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Tired Hands bottle releases?

Discussion in 'US - Mid-Atlantic' started by SirPutzly, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Hey all. I'm looking to pick up a pair of Emptiness bottles on Sunday. It looks like there's 400 avaialble with a limit of two per person. It's been a while since I've gone down for a release. I was wondering if anyone has any idea what time I should look to get down there to ensure a pickup? The release is at noon. Thank you.
  2. ^this. Curious my self, have not gone to a Bottle release and would like to.
  3. At the Back Into the Emptiness release, which was 3 bottles per person, I believe if you showed up by 11:00 or perhaps even a bit after you were able to get your full allotment. You were in the back of the line, but nonetheless. With the limit now at 2 bottles per person, I believe the exact same will hold true for this release.
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  4. Awesome. I think I'm still going to show up early just to be safe. Anybody else planning on attending this Sunday? I'd love to meet some fellow BA'ers
  5. I will be there. Personally, I go a little early as I like to get a seat inside once my bottles are purchased.
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  6. I was thinking of trying to get there by 10am. I don't know if that's too late.
  7. Not at all. 200 people will get a full allotment, and I don't think I've ever seen 200 people in line at any release.
  8. Awesome, I'm trying to ease into releases. Sometimes they are too out of control (see CCB's disaster) haha. I just want to enjoy a day of beer, food, and then walk around Philly.
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  9. kapkenobi

    kapkenobi Savant (300) Pennsylvania Nov 27, 2011

    ill be there by 10am, always a good time.
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  10. Tired Hands' releases run really smooth. The cash-only certainly gets people through faster. The only thing is that the place gets absolutely packed as people hang around for drafts, food and growler fills.
  11. Well I expect that to happen, I'm glad the process makes it so I can get my bottles at least. Plus getting there early gives the bonus of hanging out.
  12. True, it's just (to me) seems to be amplified by the fact that the place is so small to begin with!
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  13. Do you think the cash only makes it faster? I don't really know. I was there for Out of the Emptiness, and prob got there about an hour early. And all I remember is how incredibly slow that line moved once the doors opened. I was ~80 deep in line and, if I remember right, it easily took 45-60 minutes to get my beer once the doors opened. I'm not sure what more they can do in the small space they have there, but damn. I won't be going back anytime soon for bottles. At least not until they start ticketing. I can't, for the life of me, understand why they don't ticket and save people the hassle of waiting in line and dealing with line cutters.
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  14. Yup. I'm planning on getting there at 11. If there are 200 people by that time, I'll just say "fuck it" and go somewhere for a drink and go on with my day.

    Absolutely! It takes at about twice as long to do any CC transaction vs. cash. If they did CC, you'd be looking at 1.5 hours if you were 80th in line.
  15. I can't make it this time... but have 2 from the previous Emptiness release (Back into the Emptiness). PM me if you're going on Sunday and want to do a swap.
  16. I dk man. I find that hard to believe. If everyone gives exact dollars and don't need change, definitely. But in the time people are getting the money out, counting it, handing it over, employee counts it, puts it away, gets change out, recounts the change, and hands it back - it can't save THAT much time. But either way, I don't think that's really the issue here. I think the issue is that tiny little door they send people through and the tiny little space they have for the ONE employee that was handling it all.
  17. agreed.. i think CC transactions are much quicker for sure
  18. Phillyz

    Phillyz Savant (485) Pennsylvania May 20, 2010

    Its only cash. I've been to the last six releases. I'll be there at 9. If you want to drink do it in coffee cups.
  19. It's true. They used to take both credit cards and cash at some of their very first bottle releases. I remember Jean having to run all the way to the other end where the register is every time a credit card was used. It was ungodly slow. The cash-only has sped it up considerably.
  20. Oh well no kidding if he has to walk across the whole room to do it.
  21. chcfan

    chcfan Advocate (595) California Oct 29, 2008

    Is this really even an argument? Cash is always faster. On credit machines, you have to wait for the transaction to go through, you have issues with the reader, issues with peoples' funds on their various cards, you have to switch the paper out, you have to think about whether or not to tip on a to go bottle (hint: you don't) then you have to sign which of course requires some pens. Then in the case of some places, setting up a POS separate from where it normally is. Cash is bing-bang-boom. This is why some places do cash for releases: to speed things up and eliminate the headaches.
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  22. could I get an update on the details?
    400 total
    limit: 2
    opens at 12
    bread: butter?

  23. What is the best way to found out about TH bottle releases now? They don't seem to be posting info to their website or even twitter anymore.
  24. Facebook.
  25. 11 has gotten bottles at every sunday release so far, no? No need to be there at 9am.
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  26. Gotcha. Thanks.
  27. cons of getting rid of facebook.
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  28. So a travel coffee thermos would work also?
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  29. I sadly can't go now (family emergency), if anyone does want to part with their 2nd bottle for something message me (I appreciate the help).
  30. I can't make it tomorrow unfortunately but First Level is fantastic, Belew is mighty tasty, Forever Time is really yummy, and this batch of Mago Tago is absolutely beautiful, super drinkable and very very pleasing to the palate.
    You guys will have a very good time!!
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  31. pants4

    pants4 Zealot (90) Pennsylvania Oct 4, 2012

    Already 5 cutters. Seriously why pay dudes to watch the line if this shit constantly goes on.
  32. Is the line big enough to worry yet? If there's not 200 people yet you all get your share.
  33. pants4

    pants4 Zealot (90) Pennsylvania Oct 4, 2012

    I know that's why didn't say anything. Just pointing out its worthless for them to pay these guys outside if all they are going to do is BS with the people up front.
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  34. sfr26

    sfr26 Savant (400) New York Jan 15, 2013

    Well...my girlfriend's dad was a victim of the line cutting today. He was in the area, and was nice enough to stop by around 11:15 to see if there would be bottles left since we couldn't make it. He was told he was #189 when he got on the back of the line. After waiting ~90 minutes he got shut out. I just don't understand why they don't give ticketed #s when you arrive - it would prevent this kind of stuff from happening. I cant imagine ever giving any money to this brewery after the experience he had today....
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  35. cjoc83

    cjoc83 Savant (480) Pennsylvania Jul 31, 2010

    THIS. We were told we were around 140 when we got in line around 1030, then after waiting a good 3+ hours, we got shut out when the bottles ran out on the guy directly ahead of us. The guy in the black leather jacket walking the line wasn't giving any info about anything, and I saw mad assholes cut in line. They need to start ticketing at a certain time and then go back through the crowd to make sure all the people in line have tickets every 30-60 minutes. If there weren't so many self-centered A-holes, most people in line would have got bottles.
  36. Glad I didn't end up going to the this, I was gonna leave around 9 and get there about 10:45. I hate beer.
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  37. I was shut out as well I was three spots away from scoring. I noticed groups of five plus people jumping in line. I think if enough people complain on their Facebook maybe they will give out tickets at the future release.
  38. DaGrizz

    DaGrizz Savant (260) New Jersey Feb 22, 2012

    Got there at 8:30. Didn't see much line cutting where I was at. However, security is a joke. People drinking in line all day. Kinda disappointing people go against the stated desires of the brewery they are there to get bottles from. The entitlement issues people in the craft beer world have is astonishing!
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  39. I got there around 10:45. got to the door around 1:40 and was 3 people away from the bottles when they ran out. a rather bitter first experience for waiting in line for a limited release. someone from tired hands could have at least came out to inform the 30 or so people that got shut out but they were just like, well we're out. you gotta move, we're over capacity. whatever...no big deal I suppose.

    around 11 I was informed by leather jacket dude that we were around 170 in line. either he made a poor approximation or people cut in line. regardless, it was nice meeting you guys in line! hopefully we'll be able to drink some brews together sometime.
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  40. Stop supporting them! Seriously, every bottle release is the same at this place. THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT! They said they would address it, they haven't. But Bowie's old guitar player posted a pic with TH beer so it's all good. Here is all you can do [email protected], tell him about your experience. Doubt it does any good but WTF.

    They named a beer after someone complained about loud music, maybe their next beer can be named Line Cutters that Spill Into the Middle of the Line and Screw People that are Waiting.