The OFFICIAL Kuhnhenn Winter Solstice thread

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  1. steebo777

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    Not trying to be rude at all, but did you not read all the posts above yours? No need to be there early, all years past you can get whatever you wanted (for the most part) for days. The one exception was last year when they forgot to bottle BA4D and didn't have much of it. If you really want to line up early though, people usually get there about 7-8am to start lining up.
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  2. DanH11

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    I would also imagine that if the ba4d is as limited as last year the limit will be way lower than 12 this time, but since they have been posting pictures of bottles on Facebook, I doubt it will be that limited. Still may have a lower bottle count. The meads typically have 1-3 bottle limits to spread them around.
  3. Bryan

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    Like steebo777 said above, it's really unnecessary to line up. I have been to the past several winter/summer solstice events and have always been able to find a seat and get the majority of beers/meads that I want. If there is a very limited release, then Kuhnhenn will limit it to a single bottle or two and people into the 300s will be able to get those things.

    I seem to remember a peach icewine or something like that was the only product I wasn't able to get, but really, who wants to wait in line in the freezing cold to get a bottle of that anyway?
  4. el-jefe

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    Only 4 more days till the "what time should I get there" questions are done. Jesus Christ people!!! How many times does this need to asked and answered?
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  5. chrisbokmuller

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    So... what time should I get there?
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  6. tommyz

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    dont know about you, but I heard BBBW was aged in pappy barrels..So ill be getting there at 3am :cool:
  7. Marti403

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    Only the bb4d dipped in gold wax was
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  8. OK it's time to clear up some details...
    First, here are the bottle limits and pricing:
    BEER (all 12-oz bottles)
    2010 Solar Eclipse - $10 - Limit 2
    2011 Duvil in Miss Jones - $8 - Limit 4
    2012 Bourbon Barrel 4D - $8 - Limit 3
    2013 Bourbon Barrel 4D - $7 - Limit 6
    Bourbon Barrel Barleywine - $7 - Limit 2
    Forbidden IPA - $6 - Limit 6
    Raw Michigan Barleywine - $6 - Limit 3
    Cherry Oud Bruin - $6 - Limit 6
    4th Dementia Olde Ale - $6 - Limit 12
    MEAD (all 375 ml bottles)
    A Taste of Peach Icewine - $22 - Limit 1
    Rye Barrel French Toast - $20 - Limit 2
    Vanilla Gorillabilly $20 - Limit 2
    Cinnamonster Redneck Frankenstein - $20 - Limit 1
    Mint Julep - $20 - Limit 1
    Manhattan Project - $20 - Limit 1

    ALSO, you can order the "Full Limit" packages and get extra goodies for no additional price; there will be a separate spot on the order form for this. (tax is included in this pricing)
    Full Limit Beer (44 bottles and 2 pint glasses) $315
    Full Limit Mead (11 bottles and 1 goblet) $235
    Totally Full Limit Beer and Mead Combo (44 btls beer, 11 btls mead, 2 pints, 1 goblet, 6 coasters) $550

    Now as far as the details of the release, this year we are selling the bottles out of our shipping doors on the parking lot side of the building. You can line up inside the heated tent beginning at approx 6am. We will hand out numbered order forms at 8:00am; sales will begin at 9:00am.
    We're doing it differently this year: all orders will be filled on demand, in the order you line up. Carbonless forms and multiple registers will allow us to fill and complete orders more quickly than in years past, and on demand, easily chipping away at the line.
    When your order is filled, we encourage you to take the bottles back to your car so you can then come inside and enjoy a pint or three. You may bring your bottle order inside, but not consume bottles on the premises - there is no way for us to monitor consumption responsibly and effectively if guests are drinking their bottle allotments in the tasting room - plus our hardworking waitstaff gets no piece of the action.
    We also have hotel deals worked out with the TownePlace Suites, Comfort Inn and Baymont Inn and Suites - all of which are offering free shuttle service Friday and Saturday for Solstice guests.
    Additional parking can be found at CJ's Company Store, Lyle Elliott Funeral Home, the City lot on the NW corner of Mound and Chicago, GLE Recycling, or street parking in the neighborhood (please be respectful of our neighbors).

    We are still working out the specific beers and times for the Friday releases. I can confirm that we will have Michigan Mud and Big Black Banana on tap in the tent only both days, as well as a firkin of Mud each day inside, and draft mead and wine in the tent.

    Thursday entertainment (inside): Singer-Songwriter George Heritier; Reggie and the After Party
    Friday entertainment (tent): CBJ; St Thomas Boys Academy
    Saturday entertainment (tent): Dockside Six; Reggie and the After Party; The Orbitsuns

    To reiterate earlier posts/questions: the is NO bottle sharing allowed on Kuhnhenn property, this includes in line, in the parking lot or in your vehicles. We have security on hand and the local cops like to make appearances. We don't do it to be jerks, but we have to protect our license so we can continue to do these cool events and make great beer. Any open alcoholic beverages will be confiscated as required by law; any sealed alcoholic beverages must be returned to your vehicle upon request of our staff. Thank you for working with us on this.

  9. DanH11

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    Is the full limit mead right? What are the other 3 bottles?
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  10. Oops... Manhattan Project is limit 4
    My bad...
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  11. DanH11

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    Great, thanks for the quick response
  12. FEUO

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    Thank you for the update. :)
  13. basickness

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    i did read every single one of them, and there are quite conflicting stories.
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  14. FEUO

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    I think its safe to say with bottle limits like that there may not be a serious investment of time for a few folks.
    My wallet is slightly relieved. I must take it out on my liver then.
  15. Sounds delicious! Big Black Banana sounds delicious, what is this, a banana stout?
  16. basickness

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    i cant find anything on the raw michigan barleywine or forbidden ipa?
  17. JohnnieNepal

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  18. basickness

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    yes, but that still doesnt answer my question
  19. Benny3000

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    The lower limits will keep the out of staters and FIBs at bay. Well played Kuhnhenn.
  20. Jaycase

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    "Totally Full Limit Beer and Mead Combo"

    Can this be ordered through the drive-thru window? ;)
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  21. Bay01

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    Unlikely, just means more mulez
  22. Not that it really matters in the grand scheme of, you know, real life, but you're rubbing me, and I'd assume a lot of other people in this thread, the wrong way. I'm not trying to start internet fisticuffs (though I might have already done enough for that), I'm just letting you know that it might be better to try to blend in and enjoy Kuhnhenn for what it is- a family-run, local brewery that just happens to make incredible beer- rather than coming in like a wrecking ball. If I'm taking your posts in the wrong way, or if my sarcasm meter happens to be broken, forgive me, I'm just trying to keep Kuhnhenn as wonderful as I've always remembered it.
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  23. dtrtrggr

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    Exactly. I too am coming from Pittsburgh, but coming back to where I grew up and the craft beer roots that got me going! Bringing dad too who got me started.

    Look forward to seeing you all Saturday!!
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  24. Redpac

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    No one needs to bring bottles home. You Want to bring bottles home
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  25. catullus

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    That's insane! People have pre-trades and muling duties to fulfill!
    Do you expect us to simply enjoy beer?
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  26. sculls65

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    Where is the best place to park? Im assuming the tent will take up the parking area near the building, so is there a place to park across the street?
  27. steebo777

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    From LiquidTable's post with all the details:

    "Additional parking can be found at CJ's Company Store, Lyle Elliott Funeral Home, the City lot on the NW corner of Mound and Chicago, GLE Recycling, or street parking in the neighborhood (please be respectful of our neighbors)."
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    #1 sarcasm meter broken #2 I am carpooling with a bunch of locals to.come up and party #3 we are no mules, just beer nerds. Pgh has no distribution, so.I.only get good shit when I trade, like to be able to stock up for a few months. So yea, I NEED to bring bottle home or im drinking sierra nevada. Breathe easy guys, im coming up to have a blast all day and hopefully bring home some treats for local bottle SHARES. and remember, its only beer.
  29. sculls65

    sculls65 Savant (305) Michigan Dec 15, 2008

    Cheers, thanks...guess i blew that part when i saw the hotel info that I hopefully wont need.
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  30. funeral home is across the street
  31. FEUO

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    Just in case.
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  32. some of us might get there.
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  33. zieglemt

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    ISO a ride from Chicago. Can leave any time Friday. Only need a ride there. Have gas $, beer, ZJs.
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  34. jb123

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    i dont think many people can afforf ZJs with todays economy.
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  35. I really see no reason to line up before 6am with these bottle limits. 2 bottle limit of Bourbon Barrel Barleywine? This is as limited as a liquor store
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  36. jb123

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    ill be there around 8. screw waiting in line for hours.
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  37. MarcatGSB

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    These limits were set in place to protect your wallets Children, remember that.
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  38. Marti403

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    Here's to hoping for a later secret release of BBBW with larger limits. Regardless, I'll be enjoying this stuff on draft for a while!
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  39. FEUO

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    Pure speculation, but new location has bottling resources spread uber thin.
    No worries. I like where this is heading. See y'all there. I'll be the Canuck smiling ear to ear.
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