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Tired Hands. 8 beers in BA Top 100 new beers.

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic' started by HokiesandBeer, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. http://beeradvocate.com/lists/new

    #18 The Light That Spills Out Of The Hole In Your Head
    #25 Handfarm
    #54 Nigel
    #77 Zombie
    #79 Weedeater
    #87 California Uber Helles
    #90 Flavor Aroma
    #92 Sea of Green
  2. phishphorce

    phishphorce Savant (490) Pennsylvania Aug 4, 2011 Verified

    I cant believe Weedeater is above sea of green or flavoraroma. But thats just me lol.
  3. joeebbs

    joeebbs Savant (360) Pennsylvania Apr 29, 2009

    So, you're saying as someone who lives in SEPA that I need to check this out then, yes?
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  4. cryme

    cryme Aficionado (180) Delaware Jun 29, 2011

    It's interesting that most of those are their more aggressive offerings. I think their true talent lies in the more balanced and delicate beers, but that list is pretty much all hoppy.
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  5. slander

    slander Site Editor (640) New York Nov 5, 2001 Staff Member Verified

    All the hoppy beers made the list with this cast of characters, we?
  6. cryme

    cryme Aficionado (180) Delaware Jun 29, 2011

    I didn't say I was surprised...
  7. Yes, you really have no excuse.
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  8. brentk56

    brentk56 Champion (905) North Carolina May 13, 2004 Verified Subscriber

    I was in Ardmore last week and stopped by Tired Hands for the first time and I totally agree with you. Tired Hands is taking brewing in a new direction.
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  9. Had them all!
  10. wagenvolks

    wagenvolks Advocate (655) Texas Sep 23, 2005

    Just had HopHands this past weekend. Very clean grain bill, super easy drinking. Lovely hop flavor & aroma. About to tear into a growler of The Light...
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  11. FatBoyGotSwagger

    FatBoyGotSwagger Champion (970) Pennsylvania Apr 4, 2009 Verified Subscriber

    All the beer I've had was fantastic and I had with high expectations which really says something about the quality they have.

    They just need to open early on saturday and possibly a weekday. I want to drive out before it gets dark and before the afternoon rush hour starts.
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  12. Not a fan of the hours either. My only issue I have with them is their growlers. Got one filled on a Friday night. Went to drink it Saturday afternoon and it had already lost a lot of it's carbonation. Excellent beers though.
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  13. gregkoko

    gregkoko Aficionado (245) New York Mar 12, 2010

    I've noticed this as well. Have opened a number of growlers and all have lost a lot of carbonation.
  14. dborginis

    dborginis Savant (335) Pennsylvania Jul 9, 2008 Verified

    Bring your own swing top growler, problem solved!
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  15. paging CallMeMickey, CallMeMickey you're needed in aisle 5...
  16. ShanePB

    ShanePB Champion (990) Pennsylvania Sep 6, 2010 Verified

    Have you asked for them to CO2 purge before filling?
  17. nope... the first couple growler fills i got from them were swing tops. and had issues after a day.
    *edit: some were purged.
  18. phishphorce

    phishphorce Savant (490) Pennsylvania Aug 4, 2011 Verified

    Their Growler business seems to be a large part of their sales yet they suck and only last 1 day and even then the beer is degraded a lot.

    They should really work to get that in order because I have all but stopped getting growlers from them unless I plan to drink them that night. I dont like spending 20 bucks on 5 beers and them being flat the next evening.
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  19. callmemickey

    callmemickey Advocate (650) Pennsylvania Aug 12, 2007 Verified

    Sadly, I am missing four of the smaller batch ones: Fripp, Tactile, Mon Mec, and regular Domo !
  20. raveskdr

    raveskdr Savant (435) Virginia Oct 10, 2009 Verified

    Terrible. GET OUT!
  21. Franch

    Franch Advocate (575) New York Mar 22, 2011

    i haven't been, but the growler of Light That Spills... i got was really subpar. not flat, just not a good beer. i've been informed that on tap, that's not true.
  22. I have to say, I'm a huge fan of Tired Hands and I just don't understand the love for the Light That Spills. I found it be a pretty average pale ale; certainly not bad, but no where near the best of what Tired Hands has produced.
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  23. phishphorce

    phishphorce Savant (490) Pennsylvania Aug 4, 2011 Verified

    Judging any TH beer by how it is on growler is almost doing them a disservice. They are so much better on tap than out of the growler its almost criminal.

    Light that spills just happened to be "the" hoppy beer on tap during the bottle release so it got a lot of exposure all in one day. While I thought it was good it was not their best hoppy offering by any means.
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  24. xnicknj

    xnicknj Advocate (730) Pennsylvania May 25, 2009

    i really enjoyed pretty much all of these, but out of 8 beers, how is Hop Hands not on this list? they've made a ton of really tasty beer so far, but that's really the one they continue to produce week in and week out with the same high level of quality/execution/etc. i love the single-batch stuff, although i still find myself ordering a pint of Hop Hands during every visit.
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  25. SPRichard

    SPRichard Advocate (510) New Jersey Apr 26, 2008

    Rarer = better around these parts
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  26. Thorpe429

    Thorpe429 Champion (905) Illinois Aug 18, 2008

    Tired Hands is ridiculously good. It's 3 hours from me, but I still try to get every chance that I get. Now if only I could meet callmemickey there everyday...
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  27. dborginis

    dborginis Savant (335) Pennsylvania Jul 9, 2008 Verified

    Purged would not affect carbonation, only oxidation. I don't know, check your gasket? I've never had beers go flat in mine, even after a few weeks.
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  28. These are "new" beers, so beers six months old max, my guess is that Hop Hands is older than six months?
  29. I think this has become too common of an occurrence for it to be anything but operator (Tired Hands) error. I'm not saying this detracts from my opinion of their product, it's phenomenal. They just need to figure out how to fix this problem.
  30. i've had it both ways; i have opened a growler the night after filling and the carbonation won't last 24hrs after opening. but i've sent growlers to trade partners and it was plenty carbonated 2 weeks later! i'm sure it was consumed in one sitting, though. that's why i have all but abandoned my TH 2L growlers. i'll only get 1L growlers filled... even filling two 1L growlers of the same thing... since i cannot polish a half gallon by myself in one sitting. i can EASILY kill 1L of hophands in one night, though.

    i think the key is to drink the whole growler the night it's opened.
  31. warriorsoul

    warriorsoul Advocate (545) Pennsylvania Aug 3, 2004 Verified

    This is some BS right here. Tell that to the hundreds that have given Jean's beers glowing reviews from growlers consumed outside of PA.
    If filled correctly, there should be no issues.
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  32. Exactly, when you're that small of a brewery and you basically don't bottle your beers then a large portion of your sales will be growlers. Personally I know it's the only way for me to introduce Tired Hands to many of my friends. If anything when discussing a place like Tired Hands growlers are even more crucial. You would think that if you put as much effort as they did with their beers they'd put more effort into how their beers are introduced to the public outside their tiny building.
  33. phillybeer7779

    phillybeer7779 Savant (310) Pennsylvania May 31, 2010 Verified

    It's very fixable, they just need to use plastic tubing to bottom fill the growlers, and stop cutting down the flow rate while pouring.
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  34. Agreed, it's an easy fix which is why I find it so surprising that they haven't figured it out yet?
  35. phillybeer7779

    phillybeer7779 Savant (310) Pennsylvania May 31, 2010 Verified

    No idea, hopefully not just because its easier to train staff to fill it the way they do.
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  36. I agree as well. I've had a couple of growlers that were flat only a day or two after filling. Using a tube/filler would go a long way IMO to preserving the carbonation longer. I've used this technique with my homebrew and have had growlers last several months. Last time I had my growler filled there the bartender stopped the flow in the middle of filling my growler to serve someone else a pint of the same beer.
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  37. I wouldn't be shocked if they get a counter pressure growler-fill system eventually. They sell so many of them that I would think it's a no-brainer once they build some capital.
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  38. I remember getting a growler of brothers with my flip top and it being flat a few days later, which was incredibly disappointing. I do agree, they need to use the plastic tubing that other places such as Whole Foods and the Hulmeville inn uses. You would think that if they're charging a decent amount for a fill, they'd fill it the right way and not half ass it.
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  39. stmgl01

    stmgl01 Savant (260) Pennsylvania Dec 11, 2007

    You need to have the Magick Man do your growler fills :)
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  40. cracker

    cracker Savant (405) Pennsylvania May 2, 2004

    I've bought a few growlers from them and each one was borderline flat. The reasons are likely many. One thing I've noticed the few times I've been there is many of their beers are lightly carbed to begin with which doesn't help. FWIW, I have a swing top growler and have no issues when filling it with my homebrew taps.