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  1. I will be driving to Brussels from Dusseldorf, and I was thinking of stopping by Leuven which I have not been to yet. In your experience, what are the noteworthy places to visit, beer-related or otherwise? Any places on the way from Germany that might be worth checking out?

    My favorite beers are lambics and saisons (and everything else in lesser degrees). Also enjoy good food, culture, beautiful scenery, though not so much museum-hopping. Cheers!
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    Just checked Tim Webb's Good Beer Guide to Belgium and if you like jazz and beer, Blauwe Kater looks like a good choice of venue. De Fiere Margriet also looks promising. There aren't too many current site reviews in Beerfly for Leuven, so take notes and report back! Cheers.
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  3. Tim Web's book is so freaking awesome.
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    It is a great book, I wish it wasn't out of print. My wife got me the 2006 updated version for Xmas and she had to really search for it.
  5. De Fiere Margriet had by far the best beer list I found there, including all the standard Lambics (e.g. Cantillon Gueuze, Boon Mariage Parfait, various Hanssens, etc) at very reasonable prices.

    Leuven's a beautiful city, but unless there's something tying you down there just take the train into Brussels.

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    Great as a student, not so great as a beer lover. Not much going on in Leuven.

    The selection at Fiere Margriet has expanded, and yet also dumbed down. They used to have loads of nice little craft goodies, now it's all pretty basic. Leuven as a whole isn't really worth the detour unless you want to take a look at the evil HQ of the world's biggest brewery.

    Vliegend Varken (Flying Pig), the biggest beer bar before Fiere Margriet came along, apparently closed down now after its owner called it quits. I think the most interesting thing there are the weekly lambic tastings they do on Fridays at the bar inside the M Museum.