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Great Britain Supermarket sweep.

Discussion in 'Europe' started by EmperorBevis, May 16, 2012.

  1. It's ok for 69p
  2. Ok so the B&Ms in Cardiff Bay apparantly doesn't do any alcoholic beverages at all. Ended up with Arcobrau Winter beer and Batemans Vintage from the nearby Aldi.
  3. Th
    at is a bit of a downer, sometimes they offer(not often but it happens) up stuff like
    Cain's Green Dragon (brown Ale) and Marston's single hop Sovereign that not only is supremely tasty
    but at 99p for 500ml, well you can get some i for entertaining or gifts or help you get through being a Bury Football club fan :S
  4. Marstons Single Hop beers are nice, i've had the cascade one i think. I think this b&ms might have been one focused on non food stuff, or at least had cleared most of it for xmas decorations and the like. Unless it's normal to have just one aisle of food and drink?
  5. Ah yes some of them specialise in non food and concentrate on home ware.

    I had the Cascade on cask it was so superb it made up for
    not being allowed into a pub I love and hadn't been in for a while.
    The Sovereign really stood out being just a standard Marston's bottle and so bloody cheap
  6. Had a tip-off about the local big tesco, should be able to get Belhaven Black, Glencoe Wild Oat Stout, Brains 'Jack Black Oatmeal Stout' and Castle Rock Black Gold there
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  7. Morrisons have a selection of Christmas beers in ATM

    Harviestoun Sno' Balls
    Oxfordshire Uncle Scrooge
    Batemans Rosey Nosey
    Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale
    White Horse Rudolf The Red Nosed White Horse
    Wychwood Bah Humbug

  8. Batemans Rosey Nosey ... please fuck off from the calendar !!!
  9. I lol'd at the shep neame one being 99p in lidl
  10. Sno' Balls is decent enough
    I've had three of the others but can't remember if I liked them

    It is a bit of a dull selection isn't it?
  11. its so dull, ditchwater could sue for copyright infringement...amirite!?!?
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  12. rosey nosey is a bit rubbish but i have to drink it because my friend got it for me as a present... :(
  13. Bloody well tell them man !!!
  14. He would probably agree, he hates all beer :) imagine that, a 30 year old from the west country who wretches at the thought of cider and beer!
  15. B&M's new stock will split opinions here but at least is reasonably priced

    500ml of Worthington's RED shield is £1.29
    500ml of Wentworth's Snowman's revenge is also £1.29
    4 pack (330ml bottles) of Innis & Gunn's Independence Day 2012 is £3.75
  16. Picked up a bottle of Worthie Red to send down to the bro in law in his Xmas care package. Poor bugger gets nowt but Efes usually.
  17. Introductory offer at Waitrose
    330ml Belgium Blonde premium beer at £1.29 that might just be
    La Gauloise Blonde - Brasserie Du Bocq
  18. Good price if it is

    Aldi or Lidl sold the proper stuff a while back, can't remember how much for

    Waitrose wheat beer is the Arcobrau one that Aldi sell
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  19. funny that you should mention Arcobrau beers for Waitrose the Bavarian Dunkel Weissbier
    which I haven't myself seen in Aldi has 25% off
  20. The Waitrose one? If it's the same as the arcobrau one it's pretty decent iirc

    The dunkel is a rare beast in aldi stores, if you see it then get it
  21. Yeah a few months ago it was in Lidl for £4.99 for a 4-pack, the amber beer as well.

    (Also, highlight your text and click that little rubber looking icon to the left of "font family", and it makes all the text look the same :) )

  22. what like this? :p
  23. And lo and behold it actually is in Lidl for £4.99 for a £4 pack!
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    La Gauloise Blonde - Brasserie Du Bocq for everybody peeps ;)
  25. Also La Gauloise Amber!
  26. M&S now do Belgian Blonde and Belgian Bruin beers, made by Huyghe. In those cool little Belgian bottles (e.g. Piraat, Brigand, Gulden Draak style) too. Deal is now 3 for £5 which is pretty good.
  27. I'm guessing the blond is rebranded Tesco Finest Abbey beer (which is also blond and the same abv).
  28. Update: looks like a filtered witbier, as it has wheat, orange peel and coriander in the ingredients list, tastes like a wheat beer and is clear.

    I'm like a beery inspector Morse
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  29. Scored a couple of bottles of the Batemans Vintage Ale from Aldi today. Is it worth cellaring them?
  30. Just a second, wasn't Morse a real ale drinker any hoo?
  31. Think so. I remember that classic line on The Detectives. "What would Morse do?" "You're right, *walks to the bar* 2 pints of best please" :p
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  32. Doesn;t he have a favourite beer? might be wrong
  33. Morlands wasn't it?
  34. Popped into Sainsburys tonight, they have a bunch of slightly reduced beers on offer here at least. I got a few Harviestoun, Williams bros, Cairngorm and another couple, none more than £1.50. Keeps the beer cupboard stocked at least.

    There's also a Youngs Double Chocolate stout gift thing for £2 - a bottle of the beer and a branded pint glass which seems reasonable enough.

    I also noticed they had a few bottles of Fullers Vintage Ale, not seen it before in Sainsburys
  35. Most exotic thing my local Sainos carries is Tynebank Monument bitter, nice mind you.
  36. Asda are trying to exorcise Shep Neame's Spooks Ale by selling it at £1 for the 500ml bottle

    worth a look if you are more of a ticker than a licker.
  37. Was poking around in Sainsbury's earlier and noticed that they have boxes of Fuller's 2012 Vintage ale on the shelves (£3.99). Didn't grab one, but will do on my next visit. Fill yer boots, chaps!
  38. Got mine for £3 each ooh yeah. :cool:
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  39. Was poking around ASDA earlier and discovered that the bottled ales are on offer at 4 for £5 - bargain! Offers as good as this are becoming rarer, so get thee to ASDA and empty the shelves....
  40. Now 99P