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Supermarket sweep.

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by EmperorBevis, May 16, 2012.

  1. ASDAs meagre selection of british beers in 500ml bottles are down to £1.25 each. Some broughton old jock and Mcewans Champion have been purchased - going for maximum alcohol value :eek: the little bottles of Foreign Extra are reduced to that as well

    edit -I see jazzyjeff has allready mentioned this one. so it's an offer in England and lower prices for us north of the border
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  2. Was in there earlier - snagged a load of Old Tom and a variety of local ales. I think the selection at my nearest one isn't too bad, quite a few smaller breweries represented....
  3. b and m are still stocking oakham citra a classic hop filled gem.

    also probably been posted before but morrisons hunslet had brains barry island ipa a superb beer
  4. Talking of B&M's £1.09 will get you a 500ml bottle of Barnsley's Valentine special beer
    Get Thi Coit!
  5. La Chouffe, 750ml, £3.29 at Wholefoods. oh yeah:eek: They only have a shop in Glasgow and some in London don't they?
  6. Hey guys. Just wanted to throw out a question about UK supermarket beers. I've been a few times, but I'm out of date with things available in supermarkets. My parents offered to bring a few bottles from London so I was just curious what's good and available that wouldn't be too hard to find around the city in supermarkets. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  7. What kind of stuff do you like/want? Fullers is widely available in London. Then again from what I hear it gets exported a fair amount too.
  8. Unless they sell the Brewer's Reserve at supermarkets I'm pretty covered for Fuller's beers. I'm just looking for good bitters, stouts, pale ales, etc I can't find in North America.
  9. Anyone?
  10. Not sure on this one but
    Bull Dog Strong Ale & B&M's 89p (though it was marked at 75p)
    which does tie in nicely as it has both by "agreement" with Robert Porter & Co
    and also
    Brewed by Scottish & Newcastle
    Robert Porter TM info

    though can anyone tell me wether S&N have a working brewery is capable (and does so) of producing good beer?
  11. sainsburys up here in yorkshire stock bottles from bath ales so i would think they do in london also waitrose have a very good beer selection
  12. Chimay Blue now in the local Tesco at almost £3 a pop. Last year it was still in Asda for about £2. Pretty pricey for one of Belgium's most overrated beers.
  13. I was doing the online Ocado shop & £2.79 put me off

    It is a half decent beer which I don't mind too much cos at least it isn't a bland tasteless Belgian blonde and far better than Leffe & Duvel which are the only regular Belgian beers at my Tesco

    but honestly that Bulldog is worth a try.
  14. oh and whoreGarden that is Belgian isn't it?
  15. I have a soft spot for Chimay Blue, nothing brilliant but solid and great to cellar compared to stuff like Stille Nacht/Pannepot just because it's so much more easily available.
  16. As I saw the Bull Dog stated it was brewed by S&N on the label, it did occur that maybe it was the old Courage Bull Dog Pale ale. A quick scan of the ingredients (in Italian) revealed Glucose Syrup which rather dashed my hopes, but not nearly as much as actually drinking it. Not good and well past its prime, at least far as the B&M stock goes anyway.
  17. Check that link to Waitrose below if you haven't done so.

    I think Waitrose have stocked the Brewers Res in the past but only at one of their big flagship stores.
  18. The Sun makes it's appearance in our British skies & so does Goldings
    but in B&M's
    for 99p for 500ml
    either Shep Neame or Marston's Single Hop
  19. I saw Duvel is down to £1.64 in Tesco, which is about as cheap as I've seen it since last year.
  20. It's snowing in Wales and blizzards down south apparantly.
  21. Yet again B&M's throwing up some chances to try stuff you normally wouldn't fork out
    hard earned cash for by selling at dirt cheap prices
    75cl of Hoegaarden Rosée setting you back a mere £1.49
  22. B&M's
    Castle Rock
    Black Gold
  23. Yup. A couple of months ago a huge B&M opened up in the outskirts of York (formerly a PC world). Initially I was really excited, as I've previously visited them elsewhere to buy cheapo beers. But when I went inside there was no alcohol to be found, despite being the size of a aircraft hangar. I left disappointed.

    However, I paid another visit today and discovered that the booze has finally materialised - grabbed a couple of the Black Golds and some maple thing from Holts (hope it's not utter shit, but being in a clear bottle my expectations are low).
  24. I wan't too keen on it (Mapplewood?)
    Barnsley's Shut Thi Gob is a canny good broon ale for £1.29 and the Snowman's revenge is worth a try
  25. TSA Ben Nevis ipa and glencoe wild oatmeal stout in Lidl. Also haggis flavoured crisps, which I'm more excited about.
  26. The oatmeal stout is (or used to be) rather nice. All their beers are very sweet which suits the stout. With the IPA, it ... doesn't.
  27. Yep, you really know an ipas going to be malty when it puts that in the tasting notes.
  28. B&M's have mean't I can have a little beer this week when funds are short before payday
    Keltic Brewery's Magik 500ml bottle 99p
    which I did think was the best bargain I'd seen for a while till seeing
    Krušovice Cerne 500ml bottle 49p :D
  29. I wish the different branches of B&M sold the same stuff! Was in my local one earlier and picked up Keltic's King for 99p. But no Oakham brews.....
  30. The Oakham brews have gone from my branches too, shame I rather liked the Buckler.
    T think you can also get 4 bottles Of Hopping Hare for £3.99 didn't mention it because I doubted anyone would want 'em.
    Seems to be mainly Barnsley Beers in as the Mainstay at the moment.
  31. also found Natural Magik as well
    perhaps Keltec is replacing the Oakham as the regular beardie weirdie beer selection lmao :p
  32. Heh. Well, I've had a Keltek brew before and it was a decent little number, but no Oakham :(
  33. In other news, I was in my nearest Booths earlier today and they currently have a beer fest on with loads of ales at 4 for £6. A good range of brews, including Weihenstephaner's Dunkelweisse :)
    They also had some other random stuff on offer; among them was Liefman's Cuvee (kriek) for £2.50. I'm gonna be going back and filling my boots....

    If you live anywhere near one, get thee to a Booths.
  34. B&M's must have taken up as a distributer of Keltek as I was that impressed with the Natural Magik that I went back to buy up as many as possible, they were gone but replaced by their Golden Lancer.
    Also in was 500ml bottles of Krušovice Imperial at 79p
    while 99p will get you 500ml bottled Wadworth Horizon or Thwaites Original Bitter.
  35. Haven't seen the Krusovice, but I picked up a bottle of Golden Lancer yesterday by chance.....
  36. If you see the Natural Magik get as many bottles as you can
    it is probably the best bottled beer I have had this year
    I am just so hoping they get some of their 4K Mild in (The name Mild might be off putting to retailers)
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  37. Thanks for the tip; I'll keep an eye out.

    Somehow I never got the impression that B&Ms actually worries about what's in the bottle ;)
  38. That is true but I am sure they care very much about them selling
    and I don't recall ever seeing any mild labelled as mild being sold in B&Ms
  39. Oakham still maintaing a presence in B&M's with Inferno 500ml bottle for £1.19