Texans drink 45 million gallons of "beer" in December '12

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    The lawsuit only got rid of the labeling requirement. TABC can categorize alcoholic beverages however it wants; the problem was with forcing brewers to use those categories.
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    Yep, now brewers are free to call beers there rightful name/type.

    I've worked on various TABC cases. As you can imagine, defending businesses from death-related permit cancellations or assisting entities from alcohol-selling venues from opening up too close to their premises aren't fun, maybe interesting at most. Very regulatory. Very administrative. So when I saw this case and their Order for MSJ (aka allyoop to slam dunk), I was estatic to see Jester King and the 2 other plaintiffs pulled off the Federal Court classic 1st & 4th Amendment cards!

    Order for MSJ: https://docs.google.com/file/d/1zIP...uvCF8s_6usYUK1F1rQiihsy1dUgrDbb/edit?hl=en_US

    Here's the other post: http://beeradvocate.com/community/threads/ale-on-bottled-beers-over-a-certain-abv.56076/#post-742052
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    Now if they only made it easier for me to report the krogerlists sellers that are hurting my sweet Texas Craft Breweries we would be good!
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