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Discussion in 'Site' started by Cenosillicaphobe, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. Cenosillicaphobe

    Cenosillicaphobe Savant (360) Maine Jul 24, 2011

    I see we have a list for bad traders...but I'm thinking that is focusing on the negative, without really shedding light on the positive. My thought is that we could implement a system for rating traders, as well as leaving comments from those who have traded with them. This would be linked to the user's account, so that any prospective traders could check it out before embarking on a trade. It's not altogether unlike buyer and seller ratings on eBay, for example. I'm not sure how rampant trading problems are, and my one trade experience was extremely positive, but I'm thinking that a system such as the one I've described would help to eliminate bad trade practices for the most part. Thoughts?
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  2. Has been discussed many times. If it ever happens, it will be after the site redesign.
  3. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Savant (475) New York Jun 7, 2005

    The only way to truly get rid of bad traders is to eliminate the trading forum entirely.

    I've seen plenty of sellers on eBay with 3000+ sales and no less than 10 pieces of negative feedback..... and that really hasn't stopped anybody from still dealing with those particular sellers.

    The trade forum has always been an "at your own risk" sorta thing....I wouldn't hold my breath for any sort of trading focused feedback system.
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  4. Lantern

    Lantern Initiate (0) Feb 27, 2011

    Yeah, I'd just give props in the 'Post a pic pf your latest haul' thread.
  5. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,685) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Fest Crew Subscriber Beer Trader

    As already mentioned, this has been discussed numerous times.

    We plan on addressing this with the site redesign, as well exploring solutions for connecting beer traders with common wants/gots that doesn't involve an ISO:FT forum.
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