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Trading at CBC

Discussion in 'Scandinavia' started by Pundarquartis, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. I'm interested in a bunch of American beers that I'd love to get my hands on at CBC in Copenhagen in may. Things like fresh DIPA, american sours and americans stouts would be nice. I have a bunch of different Cantillon and Drie Fonteinen to offer on top of other things. Contact me if you'd like to work something out.
  2. skimoore

    skimoore Aficionado (200) France Nov 2, 2007

    I have some month old Pliny, but it will be 3 months old once CBC comes around...probably not what you're looking for in terms of fresh? The stouts I have unfortunately I haven't tasted yet so I can't let them go!
  3. Cathywonderful

    Cathywonderful Disciple (55) Texas Nov 23, 2009

    I would love to trade for Cantillon. I'm in Texas -- can bring Jester King (Black Metal Stout, Noble King, Wytchmaker, Thrash Metal, possibly Boxer's Revenge if it's out in time), Southern Star, Dogfish Head, Great Divide, Deschutes, Green Flash, Stone, etc. If you have a wish list -- let me know.

    Also, how hard is it to bring bottles into Denmark? Would be easy for me to pack wine shippers and bring beer, but don't know what Danish customs would think. Thoughts?
  4. I'm actually all set on trading I'm afraid. Not that I don't want to trade more, but i can't bring more bottles to the event xD But I'd love to meet up at the event though :)

    Anyway... it's no problems at all bringing beer to Denmark or the whole of EU (excluding UK). There's a limit at 16 litres you can bring without declaring it, but that's an almost purely symbolic limit. If you have more than 16 litres, declare it, just to be sure, but you can expect they'll just look at you funny and wonder why the hell you are bothering them at all :p
  5. skimoore

    skimoore Aficionado (200) France Nov 2, 2007

    I second the fact that bringing beer to the EU is very easy...as long as the value doesn't exceed 400 euros, however I don't think the customs people would believe you that a beer could be worth more than 2-3 euros a bottle :p
  6. Don't be so sure. I've got danish customs value bombers at 60-70 DKK ($10-12) from a package I got from the US. :p

    Still... they won't raise an eyebrow even if you bring a suitcase full of beer.
  7. futura123

    futura123 Savant (340) California Jul 29, 2010

    Do you have to pay tax on these beers? Even with nominal declared value at $20, Danish customs still revalue the package?
  8. They've lately been revaluing values that were stated "too low". If they find that the value of the box is too low, then they revalue and I have to pay taxes on the contents, if it is beer, for example. The thing is though, if the value is stated reasonably they probably won't open the box and I won't have to pay taxes because they won't know that it contains alcohol. The taxation includes alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and other similar stuff. If you declare collectible glassware with a reasonable value, all should be fine.

    What the value should be I'm not completely sure of... but I would believe $30-40 would be sufficient and reasonable.
  9. futura123

    futura123 Savant (340) California Jul 29, 2010

    Thanks. I should put a note to myself when I send my package to you.;)
  10. skimoore

    skimoore Aficionado (200) France Nov 2, 2007

    Well...maybe the Danish customs care, but the French certainly don't! They can't even be bothered to stand up most of the time!
  11. They're probably on strike... like everyone in France xD
  12. I'm still open for last minute trading! I have one st. Lam '05 and one Vigneronne '05 for trade. BM if interested!

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