Great Britain Supermarket sweep.

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  1. 7 giraffes is great - haven't had one for a few years now. Also, stollen bites sound delicious. I got one of their big stollen last year.
  2. I've just destroyed half the pack :cool:

    I found the 7 giraffes just a tad sweet for my tastes - the elderflower was very noticeable too. A nice flavourful drink but I wouldn't want more than one at a time.

    I reckon my favourite Williams Bros brew to date is Midnight Sun, I could drink that all night.
  3. Had a look for the new 'taste the difference American Pale Ale' at sainsbury's today and grabbed a bottle. Not cracked it yet. It looks to me like it's this beer-

    Looks pretty average and the brewery itself is clearly a faceless division of some horrible corporation masquerading as a 'craft beer' brewery. Gonna give it a whirl though! Also VERY glad to see the return of the 'TTD Celebration Ale''. Huzzah! Anyone found any other new arrivals?
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  4. Bout time Celebration returned!! Thanks for the heads up.

    I haven't been in Sainsburys for ages, may have to make a trip if they are stocking new beer :)
  5. It is contract brewed at Genesee Brewing Co whom I've found evidence of contract brewing for some 13 concerns in total

    Had a bottle of such in the states the other week, World Brews Winery Exchange - Barrel Trolley Pale Ale

    It was pretty crap, below par stuff!
  6. Dammit - for a moment there I thought Sainsbury's were stocking Sierra Nevada's Celebration!!!

    Although the TTD Celebration is also a good beer.....
  7. Doh, sorry to get your hopes up. Shoulda put a TTD in front of Celebration :)
  8. Weakened and bought a bottle of that Innis & Gunn treacle job
  9. Some good specials in Sains from tomorrow- a lot (inc. Celebration) on 3 for £5, big punks on 2 for £4, Vedett on 20% off etc. worth a look!
  10. I do hope that ours restocks Big Punk so I can clear the shelf at that price.

    Tried the TTD 'Tap House' beers tonight. Drainpoured. Baked sugar, aggressive carbonation. Wasted opportunity.
  11. There's more than one? I only saw the pale ale- what's the other? I guess it's somewhat academic now.
  12. Cheers for the heads up paxton1978, I'll be popping into my local Sainsburys soon.

    I daresay ReluctantScoop that you have already drunk all of your local Sainsburys Big Punk, so not sure they'll be restocking for a while!!! ;-)
  13. Cool - might have to go back. Was poking around there earlier and nothing really caught my eye (though they have the Tap House pale).

    Also went into Aldi. Nothing beyond their regular small selection, no seasonals etc.... Where are people finding good beers in their stores?!
  14. No beer today but I got some port in the co-op. Taylors Select Reserve, half price at £6.99.
  15. Tiny Rebel Tiny Batch Edition #2 Baby's Got a Temper 2xIPA.

    As the principal from American Dad would say:
    Damn, that's a fine ass ipa.
  16. Just realised this was the wrong thread to put that in. Soz.
  17. So you like the "new" Punk? I thought you'd previously described it as fruit juice.
  18. Maybe he likes fruity juicy beer.
  19. new in at Aldi, Batemans Vintage Ale, 7.5% with a best before date of 2037!! That's somewhat ambitious at that abv when it's not bottle conditioned.
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  20. Sounds interesting being "based on a 1976 vintage bottle of Bateman’s BBB which was brewed for over 50 years"

    Who has the room to do an 25 year vertical?????????
  21. I saw it in the leaflet but yet to see it in the store
    and with it A) being Bateman's bottled & B) being over three quid
    I am glad of the thinking time.

    New in at B&M's
    Nethergate 500ml bottles
    Old Growler & Lemon Head
    £1.29 a pop
  22. It was a comment made in deference to the previous recipe, which he preferred because of the bitterness.
    Then again you could all just be a cast of characters playing out an inconsistent narrative in the shallowed recesses of my ever-dwindling sanity.

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  23. Struck out at Aldi and Lidl, some European Xmas beers in though.
  24. I have just found the only Booths store in the Greater Manchester area

    I was spellbound looking at their selection
    It made me feel like goatboy
  25. I'm gonna have to have alook for this.
  26. Just got back from Aldi. Thanks for the tips Ernie but no Batemans Vintage. Just a really solid range of hard to find Scottish beers from rarely seen small breweries. Nice one.
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  27. Living over your way I can't believe you've never been in one before! Their beer offerings are peerless :D

    Boooo - my Aldi has nothing at the moment :( Why??
  28. Sorry to hear that. The interesting thing is that the beers I bought were more of traditional styles but were from 'newish' small brewers. I suspect that many people (like myself) who would have bought these styles in the past are no longer doing so (I need more 7% ABV tequila barrell Belgian witbier!) so cutting a deal with Aldi was likely a smart move. Hey, they got me to buy them.
  29. Ahh why does there have to be an aldi 2.6 miles away, one 2.7 miles away and one 2.8 miles away, all in opposite directions... so frustrating.

    Screw it i'm walking there tomorrow, hopefully ASDA and Morrisons (they're all bunched together near the bay) will have something cool too.
  30. I think Manchester till very recently has been the only Northern city to lack a Booths
    I have never seen a selection of bottled beer's like that since they closed down Marble Arch World Beers off

    It would appear that the Scottish branches of Aldi cater more for those in search of alcoholic refreshment! :confused:
  31. Sadly for you guys it does seems that way. Usually my local Aldi carries a pretty wide range from Williams Bros but it was definitely an 11 on the dial of effort tonight.
  32. Two miles or so ain't shit. You could walk that in 30 minutes.

    I'm not convinced by Aldi's beer selection, though their sauerkraut is pretty great, especially when combined with their German salami.
    Say what you like about the Third Reich, the sandwiches would have been fucking great.
  33. Sounds like another trip to Aldi for me too then. I want some more Midnight Sun anyway... need to check out any other offerings.

    I went into Peckhams (posh scottish deli) for the first time in ages a couple of days ago and wasn't too impressed by their foreign beer selection. They had a decent scottish selection at least
  34. Not really, taking into account you're walking through a city so have to deal with countless traffic lights, as well as finding your way and carrying beer back. Also it's more like 3 miles, which would require a speed of 6 miles an hour to get there in 30 minutes, not taking into account the aforementioned variables, which would be running.

    Oh yeah plus i'm a lazy fat student.
  35. Did I say walk? Sorry, I meant to say you could car-jack someone and be there in 30 minutes.
  36. Meh....
  37. you said FAT
  38. To get back to supermarket beer offers

    For those of you wanting to give Newcastle Founder's Ale a try so
    you can say we no certain doubt that it is
    ' a shallow and lifeless beer amassing to little more than a pile of wank'

    B&M's will now charge you only 69p for the displeasure
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