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The Beer Store (Ontario)

Discussion in 'Canada' started by JeanPaul, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Maybe I was the only one who didnt notice but TBS seems to be getting a lot of new product in, especially from Belgium.

    Also you can now check your local store for availability and also zoom out the map and see surrounding stores. You can click on your local store and see what they actually have in stock in all brands.

    It also appears TBS is really morphing into a LCBO where only some stores in some areas and only certain areas get certain product. Picked up Thirsty Beaver from Tree Brewing and Cheval Blanc from RJ Brewers from TBS Peterborough, my area.........nyet.

    Asked about Rickards Cardigan in my area and they said Rickards decides what stores get what product, so I phoned Rickards and after they stopped laughing they said "Yeah right"!

    Deja vous all over again!
  2. you'd think Molson would put all their products in a store they owned.
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  3. Very interesting. I have pretty much written off the beer store but looking at their "New Products" section there are a few interesting things there. Notably La Chouffe and Houblon Chouffe (kegs), Maredsous, and twice as mad tom IPA. But you are right, stock is very dependent on store location.
  4. I just noticed this, I think it's about time - if you can't tell what's in the store by just looking through, why wouldn't they make it known otherwise? Of course, it's not that most of their customers would use such a feature, chances are they've got 24s of bud light just about anywhere you go.
  5. FEUO

    FEUO Initiate (0) Ontario (Canada) Jul 24, 2012

    F the beer store. Absolute joke. LCBO isn't much better. As long as Torontonians are happy....
  6. Get the impression that if you're in the GTA you'll likely get the best choice (and what choice it is) TBS has to offer.
    But if you're in Timmins you're fucked.
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  7. There is two things that piss me off about the beerstore, #1 the complete lack of customer service and #2 sometimes little to NO knowledge of the beers they carry. I shouldn't have to tell the employee, what brewery, category, and where to find it in the back. Ive noticed a few new beers from BC and the like but lets face it The BeerStore is years behind what the world of beer has become and im not too confident that they will ever catch up. But at least I can rely on them to have a few dusty six packs of Unibroue beers or some Stone Hammer Pils.
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  8. the division is very simple.

    The Beer Store is where the stupid people buy their beer. When you go there to return your empties, just look at the mouthbreathers who are waiting to pay for their Wildcat or Lakeport or Bud Lime.
  9. It's been my personal experience that unless the Beer Store you are going to, has a walk in cooler (like the one in on James and Fennel in Hamilton) it's just not worth it, unless you are picking up macros to drink with your buddies. This is because, when they have a walk in cooler, they actually tend to have a shelf and section of single bottles, vs the small fridge of single cans typical of most beer stores.

    Still, it's been my experience that with the exception of the LCBO in Jackson Square in Hamilton, even then greatest "Beer Store" is at best equal the worst of LCBO locations for selection.
  10. A ridiculous statement if i've ever heard one.Yes, because someone's choice of beer MUST be an indication of their intelligence. :rolleyes: I don't like the ridiculousness of TBS either (3 large corporations deciding where craft beer can be sold :confused:).

    I know some who enjoy BMC style beers and while i don't share their choice, their intelligence seems remarkably unaffected by their choice of beverage ;)
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  11. I'll agree, just because you like cheap, or boring beer doesn't mean you are an idiot.

    Maybe because you are close minded and don't want to open up your pallet, maybe.
    Maybe because you treat beer only as a method of getting drunk, probably.
    Maybe because your budget simply doesn't allow you to buy higher quality beer, unlikely but possible
    Maybe because you genuinely prefer the taste of generic lager, I guess I can understand that, after all, some people like to watch basketball.

    but an idiot it does not make you.
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  12. That's just the way all of atomeyes' posts read. Either he is angry all the time or he has a strange sense of humour. Hopefully the latter...
  13. i'm angry all the time. beer just makes me...so very, very angry.

    anyways, next time i see you guys at The Beer Store, I will be sure to not pass judgment on your purchases. this, i swear.