The right "pub" in L.A.

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by ethippo, Jan 21, 2013.

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    A combination of the following: a good selection of beers - at fair prices, a convivial ambiance - homey but not too divey, (invented a new word?), A broad spectrum of patrons - not all hipsters sipping snifters or toothless old drunks, crowded - but not sitting in your neighbors lap. Where in L.A.?? Music some nights would be a plus.

    Good example of a bad example; ________ in Hermosa Beach - great beer list, ordered a tasty looking Belgian. To my surprise it arrived in what appeared to be an 8oz. snifter. I thought I was at a doll's tea party! The food was the same way, small, arty, and expensive.

    Good example: Rocco's Tavern in Culver City. The beer list is moderate, but always something good on tap. I ordered a double pour of Dogfish 90 minute for $8 recently, (happy hour seven days a week from 3-7). Crowded and noisy, but in a good way. Some places you are so close to your neighbors you could give them an orgasm if you're not careful.