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Great Britain The Future of CAMRA

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Zimbo, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Is real ale actually better for you? Or rather, is any beer good for you (moreso than something like bread)?
  2. If real ale is no better for you then the whole organic & whole food crowd might as well go find something else to do o_O
  3. Padraig

    Padraig Savant (255) United Kingdom (England) Jan 14, 2013 Beer Trader

    So a pretty massive win for CAMRA and Greg Mulholland in the budget just now.

    1P cut in the price of a pint of beer and the Beer Duty Escalator scrapped.
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  4. I know right. Suddenly I care about politics.
  5. Victory!

    Now we just need to somehow get back to say the £2 pint without having to go to a 'spoons
  6. Brains IPA £1.99 at the Flora
  7. You are gonna have a shock when you go for a pint at Fire Island!
  8. I'll probably stick to halves there, though how much are we talking on average?

    I did actually go in there at like 11am the other day after a lecture, but there was nobody in the place, not even staff, and only one beer on (one pump clip showing at least) so I got worried it wasn't actually open (didnt know it opens at 9am) and left.
  9. Timothy Taylors Best Bitter £1.00 at Burlington Arms every Friday
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  10. Bit of a long walk
  11. Superb. I'm gonna have to get there.

    After today's success I'd say CAMRA should stick with political lobbying.
  12. Had three cracking pints of stout today(all different) in my local 'spoons with change from a £2 coin each time.
  13. And the wonderful Wetherspoons atmosphere to boot !
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  14. £3.80 for each of the two pints I've had there. I prefer it in the morning or for lunch. I've only been there once at night and it was so jam packed full of hipsters drinking the same stuff they can buy in any other pub for at least a pound cheaper that I never want to return after dark. We left, but only after my mate paid £7 for a cocktail with two shots in it.
  15. Darwin553

    Darwin553 Savant (260) Australia Jan 5, 2009

    It's their focus on food that kills the atmosphere.
  16. Prerequisite for a Wetherspoons Chef ... Can you respond to the noise 'ping' every 3 minutes?
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  17. Ouch. Hopefully that works out as £1.90 for a half though.

    And don't dis 'spoons, when i ever walk past it brightens up my day to see middle aged women from the valleys tucking into a morning pint of Guinness or mixing their dissolving paracetamol tablets with a half of lager after a night on the piss. (genuinely seen those things multiple times - Welsh women are so classy)

    Oh and did you Cardiff guys hear about the asbestos tarantula?
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  18. As soon as I hear "spider" I want to burn the house down, but this SOB is flame retardant. I might just leave the country.
  19. The TBI is actually a pretty good pub-well kept beer always including at least one mild, comfortable surroundings and generally pleasant to visit;
  20. Haha “Anyway, it will help save me from having ‘weirdy beardies’ coming in and asking to sample seven beers and then buying a half!”
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  21. It's their book, they can do what they want with it, just the same as the landlord can let who he want's in to his pub.
    It's actually quite easy to ignore CAMRA and drink beer wherever and however you like, and many would argue dispense it however you like.
    I am impressed they have seven different cask beers on at one time though, I will check it out if I am around there (and I am allowed in of course).
  22. I always thought being told 'fuck off, you're not worthy!' was a CAMRA slogan. Foot, hurt, other, you know the rest. Always wanting what we can't have, that landlord knows how to court publicity. Take that social media.
  23. Does he want publicity though? He already has more people in his pub than he wants, which is how this whole thing started in the first place, from what I can gather the "Private Party" sign is always on display.
  24. Didn't know that last point. Maybe he's trying to groom regulars. :D
  25. To be fair on him I'd rather have local alcoholics in to buy pint after pint than sample 7 and buy a half! (If that is what they do)

    I can understand not including it though, as people use the book as a pub guide, so it would be better to have something that's guaranteed to be open for all in there. Maybe it would be an idea to include it as a small note? (i.e. the Blue Bell is a nice pub etc but be warned it's often too busy to get into)
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  26. Your last point wasn't all that uncommon in older editions of the GBG. And being locked in was always one of the perks of finding and adopting one of these pubs as a home away from home.
  27. if this snow goes i may take a bus ride to york to have a drink, space permitting, if its full there are loads of pubs in york to sample
  28. Only ever once had a problem getting in to the Blue Bell, a few years back on a race day it was jammed. Every other time me and the missus had seats in the back room. Great wee pub, long may it remain just as is.
  29. I have to confess that despite living near York I've never yet been in the Blue Bell (although I've heard it's good). I have seen the 'private party' sign on the door though....
  30. like that's going to help! Petulant Landlords we can do without, I have never encountered a situation like the one he decribes. He's probably been told a million times not to exaggerate
  31. I've encountered that sign on many visits, and I've just walked to the next decent pub.
  32. ImperialStoat

    ImperialStoat Savant (355) Ireland May 20, 2009

  33. I've always viewed CAMRA in the same way I view most Christians. The central message behind what they believe is sound (love one another/protect real ale) but they spend all their time bickering over outdated and irrelevant laws from their sacred text.
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  34. Problem is, it's a single issue organisation.It exists purely to promote cask beer.You can't expect Crufts to espouse horses and neither is it reasonable to expect CAMRA to espouse beers it wasn't set up to do.
    Yet membership is still climbing rapidly, around 150 000 at the moment. It must be doing something right.At branch level I see none of the issues which seem to be annoying the posters in BA, perhaps they aren't the typical British beer fans.We live and let live; my local brewery does do some so-called "craft keg" and i had a sample of a 5% APA today-nice enough but too gassy and cold.They brew a 4.2% similar cask ale which is much more complex.That's why we still support "real ale" but if others want something different, no problem as long as we can still get our favourites :)
  35. Membership numbers isn't really a good measurement for how good it is. I mean, you don't say "oh, Fosters is now drunk by 20 million people in the UK, they must be doing something right", would you?
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  36. If only everyone was of the same opinion, Marquis. Sadly my experience is quite different. I realise they're a single issue organisation; my main umbrage is when they use petty rules for no reason other than to be jobsworths (as in the Cromarty case). I find it a real turn-off
  37. Things are not always as they seem. It's a volunteer organisation and though HQ or some branches may make strange utterances that's not representative of the rank and file.The Cromarty fiasco could have been sidestepped through the festival committee's turning a blind eye-again, CAMRA volunteers are unpaid and if HQ tries to come the heavy they won't volunteer any more! This is exactly the point the Pubs Director made at one of our meetings. Who's even going to check the details?
    I can sympathise with the York decision-the GBG is used mainly by people coming in from out of area and you can't have people turning up from miles away only to be turned away! Problem is with entries that the allocation is so restricted that if any pub seems questionable there's plenty more to take its place. 90% of the time taken with our Branch entries isn't which to include, it's which to leave out and we have some very difficult decisions to make.Galling as when travelling many GBG entries are way below the standards of pubs we are forced to leave out.
  38. Well, self-evidently Foster's ARE doing something right. They've got 20 million people drinking their beer. There are reasons for that. Probably more to do with marketing, advertising and getting on the lists of supermarkets and pubcos than with the actual liquid, but reasons nonetheless.