine and a little out of Whole Foods. But just looking for any hidden gems or best selection.


  2. Heading out to look again a few places. Total Wine here has boxes and boxes of Bell's Expedition Stout. I'll be snagging some of it for sure.
  3. Knightly Spirits on Orange Blossom. I go to Orlando every year for MLB Spring Training, and spent about an hour at Knightly as soon as I get into the city. Tons of CCB among other excellent products, fair prices, excellent staff
  4. Thanks! I will try to hit that one today and see what they have.
  5. ddegennaro

    ddegennaro Aficionado (100) Florida Feb 13, 2009

    Big C on University and Goldenrod, stellar selection for such a nondescript locale, definitely check it out.
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  6. Scored some good things at Knightly. They just got some Bruery Smoking Wood Rye Barrel and 5 Golden Rings. I grabbed those two and the last Rueuze they had. Thanks for the recommendation!

    I may can try this one out. It's a bit farther away from me at the hotel I'm staying but I may have time later in the week.
  7. I live in Palm Bay, Florida, and drive over to the Orlando area several times a year for beer. Knightly Spirits is my number one store, Big C Liquors is my number two, and Total Wine (Highway 50 location) and Pat's Liquors are a toss up for third. Knightly Spirits can be 25 minutes south of Highway 50 on Orange Blossom Trail depending on traffic, and Big C and Pat's are 10 and 20 minutes from Total Wine (on Highway 50, not the Millenia Plaza location) respectively.

  8. Thanks! I scored some good stuff at Knightly and got some regular stuff from Total Wine. I've about gotten all I can stand to bring back really. I did find a tone of Expedition stout around. I thought for sure it would have been gone already.