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The Beer Shoppe In Armore, PA

Discussion in 'US - Mid-Atlantic' started by gdfan47, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. gdfan47

    gdfan47 Savant (290) Pennsylvania Jul 8, 2005

    how overpriced is this place? Wow
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  2. You might want to expand on this if you want to start a conversation. Four reviews and three say the prices are reasonable.
  3. gdfan47

    gdfan47 Savant (290) Pennsylvania Jul 8, 2005

    true, but I have also heard they are not very nice to the staff.
  4. Where is armore?
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  5. gdfan47

    gdfan47 Savant (290) Pennsylvania Jul 8, 2005

    Eastern Main Line , just west of the city. Actually, there is a new place called The Greeks in Narberth which is closer to the city.
  6. DaGrizz

    DaGrizz Savant (260) New Jersey Feb 22, 2012

  7. Ah, next to Haverfjord?
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  8. DaGrizz

    DaGrizz Savant (260) New Jersey Feb 22, 2012

  9. I think I paid $11 for a 4 pack of low ABV beers. Levitation, Yards Philly Pale and Brawler, and Bitter American. At the time they had Bolt Cutter for $30.
  10. it wasn't overpriced when they were selling 50/50 eclipses for $20.
    hit or miss. mostly overpriced, but sometimes a good deal.
  11. chcfan

    chcfan Advocate (595) California Oct 29, 2008

    The staff isn't nice to itself?
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  12. Hit or miss but their selection is very good. Watch out for old bottles
  13. 10% off on Tuesdays
  14. LMNOP

    LMNOP Aficionado (195) Pennsylvania Mar 12, 2008

    Some bottles are over priced (still cheaper than Capone's), but you can also find some pretty good deals. Go on a Tuesday as comfortablynirm said and 10% right there. Staff has always been real nice to me, though I can see how some might see some of the guys as a bit stand-offish, pretty sure the one dude is a viking. Either way, any place you can walk into a bottle shop of that size and drink on site is a-ok with me. Hell, one night they were playing Terminator 2 on the TV.
    Draft list is well thought out and not overly expensive. Besides... it's in Armore, and we all know the mythical lands Ardsmore, deep within the magic mountains of Haverfjord is expensive anyway. Fucking unicorns ain't cheap.
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  15. kapkenobi

    kapkenobi Savant (300) Pennsylvania Nov 27, 2011

    I stopped in and asked on the off chance for cherry rye. Was told it hasnt been released yet. I know kop, malvern, capones and even maris in reading had gotten theirs. Plus some of their prices were quite high
  16. dnb128

    dnb128 Savant (370) Pennsylvania Jan 9, 2012

  17. mdfb79

    mdfb79 Advocate (700) New York Jan 11, 2010

    Eh, I liked it....I've found like almost every other bottle shop, they had some overpriced stuff and some good deals, if you know what you're looking for and what you should pay. I thought their selection was very good, and considering it is less then a 10 mins drive form my girlfriend's parents house I was glad to be able to buy single bottles in PA finally and not have to go to a bar in Philly or Capones.

    I say the more bottle shops in PA selling single bottles of great beer the better.
  18. That is golden. Even if this place's high prices are on par with every other bottle shop in Philly, you can make out pretty well. $25 for almost 4 sixers of quality stuff is a great deal, and you get more variety. I'll bite.
  19. Brehnert

    Brehnert Savant (285) Pennsylvania Mar 17, 2011

  20. i'm surprised that is even legal. didn't iron hill get in trouble by the PLCB for discounting beer for their mug club members?

    in before the PLCB takes down the coupon? haha
  21. Shhhh. Please don't spoil our fun.
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  22. It will be funny if those coupons are for the food only.
    You guys would have to eat a serious amount of hot dogs just to break even.
  23. And you have to use the full coupon in one transaction.
  24. No restriction printed on the coupon...

    Am I stupid for only getting two? This seems like too perfect of a deal.
  25. jwat

    jwat Savant (460) Pennsylvania Jan 19, 2012

    I called the beer shoppe and asked 1) if the coupons were legit, to which they replied affirmatively, and 2) are there any restrictions, to which they said "no, it's just like a normal gift card"
  26. I sent them an email as the deal states you must use your deal all at once. If I buy two does that mean both at the same time? I also asked if its good on all beer. Is this place doing a good business? Looks like SNPA is over $13 a sixer. With a coupon its a good price. I can buy SNPA and torpedo for under $30 a case out the door in NJ w/o a coupon. Read a review that Hop Devil is over $17 a sixer. Even with this deal its no deal. Just wonder how other beers are priced before I buy into this. If they are on the verge of closing then its an even worse deal by the time I get there.

  27. stmgl01

    stmgl01 Savant (260) Pennsylvania Dec 11, 2007

    I went in once on my way to Tired Hands. The only thing that stuck with me was that they had Cascade Kriek, a beer I"ve always wanted to try, for close to $30. If I buy that with $20 worth of other stuff then I got everything for $25...not all bad if you ask me!

    Thanks for the heads up! I hope I didn't just buy a Groupon for hot dogs though!
  28. You get separate gift cards/coupon print outs for each one you buy. Hopefully it bundles with 10% off day.
  29. Don't compare it to NJ, that's not real fair since NJ is always way cheaper. However, I have heard prices are a bit higher here. But 50% will make them cheaper for that one purchase.

    On a separate note, you are buying a gift card at 50% off, not beer at 50%. That technicality may be what makes this legal.
  30. It
    specifically states not to be combined with any other offer or discount

  31. Had no problem using mine last night but, concurring with the previous post, didn't get 10% off in addition. Pleased regardless!
  32. Which is funny since it isn't supposed to be active until next Monday.
  33. stmgl01

    stmgl01 Savant (260) Pennsylvania Dec 11, 2007

    Great! I was hoping I'd be able to use it this week. I always forget about things like this and then have to scramble to use them before they expire.
  34. Looking back at the voucher, I am in agreement with Shadowane about the start date. Not sure if they'll enforce that subsequently, but my guess would be no.
  35. I called yesterday (then bought one) and they said it wasn't good until Monday, but who knows if they'll honor (more) of them before then.
  36. I just bought one, and when I printed it out, it says start date of 2/18.
    Valid til 8/18
  37. I had no problem using one yesterday. Please note that you have to have the physical printout of the certificate. I at first attempted to show the cert on my phone to no avail. One of the guys working there was really helpful and let me print out my cert in the office. Nice staff, great selection and half off...Doesn't get much better than that.
  38. Interesting, mine says 2/25.