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Trade Value of Cantillon LPG, St. Lam, Iris

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk & Help' started by lupercmda, May 2, 2014.

  1. Help please for these. I am thinking about buying some extra from Belgium to trade? Would any of these rate a Prop or a BVDL?

  2. Lou Pepe Gueuze might go 1:1 Prop. It's close.

    However it might take 6 Prop to trade for a bvdl.
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  3. I think LPG should go 1:1 with Prop. People have been getting for Prop+ for Fou Foune (I know 1:1 sometimes) and LPG is almost right there with FF in terms of trade value, I would think.

    I've actually had a harder time finding LPG than FF. FF just seems to have more hype behind it.
  4. @HighLowJack - Oh, I eventually got some. Had to go Belgium to make it happen, lol. Brought a bottle back with me for long-term aging.
  5. cool. yeah I may or may not save mine.

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