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Taking the piss

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by hopswiller, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. http://craftypint.com/news/post/hyper-ipa/

    Got excited today when i read about the new brew at Mash, a 500IBU IPA going for $15 a 500ml bottle. Rang the brewery to enquire about purchasing some bottles and was informed that due to excessive sediment in the beer it was only available at the brewery so the staff could pour it in a 330ml glass. 'Hey so now its $15 for 300ml?' which according to the guy on the phone this was a suitable price due to the ABV. It was then that he mentioned the IBU's, 115IBU - now i know people will say your tastebuds wont register the difference but why advertise a beer as something it isnt?

    (not only was the journalist misinformed their website states 500IBU also)

    Has anyone else experienced situations where local breweries have priced themselves out of your business?
  2. Lukie

    Lukie Savant (415) Australia Jun 16, 2007

    If I am correct, this IPA was brewed a few months ago, and to be honest, you aren't missing much. It was brewed by Dan before he left Mash as like a going away thing. And seriously, the amount of sediment is ridiculous.


    Yeah, the one brewed by Dan. I am not trying to slight Mash, because the new brewers are really nice guys and are doing some good things, and Dan is a really nice guy and a great brewer, but a year old Imperial IPA on sale now, is ridiculous. It was super sweet and sickly, and wasn't a good beer at all by the time I had it about 3 months ago. I think they may have released it for sale because the brewers were sick of drinking it?

    Also, Jeremy, who wrote the article works for one of the Mash pubs.
  3. MordeciaFunk

    MordeciaFunk Savant (260) Australia Feb 14, 2012

    It is a bit naughty of Jeremy not to disclose his conflicted interest in this. Tsk, tsk. Journalistic integrity and all that.

    On that topic, make sure you read my article coming out soon, scientifically proving that Dry Dock is in fact better then Westy 12 and any Cantillion ever made. It is a fair and balanced article in no way influenced by my employers. Now please excuse me while I go recite my Oath of Servitude and sing the Woolworths Corporate Anthem.

    On the actually topic, I haven't experienced anything like that. Most of the breweries are good to me. I'm surprised to hear this about Mash. Charlie (head brewer) is really picky about the beers and NOT a douche bag. Really surprising.
  4. Lukie

    Lukie Savant (415) Australia Jun 16, 2007

    Charlie didn't brew it. Dan did. The story behind it is weird. It's a really weird situation, and I don't understand why the beer has actually been released to the public, since it never was supposed to be, let alone a year after it was made.
  5. MordeciaFunk

    MordeciaFunk Savant (260) Australia Feb 14, 2012

    Yeah, I understand it was Dan that brewed it, but it's surprising that Charlie would still let it go out if it is as you stated. I understand trying to re-coup some of your costs, but if it's undrinkable....

    I will give Charlie a call on Monday and find out. Or we can just speculate all weekend and make stuff up. Which one do you want to do Lukie? :) I'll get the ball rolling.... It's actually the blood of orphans drained on Christmas eve for the vampire Craft Blood Market.
  6. danieelol

    danieelol Advocate (510) Australia Jun 15, 2010

    Mate this is bargain basement prices compared to Redoak's "vintaged" offerings

    Does sound like bad practice though. The 115 IBU might be calculated vs 500 IBU theoretical though (because I don't believe you actually can have anywhere near 500 calculated IBUs).

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