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Supermarket sweep.

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by EmperorBevis, May 16, 2012.

  1. Just thought an ickle thread for bargains in the big shops.

    I will kick it off with B&M's offering four 330 ml bottles of
    Windhoek Lager

    at £1.49 in total.

    I'm not a lager fan by any means but for that price, one to try and review and three in the fridge for lager loving company sounds alright to me
  2. A good deal on a fairly respectable lager. And by throwing these four at lager loving company you end up cheaply protecting all your good stuff for yourself. It pays to think of your visitors then, doesn't it?;)
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  3. ah, the memories of Namibian Lager. As you say decent enough and well made, we used to get them at GBBF many years ago
  4. Heads up on Aldi 4 bottle for £4.99 consisting of
    Marton's Resolution
    Shep Neame Spitfire
    Cotswold's Farm &
    Young's Light Ale.

    Also mentioned in dispatches Castle Rock Diamond Reign £1.50 from Tesco, where Lisa gets her best clothes.
  5. Were these 330ml bottles or less? Cos pretty sure Tesco are doing a similar box for £4. Was down the aisle with Diamond Jubilee stuff. Though the box had a Shepherd Neame Master Brew, pretty sure it had Resolution and Light Ale but the 4th one escapes me, so may have been a Cotswold's (though I've never heard of them!)
  6. [​IMG]
    The website doesn't give any indication of the size of the bottles either

  7. Couldn't find them on Aldi or Tesco site, but that is the pack! The Resolution and Light Ale were part of it as said and a Master Brew instead of Spitfire but cannot remmeber for life of me what the 4th was - that Cotswold does not look familiar.

    It was £4 in Tesco and some bottles were 330ml and at least one was 275-ish ml.

    Not too bad for £4, I would have got it to try the Resolution and Light Ale, but I'm not keen on Master Brew and whatever the 4th was I have had before.
  8. grex9101

    grex9101 Aficionado (105) May 12, 2012

    Franziskaner - £1.49 (500ml) @ Home Bargains
    Wells Banana Bread Beer - £1.50 @ Asda (Scotland)/2 for £3 (England)
  9. Eww I always hated that Banana Bread Beer with a passion
  10. You were spot on all of them 330ml bottles apart from the Cotswold Farm Ale barely there at 275ml

    I'm in two minds about it.

  11. Yeah I think I'm gonna give it a miss. Would have been tempted if it were a tad cheaper.

    And I finally found out what ones were in the Tesco pack - a bottle of Resolution, Light Ale, Master Brew and also (not instead of like thought) a Spitfire. Again, all 330ml except one at 275ml i believe.
  12. Hmmm - I picked up a pack like this a few months back at Morrisons. I think they were selling them off after Christmas at £4 a pop. At the time I figured the price was OK as I'd never had any of the beers, but this Tesco one doesn't contain much that's new for a lot of people. Especially when 500ml bottles of Spitfire can always be found for £1 in one of the supermarkets.
  13. £4 would have given me more incentive.
    The spitfire is a bit off putting and from what I can gather the Cotswold is quite good but very much a best of British pack regular.
    Oh but I do fancy a bit of Young's Light Ale.
    Hmmm decisions.
  14. I'm just glad that Vedett Pils has turned up at my local Tesco and the price of Franziskaner has dropped by about 25%. Cheers!
  15. Wish prices at TEE (The Evil Empire) near me were dropping. Up here they're only going northward and its not uncommon to be asked for over two notes per bottle.
  16. My local Tesco hadn't changed the prices from when they switched from SN Pale Ale to Torpedo.

    However on returning all the Torpedo had been replaced by Pale Ale.
  17. Must have been a one off shipping error then, damn.
  18. That's funny. Yesterday at my local Tersco all the Pale Ale had been replaced by Torpedo.
  19. Clearly, guerrilla beer aficionados are going around swapping the stock and generally trolling Tesco....
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  20. Replace guerrilla with 'Scottish' :p
  21. Morrison's do all their £1.89 bottles at 4 for £6 which is annoying when my choice is one at £1.79 and isn't part of the deal!
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  22. This seems to be really common among beer offers, I see it at Asda and Tesco a lot
  23. Bottles of Oakham's
    Hawse Buckler have dropped anchor at B&M's at £1.49 for 500ml bottle me hearties
  24. Quick supermarket question (not really related to offers):

    Has anyone tried the new 'Simply' range at Tesco (Simply IPA etc.)? Are they any good and who makes them?
  25. :S
    Didn't even know they did value beers that weren't lager or bitter. Also "simply" sounds like it's ripping off M&S.
  26. I had 2 of the Simply range - the IPA and can't remember the other. Didn't think they were too bad at all - i got them for a quid each mind.

    Also, Tesco have a GREAT offer on London Pride at the mo. 1 bottle for £1.99 of 2 for £6!!!
  27. Victoria bitter six 370 mil stubbies for £3.70 At B&Ms
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  28. Yeah, I was in there the other day looking at the beers and some of the ones in the 4 for£6 offer cost less than £1.50. So if you get them as part of the offer, you end up paying more for them! (obviously the overall balance of prices might be lower)
  29. Quick update - Booths currently has a 4 for £6 offer on some of it's ales. Not all of them, but an interesting selection nonetheless. So if there's a Booths near you, go check it out!
  30. I picked up the ipa and the dark ale but left the golden not tried Them yet they came inn at one thirty three each without any offer though I can imagine marks and Spencer having stern words over the branding
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  31. I should have grabbed some when they were £1.....

    But I bet they'll be at that price again sooner or later. In the meantime I've got a lot of other beer to drink :)
  32. Thanks to my tesco being six months behind the rest of the world I had to go to anothe2r branch bob missed out on the quid price
  33. Just a heads up, apparently in big Tesco Extras they sell the Nigerian Guinness in the foreign food aisle
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  34. I might keep an eye out for that.....
  35. Sounds pretty ethnic by the standards up here which means I haven't got a blue sky's chance in Scotland of ever seeing it. We do get beer from Cumbria though.;)
  36. Does 'beer from Cumbria' include Hardknott? Love me some of their brews.....
  37. I've seen it here, but not in the supermarkets.
  38. B&Ms 500ml bottles of nethergate - essex border(£1.29) and umber ale(99p)
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  39. Jealous.
  40. I was in the B&M in Leeds earlier - got a bottle each of those two. Never heard of them, but at that price....

    From the other thread I see you're tucking in already :)

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