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Tears in my beer... Tales of bottle accidents

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by shangwang, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. sobeleg

    sobeleg Advocate (570) New York Jun 29, 2011 Beer Trader

    I remember a similar thread from the old forums where someone posted a photo of a dropped case of Abyss, and I believe not one survived. That was a horrifying picture.
  2. smithm1970

    smithm1970 Aficionado (195) Ohio Jan 11, 2010 Beer Trader

    Visited Belgium in '08 for kerstbierfest and on the trip, went to Liefman's. Was given a TWENTY YEAR OLD magnum bottle of Grand Cru, which was broken courtesy of the jackoff at O'Hare who I respectfully asked not to throw my luggage- which he promptly did with a shit-eating grin.

    The laugh was on him: in my attempt to cleanup said bottle, I cut my hand..of course, I then proceeded to make certain I reported as a biohazard spill which same idiot needed to cleanup.
  3. khofer3839

    khofer3839 Zealot (95) California Oct 4, 2012

    My buddy and I each bought a bomber of Hoptimum a while back and when he went to grab his off the counter later he dropped it and broke, sad days. Luckily, I still had mine so we just shared.
  4. Dropped a bottle of Stone IRS 2012 at the store (not too long after it was released)! This is after asking the beer guy if he can get some from the back to which he gladly obliged. He brought out a couple of cases and handed me 4 bottles. I promptly dropped one! Only in the last month have I had the nerve to start going back.
  5. jgroch2

    jgroch2 Zealot (90) Illinois Mar 26, 2011

    Can we re-name this thread "Tears for Beers"?
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  6. I have 2 incidents that brought me to tears, One was a full bottle of becks that dropped on my bare foot and exploded like a grenade. The second isnt a bottle incedent as much as it was a botteling incident. I was getting ready to bottle 5. gal of Hellas that had been conditioning for 8 weeks, It was liquid gold, it tasted so good. Anyway I was transfering my beer from the carboy to the bucket and I didnt put the lid on. As my back was turned I heard this slurping.... my husband had left the door open... the dog got in and enjoyed/contaminated my beer, I was in tears as I was pouring it out, it would have been a great beer.
  7. StoutSeth

    StoutSeth Savant (295) Virginia Sep 24, 2010

    Was a day away from moving halfway across the country and stocked up on beer I couldn't get out East. When I opened my back driver's side door of my pickup my case fell into my driveway and broke over half of the bottles. The next morning we left before any of the bottle shops opened... Worst moving experience ever.
  8. Paul68

    Paul68 Savant (485) New Jersey Dec 13, 2006 Subscriber Beer Trader

    This is why i hate moving!



    The neck had about 3 ounces in it. Made sure it didn't go to waste. And it was delicious!
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  9. Now that's a bummer...
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  10. jriggins6

    jriggins6 Savant (385) Colorado May 18, 2011 Beer Trader

    Friend and I were sharing a 2011 CBS in a nice Founders snifter. It was a chilly fall morning. We were standing outside and as he went for his first sip, glass slipped out of his hands and there it went all over the floor. poor guy
  11. This is probably one of the worst in the thread. Was it a full bottle?
  12. We should all bow our heads for a moment of silence for all the beers lost!
  13. Paul68

    Paul68 Savant (485) New Jersey Dec 13, 2006 Subscriber Beer Trader

    I was planning on opening it in April for my 45th birthday. I figured 5 years was long enough to hold on to it. Now i'm searching for something else to celebrate with.
  14. my bad... you're right. it was an '09 Sophie, and I drank an '08 Matilda afterwards, hence the transposing of years.
  15. wow... that sucks... so much...
  16. I wish you luck.