Tasting 3 2008 Allagash Brews

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    Just when I've convinced myself that all of my pontifications about drinking fresh is correct and that I'm ruining lots of beer by aging them (intentionally or by accident!) I find another exception. Goes to show you, there are no hard and fast rules.

    I'm cleaning my cellar and trying to reduce the contents. Along the way I'm giving some beers away (see Beer Trading forum, from time to time) and I'm tasting some bottles "just for the hell of it."

    Just tasted:

    2008 Allagash Victor
    2008 Allagash Interlude (August 2008), and
    2008 Allagash Curieux (August 2008; 680 cases)

    These bottles were all acquired by me new, on release, and put in my temperature controlled cellar where they simply got lost in the maze. I found these today and decided I'd give them a try as they were probably just too old but I'd try them before simply throwing them out.

    My bad. Each bottle is drinking lovely! The oxidation is only slight; there is still the character in the beer that the brewer intended and I've finally proved to myself that, indeed, Curieux does get "softer" and very drinkable with some age.

    Just my experience. These bottles were very good and still very drinkable. (Not going to get better in my opinion. Should I find more, I'm going to drink them!)
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    Interlude with age is incredible. Had a 2009 a few months ago, loved it.
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    I find myself to be coming to the same conclusion as you. I am intent on reducing my cellar, which is small compared to some, significantly. I intend to only age the few beers that I have had and know I prefer aged. No more building verticals that I never get around to or saving it because I may never get it again. Like you alluded to, there is too much good fresh beer. Some beers that I will age include; Stone RIS, HotD Adam and some beers that may need to develop more funk/tartness (Maybelle comes to mind).
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    Stone IRS and Adam are "regulars" in my cellar as well.
    Along with Bigfoot, St. Berny, Old Stock, Orval.
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    I had a batch 1 (2006?) Interlude at a tasting at Bottlework's about 9 months ago and it was phenomenal...much better than a fresh one.