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    Most of you probably know that our large database of beers and places is kept tidy by volunteer help from folk called "BeerFly Guides," who approve places and update data for their regions. However as we're now in redesign mode, we've opted to retire the roll. Instead we'll be working on robust set of features to make keeping data up to date easier.

    We'd like to publicly thank: AlexJ, bark, barleywinebrewer, bditty187, BEERchitect, Bierman9, Bitterbill, bobsy, Brent, ckeegan04, cokes, Deuane, emerge077, Georgiabeer, Globetrotter, Gueuzedude, HardTarget, hwwty4, Imstillthegman, IronDjinn, Jason, John, JohnfromDublin, juzy, Loki, MasterSki, mdagnew, Mebuzzard, msubulldog25, naproxen, orbitalr0x, Pepeton, RJLarse, slander, soper2000, stcules, Todd, UncleJimbo, Viggo, Winter, woodychandler, ZimZamZoom ... and all past BeerFly Guides for their help. They've played a critical roll over the years and we truly appreciate their support.

    MasterSki, slander and UncleJimbo will remain onboard to help with updates, and we plan on getting feedback from everyone in the near future to help us design new tools to ensure cleaner data.

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