The abbey of Westvleteren, about the new building....(In english)

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  1. The film starts with brother Joris in the left corner below and above him with the white cap on is brother Michael.

  2. uturn

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    Very Interesting video & Thanks for sharing.

    Do you know the main purpose as to why this video was made?

  3. It was made because of the new building that was built in the last years. The building is ready now and they wanted to celebrate that with this film about how they live. There is a longer version which was on the Belgium television last weekend.

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    that place looks huge for the amount of people living in it!
  5. It is a huge place indeed when you look at how monks are living there. A part of the building will be used to house guests who can come to the abbey for a few days to come to rest!

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    Simple, peaceful, and beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Thijs! Can't wait for our visit in a couple of weeks.
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    Any word when the Abdij will be ready to accept guests?
  8. Somewhere and 2012, beginning of 2013. I am trying to be one of the first for this!

  9. I hope they have rooms enough , after a visit to cafe in de vrede and a few westy 12 's we can all ring the bell of abbey and ask for a room :)
    Do they give special discount rate's i've we pay with visa ?
  10. Nice one Thijs. Super.
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    One day I hope to make the trek across to visit the Abbey and, I trust my brother Thijs, that you will be my guide!
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    Thanks for posting this, it is nice to see and brings back several memories. During my travels in Europe I've had the opportunity to be a guest in more than one Abbey, both in Germany and Austria (perhaps one day in Belgium). Simplicity, self-reflection and peacefulness are there for the guests as well.