Great Britain The Good News: James Bond to drink beer! The Bad News: look what they've got him chugging...

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  1. Heh - weak. I bet there was a huge bidding war between the big beer companies for this. I wonder how much Heineken shelled out....
  2. That's part of the shame, not only is it a crap beer but it's selling out :(
  3. ah, the bond films have basically been long commercials for years now. £10 says that Brewdog start a new advertising campaign with James as a Blofeld-style Bond villain railing against Bond's choice of fizzy lager. Black dog instead of a white cat- this shit really does write itself. They can have that one on me in exchange for beer.
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  4. No!No!No!No! Stop getting Bond wrong!
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  5. I wouldn't mind as much if they had him drink a decent beer to advertise it, but honestly, Heineken...? Bah!
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    Supppperrrr weak. I don't give a crap what beer it is, I just hate when they take classics and put product placements in them. Haven't really been watching them since Golden Eye but still.
  7. Nothing wrong with Bond drinking beer. Löwenbräu, Red Stripe, Franziskaner, Miller High Life have all been supped by him. But it's context-dependent. And Heiniken is surely a bit too shabby a beer for Bond.
  8. Corporate film companies making corporate movies will only ever want corporate product placement. Its just the way it is.
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    How is any of this good news? Bond doesn't drink beer. And that is the way it should be.
  10. Because it would be awesome to see him kick back with a pint o' bitter (they've made Bond so shit already by casting Daniel Craig that throwing a Bristolian/West Country accent on top of the beer wouldn't hurt)
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    I think Craig is one of the best Bonds in a long time personally.
  12. Nah, he's a good action/fighty type actor but he lacks the subtleness, the suave-ness and the humour that other Bonds have had.
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    guess we will agree to disagree.
  14. Howsabout ditching Daniel Craig, making Cheryl Cole the first female James Bond
    and her signature drink will be a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale poured into a half pint glass, canny. LMAO :p
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  15. At least we like similar music, judging what your avatar says :p
    ah man, you shot me like!
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  16. Aw the blissful sound of our Cheryl's voice:
    Give ower y'a kiddin?
    Ya taakin shite!

    A car crash of the visual and aural.
  17. No wonder they have got him drinking Heineken, the man's a pussy compared to Jason Bourne!:D
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  18. Jason Bourne never goes on a mission without a suitcase of vintage Cantillon....
  19. That just goes to prove that Heineken does not refresh the parts Real ale does. Shit! Just got a phone call from Buckingham P. Guess what, I am not getting my knighthood now. Me and my big mouth :p
  20. AWE :( Heineken is like the Ginger Ale of the beer world.
  21. Given that a) Bond does drink beer and b) product placement is well-established in the books/films, if he's not going to drink Heineken then what's he going to have instead? Either something available globally or something only available in a given book/film location?

    As he visited a pub in the South-east of England in Goldfinger, I'll put him down for a pint of Adnams whilst he was there.
  22. The man with the Gold Label?
    JW Lee's Moonraker?
    Licence to serve alcohol?
    The spy who loved Mild?
    From Russian Imperial Stout with Love?
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  23. That's why it doesn't bother me. I mean I read somewhere else that the whole "Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred" thing was done as a Smirnoff product placement. I think the global aspect if a huge thing. The movie is going to have global distribution, so you want a global company. Plus it is not going to be a cheap product placement, so it needs to be a company with the cash to pay for it. It reminds me of a year or two ago when some of the UK craft brewers were upset that Heineken paid for the right to be the official brewer of the 2012 London Olympics. I mean sure it sucks for them, but I doubt any of those companies would have the money to pay to be the offical beer, and since the Olympics, like Bond films, are all about making money, I am pretty sure they wouldn't even consider taking less cash to use what some people might think of as a better quality product.
  24. I'm sure it doesn't bother most people, as shown by the light hearted nature of the thread until those two posts.
  25. I thought it was going to be peroni...isn't that what the upper class and 'trendy' drink over there?

    No again this is peroni ;)
  26. No just Pizza Express customers :p
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    I had a hop bond over the long weekend
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    Anyone remember the Austin Powers Heineken commercials?
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    It is not about authenticity but about how many $$$ a multinational corporation will pay for a movie studio to pimp their product. I expect Bond to drink Adnams Southwold Bitter on cask.
  30. It worked out alright in the end. He drank the beer when he was in his down and out, alcoholic, pretending to be dead stage of the film. Then he went back to martinis when he resumed spying.
  31. Teary to see Simon's (Scoop's) posts on this thread.
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  32. Heineken's not so bad. Acceptable is what I'd call it. Assuming that James Bond isn't a beer geek I'd say that's the sort of mainstream beer he would drink if he wished to drink beer during his adventures (though Red Stripe would be preferable, of course). Now if he were drinking Foster's...
  33. Can anyone really see Bond sitting on a pint of beer for 20-30 mins as what would be expected of him if he was to properly enjoy Adnams?

    A lager is the beer I see him with and probably a Peroni too given its superior class status in London compared to Heineken for instance ;)
  34. Yeah but with government budget cuts I doubt MI6 would be able to afford a whole pint of Peroni, especially a London mega-yuppie priced Peroni.
  35. Good point :D
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    heineken? fuck that shit. pabst blue ribbon
  37. PBR? Come on now blue moon at the least ;)