The Brass Tap

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by kmello69, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. kmello69

    kmello69 Advocate (635) Texas Nov 27, 2011 Verified

    So I just heard that this place is going to be opening in Round Rock soon, and was wondering if anyone has any more info on them.

    Looking at their web site HERE, they have 1 location open in Florida, and are opening about 10 more there, and looks like the Round Rock location will be their first foray into Texas.

    40-60 rotating beers on tap, plus a lot of bottles. They also do wine and cigars, and live music. Looking at the beer list at their 1 open location, it looks pretty varied and pretty darn good.

    Between this place, In-n-Out Burger, and Costco all being built near me, I might never need to drive into Austin again. :p
  2. blatherbeard

    blatherbeard Savant (455) Texas Sep 30, 2007

    Sounds like it might be pretty awesome.

    Went to the alehouse yesterday and had a 512 Tripel. Mmmm good. They were out of adelberts though, and only had an empty Naked Nun tap which kind of worried me as they had 5 adelberts taps last time i was in.
  3. headbucket

    headbucket Savant (275) Ohio Oct 30, 2007

    I have been to the one near Tampa every time i visit my sister down there and it is very nice. If they run it like that one, i would be very happy to have one near me.
  4. s_sheets

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  5. aschwab

    aschwab Advocate (585) Texas Mar 3, 2009

    Good to have something good up there. I will definitely try it out whenever I venture that far north.
  6. Wyatte

    Wyatte Zealot (85) Texas Aug 24, 2012

    I live in NATX, so looking forward to trying this place out
  7. MatthewPlus

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    Im the product manager for Brass Tap, and have been working on setting up the draft and bottle list for the Round Rock location. Looks like they're going to feature a bunch of local brews (something we strive for as a company), as well as plenty of great American craft brews. I'm personally looking forward to the Deschuttes, since we dont get them in Florida. This is going to be a beautiful bar, run by people who genuinely care about craft beer.