The Bruery is closing Provisions

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by sandiego67, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. domtronzero

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    Exactly. Furthermore, they were not offering discounts on their own branding because they can just move it to the tasting room and sell it there. Why would they sell things from the cellar at that "event" when they can just move them to the tasting room as well?
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  2. Sorry, not seeing an edit post option. To clarify, there were plenty of bottles of those two types of Eclipses left.
  3. evilc

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    I don't what his profit margin is, but I'd buy 2x more beer from him if he lowered his prices 25%.
  4. Vanlingleipa

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    Just a bunch of beer dudes standing around shooting the shyte, m'man. No need to get dick-bent about it.
  5. jtmartino

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    That's usually the problem right there. ;)
  6. Vanlingleipa

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    Look at the positive side - at least it keeps us from posting
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  7. 2beerdogs

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    Long gone, like within an hour of opening yesterday.:(
  8. Earlycsquid

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    Pretty much everything has been picked over after opening today.
  9. Rollzroyce21

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    Yeah, not much there.. unless you love affligem or alaskan smoked porter
  10. 3rdto1st

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    Saw a lot of people complaining on Facebook about the closing. Some were saying they were not renewing RS or were getting a "refund" The Bruery isn't seriously giving refunds to people for a membership just because Provisions closed, are they?
  11. Xul

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    That makes zero sense, considering people had to renew their RS membership before 01/01/13, and the closing of Provisions wasn't announced until after the 1st. It looks like the person who mentioned refunds was just making fun of the people saying they won't renew, and as far as people saying they're not renewing...they either already paid for 2013, or hadn't renewed anyway.
  12. Earlycsquid

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    I think of FB the provisions store profile actually responded to one person who wanted a refund by saying they could get one if they contacted them.

    So yeah, I guess some are actually getting refunded... or at least threatening to do so because of this.
  13. nanobrew

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    It is weird to me that someone would want a refund due to provisions closing. The only benefit is that provisions might be closer for someone, otherwise they keep all of the perks and benefits. It is not as if Provisions closing changes the main purpose of the RS at all. In all honesty, I agree with the Bruery in issuing refunds. Typically the people who are quick to bitch and moan are some of the worse and cheapest customers. Just make them happy by giving them their money back so they can shut up and move on.
  14. Earlycsquid

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    I concur. The tasting room isn't more than 10 minutes away from that and since they moved RS pick ups, you'd have to go to the tasting room anyway.

    I guess the perk they must have been more interested in was the % in the provisions flight area? Cause there was no discount on anything not-bruery related at provisions with RS. And I'm sure all the bottles that were on the shelf from the Bruery will still be able to purchase at tasting room for consumption off site.