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  1. The girlfriend and I are heading to Tahoe on Sunday (1/13/12). We're leaving from Fresno early... taking the long route to avoid getting snowed in or risky driving conditions. This means we will be passing through Truckee... Fifty/Fifty is on my mind. Are there any locals that can help me out with any tips...whether they be about driving, specials, beers on draft, etc... Any help is invited. Cheers!
  2. Anyone willing to chime in???
  3. Tahoe is a dead zone for beer.

    Dart Liquors in South Lake is the only bottle shop I have encountered. I just hauled Dissident and Abyss still on shelves last week.
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  4. Oh, and just stick to drinking Eclipse at 50/50
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    Their Rockslide IPA can be really good too. It's not always, but when it's on, it's delicious.
  6. Fifty/Fifty is really the only place worth stopping - in fact they may still have bottles of their 2012 Iced BART which was just amazing when I had it at the Eclipse release party.
    If you are dead-set on trying new breweries, there is a brand new one called Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co. on the west shore in Tahoe City- they are off to a rough start however (just see the yelp reviews). My visit there last summer they only had TWO of their beers on tap, so I was disappointed.
  7. Thank you for all of the helpful tips! Crossing my fingers for bottles of Iced BART!
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    Drop me a line if you have time, love to meet ya'll for a pint.
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    50/50 Saison du Prick was very good.
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    Lake Tahoe is one of the markets for the newest edition of Stone Enjoy By. Should be arriving up there in the next couple days.

  11. Yes, this one was great
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    I'm heading to South Lake Tahoe Friday-Mon. Coming from TX. Bringing Beer. If anyone wants to meet up, trade, or just enjoy...I don't have much time to post on BA, but I'll have some pretty good stuff with me.
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    Most of FiftyFifty's lighter beers aren't very good, IMO. I've been there a few times and I'm always a little surprised at how mediocre their saisons, hoppy beers, etc. are. Eclipse is great, and so is their Donner Party Porter.
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    generally agree with this statement, although I do really like the saison du pric, and the totality imperial stout is very good. But for the most part, their regular lineup is mediocre.
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  15. There is a liquor store on 50 before u turn rt at the stop sign. Dave's liquors? Good selection nothing jaw dropping. Also mcduffs has a good selection of beers and apres has a few nice bottles too (raspy and blue chimay). Dart used to be really good, but was not impressed last time there. Good luck!
  16. I second the McDuffs recommendation. Awesome food, amazing service, and a pretty decent beer list for the Tahoe area.
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    My husband and I tried Tahoe Mountain Brewing last weekend. It was awesome actually. They have 8 beers on tap and and the IPA's are great. We saw them at the SF beer fest a while back and had to try the rest on tap. We never really trust Yelp, havent you seen the lawsuits about it? From what I hear if you don't kick down a monthly fee, they will remove all of the good reviews ( just look at the filtered ones). Anyhow, despite the yelp, we tried it anyhow and loved it.