Timestamp: How many people are in line for Younger at RR right now?

Discussion in 'US - Pacific' started by ferillo, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. rgco

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    So it kicked!

    No more Black Crown for today
  2. Sounds good. I look forward to meeting you.
  3. If you intend on getting samplers, then arrive early as the wait for them can get very long depending on how late you arrive.
  4. Ok. I guess my plan for now will be to get there early (9:00 am? - unless i need to be earlier on the second Friday) and immediately order a PtY, sampler and pizza. Being from Oklahoma we get crap when it comes to the craft beer scene so I'm really excited about this trip.
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  5. I think I might have gone sometime during the second week last year and arriving close to opening and being able to find a seat at the bar. Customers who arrived around opening were able to order flights without any trouble while those who arrived shortly after had to wait about an hour or so. They only have a limited number of flight trays and glasses so it's first come first serve.
  6. NWer

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    Once we've gotten in, the service has been incredibly efficient. If the servers are at all stressed, they sure don't show it. And we've had no problem ordering all the drinks we wanted Younger and everything else on the board as well as samplers. We have been there each of the last two years mid-week multiple times. Last year was worse than two years ago line-wise and I expect this year to be more so but it moves along well enough and I have never been in a crowd where it is so easy to make a new friend. One big festive atmosphere.
    Can't wait . . . .
  7. That's a good point. I didn't think about there only being a certain amount of sampler trays.
  8. In your opinion do you think getting there around 9:00 on Friday the 8th will be early enough? I don't mind waiting, but not sure how long my wife will be a good sport about the whole thing. She claims to be excited about it now, but I'm sure I'll get her reall thoughts that day.
  9. NWer

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    Hard to say for sure because it gets progressively worse each year but you should be more than OK. What else does your wife like to do? She can shop or visit the book store across the street while you stay in line.
    Two years ago I showed up 30 minutes before opening first Tuesday and I was the only one there. I was the first one in. Last year no such luck semi-long lines to the fountain by the time they opened. This year? Who knows. Weekends though nasty. Avoid if possible.
  10. NWer

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    So don't order a sampler tray. Just order individual samples.
  11. how long should i expect to wait if i go around noon or 2 in the middle of next week?
  12. sobeleg

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    Been in line for two hours now, looks like I'm about halfway
  13. Good to know. Thanks.
  14. sobeleg

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    4,5 hrs in line well worth it, if any other BAs are here, I'm in the gray hill farm shirt by the stage. Cheers!
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    I honestly think no longer than an hour during the middle of the week. Every year, it seems the first day is always the worst.
  16. yeah that's what i guessed/hoped. thanks for the reply : )
  17. Wonder how long they'll have it for?
  18. 2 weeks. each day has an allotment
  19. And is that it for the year or just a few months? Sorry, i'm new to the PtY hype...
  20. kpacedo

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    They still pouring younger tonight?
  21. I drove by on my way home from work at 9:30 pm and it looked like 20-30 people were in line.
  22. it's available at the brewery from feb 1st the feb 14th and that's it
  23. timfoolery

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    DAY 2...

    Line is at 80-90 people right before 8am.