Thank you San Diego!!!

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  1. Ndfan1323

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    I am trying to move to san diego so one weekend out of the month i spend time there. What a weekend at hamiltons tavern. Friday night i was able to enjoy pliny the younger as well as elder and blind pig on tap. Decided to go the next night because sierra nevada was holding an event. 17 beers on tap from sierra nevada and torpedo on cask. Younger and blind pig were gone by then. I thnk i want to move there just for the beer!!!!
  2. you're welcome.

    and san diego is full.
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  3. Bitterbill

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    When I lived in CA back in the 70s, I visited SD county for the horse racing.(Del Mar) Who'd have thunk back then..
  4. jzeilinger

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    Was out for SDBW 2011, I understand and appreciate your enthusiasm. Wish I didn't live a Coast away. *sigh* Damn you West Coast people....Damn you! (in a jealous way)
  5. I have had 2 family members and 3 friends randomly move there in the last 6 months. Im so happy to have an "excuse" to go there now. It is the one major beer city I haven't traveled.
  6. tyrsis

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    I have a sticker that says "Welcome to San Diego. Now go home."

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  7. wife's cousin would love to put that on his car. He would probably point at me every time I am around.
  8. 4balance

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    My brother lives in SD and is trying to get me to move there, I am definitely considering because of Pliney! Sorry bro!
  9. So many Ron Burgandy quotes running through my mind right now.
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  10. draheim

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    You realize, of course, that Russian River is 549 miles northwest of San Diego? And that you can get Pliny pretty much anywhere in this area?

    Just saying, California is a big state, and Pliny's distribution is even bigger.
  11. 4balance

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    Hmmmm, Colorado is much closer to me! Thanks for the info…
  12. peteinSD

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    i have no problem with more beer nerds because they don't surf.
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