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Texas ABC has stopped approving all labels......

Discussion in 'US - Southwest' started by BgThang, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. BgThang

    BgThang Savant (435) Texas Dec 23, 2007

    Due to obama care and the rising cost of Rick Perry's haircuts TABC will no longer approve anymore labels for sale in Texas.
    Texas was the 3rd highest state in opening new breweries last year, and thus can sustain itself with ale and lagers from within.
    Austin, Tx will have to export half of it's beer to other poorly served cities in the state, for example to corpus christi, brownsville, lubbock, denton, etc....
    Houston, Tx by order of the Governer will have to open at least 10 more breweries to keep up with austin, as Houston is the 4th largest city in the US and we can't have a bunch of hippies winning!
    Dallas, Tx - Jerry Jones has signed a deal with TABC and brewers in the metro area to allow the cowboys to help with deliveries of beer during the offseaon due to them never making the playoff and helping jerry recoup some of his money back.
    San Antonio- Scott Metzger is fixing to become a state hero, with the spirit of the ALAMO has fought the slimey politicians at the capital to help promote reform in the way Texas handles it's beer. Alothough with TABC not approving anymore labels Good luck with that.

    Anyways have a HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!
  2. Cablejelly

    Cablejelly Savant (255) Texas Sep 6, 2010

    I am confuse! Where's the everything beer thread? I need to know what 'whine' to drink with this cheese. The base color is purple but I'm wanting to blend in some orange. She's at 5cm right now, should I worry? It's non-toxic! Eat it all! Happy New Years! (screw the gregorian calendar). The flapjacks are in the mailbox...
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  3. Texas_Speed

    Texas_Speed Savant (315) Texas Aug 22, 2012

    I hate to admit it, but when I first read the thread headline I fell for it :( . I was thinking to myself "holy Sh*t what happened." Then I actually thought for a second and remembered it was April Fools Day.
  4. videofrog

    videofrog Savant (470) Texas Nov 13, 2010


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