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The Craft Beer Cometh

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by Zimbo, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Some are nice, like when breweries do a good porter or stout or the occasional genuinely nice one due to being based on a really good bitter from the outset. But yeah "you don't understand" is usually the last refuge of those kind of people.
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  2. Actually saying that, my dad made some "yuletide ale" from a Ken Shales recipe (c.1967) and it's actually really nice. Reminds me somewhat of St. Austell Vintage Smugglers Ale. It's a dark bitter, but it's about 7-8% with a nice level of hops and a quality almost like the one you get when a beer's been aged in rum or whiskey casks.
  3. Tell me about it. I'm so sick of the pallid brown guest ales that have long been served by my local "real ale" champions. Especially the Weatherspoons. Most of their guest ales taste like sour vegetable water.
  4. pint of twiggy brown from the sorry brewery and half a vegetal tones from coming soon please!
  5. I love good old fashioned bitter and mild, for a night or lunchtime in the pub there's nothing to touch them.But as you say, they need to be good. As with sausages, bread, cheese, ham they can all range from the regrettable to the sublime.
    I like balance in my beers , I like them to appear "polished".........I know what I mean but can't easily put it into words.Too many - most in my experience- golden ales are very one dimensional.Others flatter to begin with but then lose my interest before I've finished the glass.A polished beer is one where you want another and another after that, each seems to taste better than the one before and even put on weight.
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  6. Yep and there are too many shite ones around. Open your mind maaaaaan.
  7. You mean like Zywiec?
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  8. There's a lot of shite beers of all descriptions. Read the main threads in BA to see that craft beer does not equal good beer.In fact the more extreme a beer the more scope there is for shitedom.
  9. You have to occasionally try it to know if there are bad craft beers. Anyway I wasn't even referring to craft beer, just anyt beers that aren't bitters or milds. The simpler and more one dimensional a beer is, the easier it is to get right.
  10. As I have. In fact I have been involved with "craft" since before it became the fashion.But I still love the milds and bitters.That isn't to say I dislike the others but I don't place them on a pedestal because they aren't milds or bitters.I judge each on its merits.
  11. You should try some recent stuff then. You say you judge each beer by its merit yet you always say how you prefer milds and the like over "fashionable" beer.
  12. Are you joking? I've been doing this for years.And I still like my milds and bitters. And stouts.Am I supposed to go off them? And when I try a DIPA and find it nothing special am I supposed to say how good it is? I know DIPA isn't a new style but just an example.
  13. Interpret it like that if you want mate.
  14. Sorry if I came over a bit sharp, but I've had so many of the "new wave" stuff (generally try them when I see them) which frankly don't deliver. Which is of course true of a lot of bitters. Milds though seem less prone to be below par.
    It is a matter of taste. It's no good expecting an aficianado of classical music to go to rock concerts ,or vice versa.As long as we all can find what we like that's good.
  15. I was blown away by Hawkshead's Brodie's Prime which to my mind was an English porter taken to US levels of flavours. Cannot believe the low number of reviews of their beers ( and that in BC we are lucky to get them).
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  16. They're not widely available outside the Lake District, even the specialist off licences i visit only get a small amount of the core beers occasionally. Last time I was in the Kendal area I had a hard job finding anything beyond Lakeland Lager.
  17. Compared to the other place BA's review database has a number of glaring omissions. That being said, I don't think Hawkshead would really like to be associated with the 'craft' beer scene. To my mind they sit right on the fence between traditional and craft breweries. And as far as I'm concerned Hawkshead is by far the most underrated brewery in the UK.

    You need to go to the brewery where they're happy to help. Just get someone else to drive.
  18. Yeah, fantastic brewery. Drinking their beers at various scenic points around the Lake District is one of my highlights from this year.
  19. NZPA is a knock out to say nothing of their bottled Bladnoch barrell aged beers.
  20. I was in the lakes for a couple of days over xmas, annoyed I didn't drink any hawkshead!! took a pic of their pub too and of the rest of the village

    I had a few coniston IPAs and old man ale and another one. lovely drops.
  21. Hawkshead are, without doubt, one of the best breweries in the UK. Their Beer Festivals are a joy, went to both in 2012 and I'm annoyed that we have a meeting in Edinburgh that clashes with the March 2013 Spring Festival, but I'll make sure I'm at the Summer one.
  22. Call it what you like Craft beer is the way to go....i have witnessed a pitiful decline in most pubs regarding what they have on offer....the usual boring watered down lagers..the insipid flat bitters which again lack body or bite....and the inevitable rubbish bottles on offer like bud or other bland overpriced fizzy watered down lagers etc

    Supermarkets are not much better...they stock a plethora of useless silly named British bottled beers that breweries supply...they seem more intent on creating daft names for their beers rather than creating really good honest beers!...
    There are always the limited imported beers on offer of course, but after 5+ years of selling the same old repetitive beers, supermarkets are fast becoming a disappointment... so i eventually decided to brew my own beers, my last effort was awesome!..a 10% American style IPA'.......made using the finest malt and using Cascade, citra, simcoe hops....bottled and matured it was much better than most beers i have bought...

    But homebrew is tiem consuming and hit and miss.....i want to sample lots of different beers.....one reason am a big fan of the smaller 'CRAFT' breweries that have sprung up...

    The main problem i have is product availability!.....apart from the few British craft breweries i find some of the great American beers impossible to find...i think the mars rover has more chance of finding water than i do a Pliny The Elder or a Founders CBS Imperial Stout.......hopefully our own breweries will realise what a good beer is all about and stop their production of watered down ales......
  23. I agree but there'd an element of denial here in the UK forum about the very existence of 'craft' beer and an unwillingness to accept that the UK beer & CAMRA staus quo is part of the problem.
    Bottomline: We live in good and exciting times in the evolution of beer in the UK.
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  24. Having just ordered 9 bottles of Tiny Rebel Hot Box because it's some of the loveliest craft beer I've ever had, I would be inclined to agree with that sentiment.
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  25. Just had my bottle tonight. ;)
    Whoa! Smokey magic it was.
  26. Nice! Drinking my Brewed Awakening, mighty fine stuff it is!