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Tel Aviv Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by drew7777, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. drew7777

    drew7777 Aficionado (120) Virginia May 10, 2009

    I will be in Israel this week, any good beer bars in Tel Aviv? I feel like every time I'm there is just Tuborg or Goldstar.

  2. When I was there last year I visited Dancing Camel Florentin, Porter & Sons and Norma Jean. The first two were actually extremely nice places with a lot of Israeli micros that held an incredibly high quality. Porter & Sons is also a restaurant where both the food and the service was top notch. Dancing Camel was tiny with (I think) 14 taps, half was Dancing Camel and half was other Israeli Micros... the only downside was the lack of any food, otherwise this was the best.

    Norma Jean was ok... some Israeli stuff, some relatively standard Belgians and that was it. I hear the food should be awesome though, didn't have the time to try it.
  3. Stahlsturm

    Stahlsturm Savant (420) Germany Mar 21, 2005

    Not to be a dick but... Since when is Tel Aviv in Europe ??? :D
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  4. Time for BA to add a Middle East sub-forum ;)
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  5. Stahlsturm

    Stahlsturm Savant (420) Germany Mar 21, 2005

    Agreed :)
  6. hope this isn't too late.

    there's a brewery in the Golan and one in Rosh HaNiqra. I forget their names the RH brewery had a few decent to good offerings. think the Golan brewery had a good beer as well.

    when in Israel, i'd be tempted to stick to the local wines. there are some KILLER wine stores in Tel Aviv that get you small run wines from wineries in Judea, the Negev and the north.

    good luck and have fun!
  7. drew7777

    drew7777 Aficionado (120) Virginia May 10, 2009

    I did hit Porter & Sons on my last trip to Israel and was surprised by their selection. This trip I spent a lot of time with coworkers and didn't make it there... didn't make it anywhere with any great beer. However, I did try some beer from Jem's (8.8 Belgian) and a Tripel from Pavo - both were far better than Tuborg and Goldstar that's everywhere.

    We did end up at Wineberg and I found Maredsous 10 on tap and had some pretty good tapas. Also had great meals at Mizlala and Gouje & Danielle.
  8. I live in Israel, and I don't really like the Israeli beers, I rated Gold Star like 65, and Tuborg like 70, Only the boutique ones are 75+ for my opinion.
  9. patre_tim

    patre_tim Advocate (520) China Mar 29, 2012

    Anyone tried Shapiro Pale Ale? I found it at Jerusalem Hostel. Definitely worth a try,

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