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Total Wine - Roseville, MN

Discussion in 'US - Midwest' started by Stimulus199, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Stopped in this morning. Decent selection, but relatively generic. In other words, nothing you wouldn't find at any other store around the metro, with a few exceptions (e.g. pre-packaged growler of Rogue Dead Guy Ale for $15.99). The only difference is a lot of the stuff is parted out into "build your own six pack" type deals, so there's less shelf space for actual six packs.

    No cellared/rare releases, that I could find.

    Everything seemed to be roughly $1-2 below typical pricing (e.g. Surly Furious - $7.99), with a few scattered deals (Dark Fatha for $3, if you feel like vomiting on a budget).

    I don't see this store being the game-changer, or the tremendous competition to other liquor stores that it was pitched it as potentially being, but it's certainly a welcome addition to the scene.
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  2. billhelm

    billhelm Savant (475) Minnesota Feb 9, 2011

    I've shopped at them in other cities and sounds about the same. I've found some good stuff hanging out amongst the common at their stores in North Carolina - probably need to give it some time. For a chain, they do get into the local brews pretty good though, and I'd expect to see them do that here too.
  3. mnbearsfan

    mnbearsfan Savant (450) Minnesota Dec 25, 2009

    When does the Bloomington one open?
  4. Glad someone did some recon already. I'm curious if anything special will be brought for the 4-8pm celebration they have planned.
  5. shadetree67

    shadetree67 Savant (350) Minnesota Sep 11, 2013

    The store is fully built out but the city of bloomington keeps denying their liquor license. Should open this summer.
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  6. Chaz

    Chaz Champion (880) Minnesota Feb 3, 2002

  7. maximum12

    maximum12 Champion (825) Minnesota Jan 21, 2008

    I don't live up that way & haven't for seven plus years, but it'll be interesting to see what happens to the smaller stores in the area over the next year or two. If they really plan on selling Furious everyday for $7.99 that's great for those local to the store/us, but I'll wager that price is at or around cost for most of the little guys.
  8. Saga $10.99
  9. mnbearsfan

    mnbearsfan Savant (450) Minnesota Dec 25, 2009

    Looks like Edina (Edina Liquor) has more money to fight than the stores in Roseville. Edina would be looking a bunch of tax rev once they open up.

    I always forget that the part just north of 494 is still Bloomington.
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  10. mnbearsfan

    mnbearsfan Savant (450) Minnesota Dec 25, 2009

    Chicago Lake started that a LONG time ago....
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  11. will1256

    will1256 Savant (410) Minnesota Dec 4, 2010

    Stopped in this AM as well, very good prices but not much exciting. Did see CW BBBW for $12.49 and Lolita for $18.99.
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  12. My bad.

    Stir Crazy $6.49

    *price check courtesy Mplsmetro57
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  13. MCImes

    MCImes Savant (370) Connecticut Dec 31, 2010

    I think I just looked at their add in the Star Trib and thought all 12 packs of Summit were $10.49! That's cheaper than sale price most places

    I havent been there yet, but I already like TW. Good thing I work 2 miles from them...or maybe thats bad...
  14. HoudiniRN

    HoudiniRN Savant (325) Minnesota Feb 28, 2014

    $3 for Dark Fatha is still WAY too much...
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  15. maximum12

    maximum12 Champion (825) Minnesota Jan 21, 2008

    You're wrong. Getting PAID $3 to for Dark Fatha would be wildly insufficient. ;)
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  16. HoudiniRN

    HoudiniRN Savant (325) Minnesota Feb 28, 2014

  17. agree with this post saw nothing rare( Lolita maybe) still had some nice sixer/4pk prices
    Tank 7 $8.99
    2Hearted $7.79
    Schells 12 pk Pils $11.99
    side note had Day tripper canned on 0305
  18. pillzsix

    pillzsix Aficionado (180) Minnesota Mar 21, 2008

    Mostly "get people in the door" prices. Won't be worth the gas money in a couple months. Unless you like disgusting proprietary wines with cutesy labels, which I suspect nobody on this site does...
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  19. Chaz

    Chaz Champion (880) Minnesota Feb 3, 2002

    You might be right, but people using this site have reviewed "Chick Beer", so you never can tell. :eek:
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  20. plumcrazyfx

    plumcrazyfx Savant (450) Minnesota Aug 26, 2010

    Bought my Schell's Mixed Pils pack there. Nothing really exciting there beer wise but did score a 10yr Old Rip Van Winkle.
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  21. psychotia

    psychotia Savant (385) Minnesota Jun 27, 2009

    They were handing out gift bags with gift cards when went. Schell's mixed pils pack for $3 after tax out the door is a win for me! I probably won't go back though. Honestly, I like the selection and vibe better where I already shop.

    Also saw great prices on whisk(e)y... $25 for highland park 12 dropped my jaw.
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  22. How could something brand new suddenly be able to open with all kinds of rare stuff?
  23. Cyclone8

    Cyclone8 Savant (475) Minnesota Oct 19, 2011

    They're not brand new. They have many stores in many states, and huge buying clout. Knowing this store was going to open in MN they set aside some great stuff to get people excited (at least whiskey-wise).
  24. runfoodrun

    runfoodrun Savant (325) Minnesota Jun 18, 2008

    Anyone have an address? Having trouble finding it.
  25. Cyclone8

    Cyclone8 Savant (475) Minnesota Oct 19, 2011

    It's in the Fairview Commons, in the same complex with the Twins Pro Shop, Cost Plus World Market, where the original Barnes and Nobel used to be.
  26. corner of terminal rd and Fairview Ave
  27. MNPikey

    MNPikey Advocate (575) Minnesota Feb 27, 2011

    Eventually, they will have more local stuff.
  28. PieOhMy

    PieOhMy Advocate (515) Minnesota Feb 23, 2013

    For those of you with a hard on for this store and are part of the "pro liquor stores open on Sunday" crowd; if that day ever comes a half dozen Total Wines will open in every corner of the metro.
  29. MNBeerGeek

    MNBeerGeek Advocate (600) Minnesota Jun 25, 2013

    Mine too. So I bought one. And some beer, of course.
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  30. runfoodrun

    runfoodrun Savant (325) Minnesota Jun 18, 2008

    Thanks for the location info, I was hoping for some Rip Van but no luck. Large beer selection but will stick with my local for the most part. But the whiskey selection is something to see!
  31. Ish1

    Ish1 Savant (395) Minnesota Feb 25, 2010

    Damn! Would have loved to grab a bottle of Pappy!!!!
  32. Sounds great for the whiskey folks, it doesn't work that way for beer. It would be illegal to drag anything purchased outstate across the border. Do you assume wholesalers are sitting on mountains of rare beer to send immediately to someone they've never sold anything to?
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  33. What I mean to say is there is zero chance a new license has access to 2010 Darkness for retail sale. Zero.
  34. EJJ1848

    EJJ1848 Savant (480) Minnesota Jun 24, 2013

    I thought the same thing, However, I was curious to see how long they have been building inventory. i.e would something like Abyss be around, or maybe some straggling Bourbon county. Seems like the selection is on par with many other local shops currently
  35. McRyan

    McRyan Savant (255) Minnesota Jul 25, 2012

    I t
    I was under that impression as well. They had some CW BW a few other straglers but nothing worth setting your hair on fire.

    The had Lucette Ride Again for $8.99 for a sixer of 16 oz cans I believe. I rarely see this, very underrated brew.
  36. Cyclone8

    Cyclone8 Savant (475) Minnesota Oct 19, 2011

    I misunderstood your initial question - I thought you were asking about the Pappy, which was why I responded. Of course they wouldn't have access to older beers, they're new to this market.
  37. MCImes

    MCImes Savant (370) Connecticut Dec 31, 2010

    I went there yesterday. They had a good selection, but nothing rare as others have said. Their prices are ridiculously low on higher volume things (summit, surly, indeed, BMC) but pretty much the same with some of the smaller volume brews. I was sad they had the whole Lindeman's lineup, but no Cuve Renee. I asked about getting that in, as I would drink it more at $8-9 than $11-12. They took my number and said they'd see if they could get it.

    Their organization/categorization of the beer sucks. Its spread through 3 isles without a discernible system, so prepare to wander back and forth, but thats about my only gripe.

    Also, the wife loves champagne, and they are 30-40% cheaper in thes category than most other stores. Barefoot is $6 (normally 10-11), Korbel is $9 (normally 12-14), Chandon is $14 (normally 20). Those are below sale price most other places, so I know where im getting the better half's booze.

    So my take: Ill go there frequently for the easy to find stuff. Ill still frequent the little guys for the uncommon/limited/rare stuff.

    Personally I liked the feel of the store. They'll be getting my business frequently.
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  38. Steasy66

    Steasy66 Savant (390) Minnesota Feb 23, 2012

    I went last night, picked up a $5 roch 10 and some CWBBBW and Pt5. The only grand opening-ish thing going on was some dude with an acoustic guitar covering 'Poker Face'.
  39. pillzsix

    pillzsix Aficionado (180) Minnesota Mar 21, 2008

    Also illegal for wine and spriits.
  40. McRyan

    McRyan Savant (255) Minnesota Jul 25, 2012

    Where did you find Plead the 5th?! I looked all over for it ha.

    I did pick up two single bottles at Elevated today. They said they only received one case!