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Tips for purchasing barrels for aging.

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by hawksfan82, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I manage a bar in St. Louis and would like to try and get at least two barrels to lend to a brewery to maybe try out a barrel aging product.

    We only do beer and no packaged liquor to I'm not sure we can get barrels from our beer reps in return for buying a ton of packaged liquor. I'm looking online but it looks like it's about a 500 dollar investment per barrel.

    I've heard that some wineries out here might be willing to part with a barrel here or there and I'm looking at that option right now (sour beer aged in wine/oak), but I was wondering if there was anyone on here who knew of places that would part with their old spirit barrels for not too much $$$.

    Thanks in advance guys,

  2. inchrisin

    inchrisin Savant (470) Indiana Sep 25, 2008

  3. Look locally. Shipping is often the biggest cost. We've gotten our five 53-60 gallon barrels all for between $60-$120.
  4. Thanks, fellas. Hit up a bunch of local wineries. Am put on the list of one which means I could get access tomorrow......or a year down the road.
  5. kodymupa

    kodymupa Aficionado (195) Illinois Dec 14, 2010

    What have people done for sanitizing the barrel? Are they use Bourbon barrels or has a brewery already aged beer in them?
  6. I'm wondering if I can get someone an un-sanitized wine barrel and playing around with a new sour, or making one or their normal offerings "wild."
  7. The problem with using unsanitized wine barrels is you have a tremendous likelihood of getting a lot more acetic character than you likely wanted in your beer.
  8. Certainly.

    That's just my initial thought process.....I'll let the dudes who do this for a living make the final decision. :)