To Drink or To Trade?

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  1. Just curious if most traders drink their trade, or trade their trade for something else.

    I'm just getting into it, and I'm not sure that I'll be able to not drink my trades. (Not sure how I'm going to build up a cellar that way though!)
  2. ChefBergo

    ChefBergo Initiate (0) Illinois Nov 9, 2011

    Three easy steps:

    Step 1: Trade Beer
    Step 2: Cellar Beer
    Step 3: Drink Beer With Friends

  3. JustXBeer

    JustXBeer Savant (325) California Nov 29, 2012 Verified

    1. Step 1: Buy 2 of Every Beer
    2. Step 2: Drink Beer with Friends
    3. Step 3: Cellar other beer or trade
    4. Step 4: Move on to next Beer
  4. MADPolo

    MADPolo Initiate (0) Alabama Dec 19, 2012

    I trade by one rule! If I haven't tried it, it doesn't get traded!

    Otherwise, the two bottle rule applies. One to drink or share and one to cellar or trade.
  5. UCLABrewN84

    UCLABrewN84 Poobah (1,430) California Mar 18, 2010 Verified

    One easy step:

    Don't trade.
  6. Don't trade your trade!!! It's poor form.
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  7. Only trade trades, don't drink them, they've probably been tampered with. Especially if there's tape around the cap..
  8. Or waxed at home.
  9. Lane1

    Lane1 Aficionado (240) California Jan 10, 2011 Verified

    I'm a 2-3 bottle person when it comes to stuff I think has value. 1 to drink, 1 to trade, and 1 to age. Just depends on the cost of the beer and how much I like it. Some of the bigger ones I'll try to get multiples of to hold onto for myself and trade to others. Like Churchills. Me and three other buddies went down and got a total of 8 between the 4 of us. We plan to trade away 4-5 of them....but definitely keep some for us to enjoy!
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  10. "Share bottles with friends. Friends are better then cellars."~ ChadQuest(RIP)
  11. Especially waxed at home. There's no such things as bottle variation in beer either. If one bottle is different than the other, the trader did some shady stuff in every case.
  12. Pahn

    Pahn Champion (815) New York Dec 2, 2009 Verified

    never traded a trade.
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  13. Lutter

    Lutter Advocate (650) Texas Jun 30, 2010

    You don't trade trades. That's the beer equivalent of regifting. Except in this case your mother in law is probably seeing you give it to your aunt.

    I honestly drink local beers 98% of the time and drink trades with my friends and tasting group.
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  14. cavedave

    cavedave Poobah (1,060) New York Mar 12, 2009 Verified

    I think one should always plan their trades so that the beers they send are not as valuable as the beers they receive, and plan so that the ones they receive are ones that will increase in value. This way one can play the trading game like one plays the stock market, and end up being able to realize a hefty net profit. Any trade beers one drinks along the way will screw with the bottom line, so I don't recommend doing that.
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  15. rowingbrewer

    rowingbrewer Advocate (605) Massachusetts May 28, 2010 Verified

    If I trade for one of something I is always to drink. If I trade for multiples it is always to drink. If after trying something that I got multiples of and it doesn't do it for me then I will consider trading it.
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  16. I used to trade and realized there becomes a degree of diminishing returns, meaning when you consider time, money, and what I was giving up...I realized the beers I was trading away would have brought me the same (or more) enjoyment as the ones I received. I will admit, I've been very fortunate to have the access to the beers I have, and to try what I have tried. Perhaps I've just been spoiled.

    I think it is a natural progression for a trader though, and eventually you become content with what you have access to. Classic cost/benefit.
  17. I drink my trades in most cases. However, if I get multiples of something then I will usually give one to a trade partner if its a want. I have traded for a bottle of something a trade partner really wanted just so I can send to him as a means of paying him back for dropping an awesome box at my door. For example, I traded for 2 HF Twilight of the Idols. I sent one to a partner recently. Why? Because I want to share awesome beer and because I already have 1 to try and think hell appreciate it. I specifically traded for 2 so I can send him 1 bottle. Is it poor form? I don't think so. Trading extras is poor form IMO.
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  18. Hopsiam14

    Hopsiam14 Advocate (500) Minnesota Jan 23, 2013 Verified

    This is my motto as well. Doesn't make sense to trade beer you haven't had yet. I'm not saying this is the only way, just my way.
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  19. Earlycsquid

    Earlycsquid Savant (410) California Jan 7, 2013 Verified

    Isn't this the truth. After a while of paying huge amounts in shipping cost and haggling over perceived value and what not, you come to realize that the stuff you have in front of you is just as good, if not better because you don't have to go out of your way to get it, than what you could get in the mail.

    I love bottle shares for the sole fact that everyone brings out their big hitters, most of which are traded beers to wag around that beer-penis points. It allows me a taste of something I didn't have to fight hard for.
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  20. Hanzo

    Hanzo Champion (965) Virginia Feb 27, 2012

    If I go through the trouble of trading for something I am drinking it. And if I get an extra I've already had or something it is going to friends.
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  21. ADTaber

    ADTaber Champion (770) South Carolina Apr 29, 2011 Verified Subscriber

    I rarely trade beer, but when I do I trade for something I want to drink.
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  22. woodchopper

    woodchopper Savant (390) Illinois Jul 31, 2010 Verified

    I only trade beers because I'm an addict :( ....... their i finally said it to the world!

    i trade for beers to drink
    i trade beers because of the interaction
    I trade beers because that's what all the cool kids are doing
    I trade beers because it's fun and I like to try stuff from different areas
    I trade beers because I have nothing better to do and like losing money ;)
    I trade beers because I like sending out ridiculously large boxes :)
    I trade beers because I like being tied up and held hostage for off the shelf beers
    but mostly the tied up part ;)

    I trade beers because that is what the voices in my head tell me to and i am Freaking funny and Damn it people like me or my alter ego woodchipper

    want to trade?

  23. gklover1

    gklover1 Savant (310) Colorado Oct 18, 2009 Verified


    (When is the last time I told you how much I love you?)
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  24. woodchopper

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    last night when you tucked me in..... :(

    BUNZILLA Champion (850) Indiana Jan 14, 2011 Verified

    Has anyone ever tucked a bottle they just got under their pillow for a couple nights before drinking ?
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