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The White Whale List - 2012

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk & Help' started by AgentZero, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. forgetfu

    forgetfu Savant (315) Colorado Jul 27, 2007 Beer Trader

    That would invalidate a lot of the list, really. Blauw, Crianza Helena, 99 Drie Fonteinen, Drie Fonteinen 50th Anniversary, etc. If someone's willing to fly halfway around the world to try a beer at the one bar where it's sold, wouldn't that make it a wale?

    Edit: Blabaer's sold onsite at Olbutikken.
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  2. Well, when you think about it, there aren't many styles that hold up really long-term. Even your typical RIS or barleywine goes downhill after 3-5. So, for the most part, the only things that really have enough time to "whale up" are going to be lambics, sours that age well, and the occasional oddball that defies age. (like Dave or 19% stouts)
  3. travMI13

    travMI13 Savant (410) Michigan Jan 7, 2012 Beer Trader

    Where's King Henry? I thought it went 1:1 for most of these....

    Seriously, though. Nice work. It's now painfully obvious that I have a bit of work to do.
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  4. A lot of the wales I slayed off this list were at bars. Granted they were bars in Belgium. I mean you can tick 5-6 of them at one place De Heren. Blauw, Rose, Helena, Millenuim, Rodenbach Alexander probably others too. A bunch more of the slayed wales were in Lovell Maine. Not techinically at a bar but rather a basement. lol
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  5. You coulda just used your regular account to say this. No need to make up another one just for that.
  6. RWNewhouse

    RWNewhouse Savant (300) Montana Feb 14, 2011

    I think one was left off and should be added at least somewhere in the top 10. It's called (pre).
  7. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Advocate (745) Massachusetts Mar 17, 2009 Beer Trader

    I think something like oude gueuze vintage should be split apart. There are obviously more coveted vintages in that series. This may open up some sub-list for outstanding lambic or whatever style vintages and first bottlings.
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  8. AgentZero

    AgentZero Advocate (600) Illinois Jul 19, 2009 Verified

    Some agree with you, I personally ranked the Narke beers significantly lower than what their overall rankings ended up being. Because there is no defined whale criteria, whales exist on because of perception of their desirability. The ranking methodology therefore was to rank them based on your perception of them as a whale.

    As it's completely subjective, you can't really get it wrong, and all we ended up doing was averaging a lot of peoples' subjective opinions to try to get a general overview of what beers people consider are whales.

    None of us agree with the list either, but it was a fun exercise to try to get a look at an overall picture of whales.
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  9. AgentZero

    AgentZero Advocate (600) Illinois Jul 19, 2009 Verified

    Wait until the 2013 year when it busts into the top 20 with Cherry Rye BCS and RareR DOS.
  10. cfrances33

    cfrances33 Champion (795) Illinois Jun 12, 2012 Beer Trader

    Move over Dave... Cherry Rye is the real whale in these waters...
  11. TurdFurgison

    TurdFurgison Champion (890) Ohio May 29, 2005 Verified

    What BoA said.

    2002 Oude Gueuze Vintage is in the highest echelon. I didn't even like some of the vintages, they are very different beers.
  12. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Advocate (745) Massachusetts Mar 17, 2009 Beer Trader

    That and the Valentine gueuze are some of the best 3F blends I've had.
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  13. The Guezue for lovers was pretty freaking good stuff.
  14. Where is the Earthmonk 750 ML? That is a wale if I ever saw one.
  15. cpferris

    cpferris Savant (275) Indiana Jan 22, 2008 Beer Trader

    Cool list guys. Obviously there will be variation in every person's list...but this has all the significant ones nailed down. I didn't do a count, but proud to have shared many from the list with the cool BA's I've known in my years on this site.

    Maybe one day I'll get to try some of the top...but it's cool...most of those beers are are really top notch and it's a pleasure and treat to drink most any of them.

    Now I just gotta find a new tasting crew to split some of these rarities with. My old bay area crew will be tough to top.

    Cheers all...and happy holidays.
  16. Last time I was in that basement I didn't even know what a wale was. If I only knew then what I know now...
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  17. AgentZero

    AgentZero Advocate (600) Illinois Jul 19, 2009 Verified

    Earthmallet did not make it either, and it tasted better and was significantly more rare.
  18. A true beer hunter would do that. I did:) There is nowhere you could buy a Dave, Batch One Castleton ect ect ect.
  19. Don't get started on the Earthmallet. My number one most wanted tick.... UGH.
  20. AgentZero

    AgentZero Advocate (600) Illinois Jul 19, 2009 Verified

    That takes a lot of disposable income that many will not possess.

    Two bottles of Dave were recently sold, if one does not buy them for financial reasons, or doesn't make the pilgrimage to Europe, does that make them not a true beer hunter?
  21. AgentZero

    AgentZero Advocate (600) Illinois Jul 19, 2009 Verified

    Sadly, that one may be extinct. MasterSki might know.
  22. I can inquire with Struise too.... Messy if it ever is bottled would immediately be a canidate and go from a D.O.N.G. to a wale. In my opinion of course:)
  23. AgentZero

    AgentZero Advocate (600) Illinois Jul 19, 2009 Verified

    Messy might, although it might be one of those ticks that kills you ;)
  24. Well we are talking about the far far extreme of beer hunting. The average joe would have never heard of any of these beers. If someone is gonna pay 1000$ for a bottle of Dave at an auction vs 700 for a plane ride to Brussels more power to them. Let's not kid ourselves and say that just cause you arn't tickin Millenium Gueuze you aren't a beer hunter. Honestly a lot of my ticks of this list were due to the extreme generosity of others or being at the right place at the right time and the fact that I am very generous with my beer. The list is a bit American centric too. Believe me I like the list and the discourse around it.

    One man's wale is another's man's cellar filler!

    I was sorta joking BTW. I would have gone to Belgium no matter what. As a matter of fact my first 2 trips I did minimal tickin. I went to DeHeren because the place was highly reccomended to me by a good friend. I would have gone even if there was no Blauw Rose and Helena. The place kicks ass for food and there just happen to have an insane Lambic cellar.
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  25. It's actually suprisingly drinkable for the ABV. It's doesn't taste a bit over 12 % ABV.
  26. ChrisPro

    ChrisPro Savant (375) Illinois Oct 16, 2009

    Conceptually I agree with this statement, but in practicality that is not entirely true. Just because a beer exists in a cellar at a bar does not mean you will get to purchase said beer at that bar. It has to be "on sale," you have to be there on the right day and get the right owner/bartender to be in the right mood. There are multiple beers on this list that you could in theory just visit a bar and purchase even if you had the money, but it's not a given.
  27. jedwards

    jedwards Savant (350) California Feb 3, 2009

    One very important criteria for something being truly sought after is that there's enough of it for people to be aware of it (or that it's existed for a long enough period of time for it to become part of the collective knowledge base). Things like Earthmallet, Kaggen! Stormaktsporter Rauch, and so on don't exist in enough quantity for people to get excited about them to the same degree as something that they could still potentially buy at a bar/trade for/et cetera. Those are the real white whales... with a few exceptions everything on this list is a potentially realistic goal. Which is healthy :D
  28. There are 2 beers in particular that do not exist that I am dying to try. Nobody knows about them. Even those that have tried them deny that they exist. I would mention them by name but I would be struck down by the beer gods!
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  29. From what I hear at Akurat you can easily try those beers if you are willing to pony up the coin. I can personally speak to the fact that you can tick Blauw, Helena Alexander Millenium ect at De Heren. Not sure about the Rose... I have heard that they are running low from some peeps over there.
  30. ChrisPro

    ChrisPro Savant (375) Illinois Oct 16, 2009

    When I was there, we had easy access to Loerik and Millenium, but the Reed gueuzes, Soleil and goldackerl were off the table. Granted, I only spent one night there, and I've heard better stories of friends who went multiple days, so like I said, it's variable.
  31. http://beerpulse.com/2012/11/two-bo...dave-go-for-potentially-record-breaking-4525/

    I'm willing to bet that for a couple grand you could tick pretty much anything on that list.
  32. MasterSki

    MasterSki Site Editor (1,095) Ontario (Canada) Dec 25, 2006 Staff Member

    There were supposedly only 3 or 4 750ml bottles. I sampled one at RBWG in 2010, and then stumbled upon in a friend's cellar in Vermont that summer which I ended up lugging back to Chicago to share. A third bottle was in California, but I don't know if it has been consumed - try t0rin0 or jerz. There was a magnum shared at pre-ZBF as well.
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  33. Bunch of sour heads with their whale lists.:D
  34. kscaldef

    kscaldef Champion (855) Oregon Jun 11, 2010 Beer Trader

    Reports from DHvL seem mixed. If you just walk in and ask to buy Blauw/Rose they might not sell it to go. We spent a full afternoon there in June drinking nice stuff off the vintage list, and while they did sell me the beers to-go, they had to "go check if we still have any".
  35. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Advocate (745) Massachusetts Mar 17, 2009 Beer Trader

    If normal beers could hold up or improve for a decade or more like lambic then I'm sure this list would be much different.
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  36. To go is different than drinking on premise. Of course Joos is going to be careful who he sells to go bottles too. There are lists like this after all:)
  37. gklover1

    gklover1 Savant (320) Colorado Oct 18, 2009 Beer Trader

    Biggest oversight on the list...

    Mis-spelling ForgetFu's name (unless, unbeknownst to me, it is both a silent AND invisible "l" at the end)

    EDIT: And he has posted on the thread at least twice without even mentioning it. Solid.

    After perusing this list, I simply feel honored to know a few of the people involved. *chants I AM NOT WORTHY, I AM NOT WORTHY

    And yet, SOOOOOO happy with my inferior cellar!

    Merry Christmas all!!!
  38. AgentZero

    AgentZero Advocate (600) Illinois Jul 19, 2009 Verified

    My bad, I drink a lot when I'm posting.
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  39. Tnudish

    Tnudish Savant (315) Wisconsin Feb 16, 2012

    You could buy Dave no more than 2 months ago if you we're willing to pay. All these can be had at a price except for maybe a few.
  40. forgetfu

    forgetfu Savant (315) Colorado Jul 27, 2007 Beer Trader

    Hell, i'm too damn orgetful to remember all the letters in my name. Why should anyone else? No worries! Back to drinking.
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