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Supermarket sweep.

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by EmperorBevis, May 16, 2012.

  1. I wish I had an Aldi, Asda or Morrisons nearby. I went to a Morrisons when I was camping near Yeovil and it's beer selection was bloody amazing (for a supermarket). So many locals I had never seen.
  2. Tesco has restocked a new and improved 'Best Before' dated SN Torpedo. I close lined my haul into the trolley this afternoon.
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  3. Bat Ales! Well, Williams Bros already does 'Joker' and 'March of the Penguins'...
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  4. Shhh. If this gets out Warner Brothers might do a Pepsi Co and succcessfully sue anyone invloved in this conversation. After all trademarks need to be protected with as much vitriol and irrationality as possible.
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  5. These have turned up at our B&Ms along with Old Hooky and Double Stout
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  6. Picked up some more Torpedo after work tonight.
    I left a single bottle on the shelf. :D
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  7. Looking forward to this Thursday, Marstons Oyster Stout £1.29 in Lidl. Will compliment the Burton Bitter I got yesterday at 8 for £8.
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  8. Marston's Oyster Stout is a fine beer. Just seems to get no respect.
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  9. The Twelve days was quite tasty in a homely manner
    but if you ask me the Warriors had too much going on and the malt and hop tastes seemed to
    spark a fight that no one won
  10. Will keep an eye out for that too

    I did have a look for new Torpedo in my Tesco but they only had the older stuff

    settled on a Punk which I drank this evening (been a while since I had it - was ok, bit too sweet for me - batch 326 if you care) and an Old Dan (on offer at morrisons for £1.50.) Urgh, should have put it in the cellar for a couple of years.

    Day was saved when I decided to finish with a homebrewed IPA of quite brutal strength and over the top flavour.
  11. Dennoman

    Dennoman Advocate (505) Belgium Aug 20, 2011

    True, the selection at my mate's local Morrisons was pretty amazing. I snapped this picture at Sainsbury Local though.


    Normal for you, but the idea of craft beer in my local supermarkets nigh-on made me cream my pants.
  12. You bought the WKD didn't you? Own up, you are among friends here :)
  13. Not much in anywhere so rather than go home beerless picked up a bottle of Old Hooky marked at £1.39
    then got charged £1.59 at till good job I only wanted the one
  14. I grabbed a bottle at the weekend - I notice that Tesco has new stock in. On the plus side, that would indicate that they intend to keep stocking it :) Thought it tasted a bit subpar though, have you had one of yours yet?

    On a side note, I reckon Marston's Oyster stout is OK (for Marston's), but compared with other stouts it doesn't do much for me....
  15. It's a good solid quaffing stout, no complex tastes really but for that price it more than hits above it's weight.
  16. I'm having mine tonight as I get in with current events and go 'all American'.
  17. Got a bottle of Batemans Dark Lord in the co-op today. Probably crap but it was called Dark Lord so it looked cool.
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  18. Picked up a bottle of Youngs Double Chocolate Stout from Morrisons, £1.89 a bottle or much cheaper as part of their 4 bottles for a fiver deal.
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  19. Is it back to 4 for a fiver? (they had upped it to £6)

    Been meaning to pop down Morrisons lately.
  20. Just scooped some more Alice Porter from the supermarket. And a bottle of 312. :D
    But they're all out of the newly BB dated Torpedo. :mad: Don't blame me, I left a bottle on the shelf.:rolleyes:
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  21. I know we're all having an hour of hate on BrewDog in the other thread but their Alice Porter is really stellar.
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  22. I like the Alice Porter though the places that sell it also sell Fuller's London Porter which is a more satisfying 500ml serving for when I want to give the ninja moves and Sherlock investigations a rest for a bit of fish like supping
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  23. Your ninja moves are legendary. Either that or you're related to Barry Allen. My entire Scots posse were mesmerised in August with how, over a very short period of time, you somehow always had a new pint in your hand despite no one having any recollection of seeing you at the bar. Respect.
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  24. 2-1​

    might just have to exercise some of those skills:D
  25. The Christmas beers have just flooded into Morrisons- thoughts on any of them? I picked up a Mr Sno'balls and a Bah Humbug and am keeping my fingers crossed. Getting through a LOT of Tesco American DIPA on the 4 for £6- I find it hard to choose anything else when it's so consistently fresh.
  26. The Bah Humbug is alright
    Tho I do prefer an olde fashioned big strength Christmas beer

    you know the type once all the hurly burlys done and you can surrender
    to your favourite perch and have a proper wrecking drink to finish the night lol
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  27. Had the Mr Sno Balls last night- surprised with how nice it was and how different from what I was expecting.
  28. I was highly skeptical when you said the latest batch of Torpedo at Tesco was sub par but after one last night I think you're right. Shocking. Still good though.
  29. Ha! Vindicated....

    But seriously, I thought it was odd. I didn't buy any of the first Tesco batch, as I already have too much beer. However, when I saw the new bottles I thought yeah, it's as fresh as it's gonna be at that price so why not grab one? It's character just seemed like maybe 80% of normal - not quite the depth I expected and a shade of diacetyl as well. Weak batch perhaps?
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  30. Speaking of Tesco, I just noticed the other day that Chimay blue has returned to their shelves. Unless it was always there and I just didn't notice.....
  31. I didn't notice any in my local store today - The Torpedo was still the old batch too. Ended up with the American DIPA or Mango beer it should be called. And some March of the Penguins. Also tried some Deuchars IPA as I had it in my head that the bottled version as better than the tap version - I was wrong.
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  32. Ever so often you still get an amazing cask pint of Deuchars
    and they have some Deuchars Imperial Pale Ale in Home Bargains at £1-39 for a 500ml bottle
    and it is rather good
  33. I think Tesco has had yet another shake-up- saw 312 from Goose Island yesterday. All cool by me.
  34. My Tesco is a little behind so might just see those in time for Christmas

    For ages as kept thinking 'must try that Chimay' and then 'whats the rush, you get it everywhere'
    and now there be none round here these parts lol
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  35. isn't it always the way!
  36. I've had the exact same attitude to various beers in the past, then they do a disappearing act....

    Speaking of the 312, I didn't notice it at my Tesco a few days ago but perhaps it's on it's way. Would quite like to try it.
  37. Blimey They have the 312 in my local branch of Tasbos

    also they have Dragon Stout for a pound
    sounds ideal if you are planning a stout based meal

    and also Tesco Simply stout in shame they missed stout day lol
  38. 312 is at my Testicles (oops, ' Tesco') too. A bottle's in the fridge for when I finish my fatherly duties tonight. When there last night there was still a fair amount of Alice Porter but no Torpedo. Serves me right for hoarding then drinking so much of a sub standard batch.
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  39. Had a Kelpie and having a seven giraffes right now, courtesy of Aldi.

    Also their stollen bites are decidedly moreish
  40. Mini stollen are more addictive than crack.