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Trading for a limted release beer...at the release party.

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk & Help' started by sherm1016, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. sherm1016

    sherm1016 Savant (375) Wisconsin Aug 10, 2009

    I've seen quite a few "ISO: CW15 FT: [Insert desirable beer] IP @ CW15" trades on the boards today. So basically, you're going to the anniversary party, getting your allotment, and hoping to trade for more while you're there, from people at the release party who don't want their full allotment.

    Now I fully understand that some of these will get done. I'm sure there are some people going to anniversary part only so they can score themselves some "trade bait." Perhaps you have something they want, and you both can save some money on shipping.

    Not sure that ironic is the right word, but I find these posts (and similar posts for other limited releases) amusing. Just thought is was worth discussing as there have been at least four of them posted for CW15 in the last day.

  2. xnicknj

    xnicknj Advocate (730) Pennsylvania May 25, 2009

    these pretrades were probably caused by the brewery dropping the bottle limit to 4, so some people are still trying to get more for their group, trades, etc.
  3. We all know full well that many of those bottles are being purchased with the intent to trade. If you can save time and shipping costs, why not? You know you can expect a dozen of these around Dark Lord Day.

    What amuses me is knowing that the OP's in most of those threads are probably planning on re-trading them for something better than they gave up.
  4. Rempo

    Rempo Initiate (0) Indiana Jan 18, 2010

    A bit unfair to the first person in line who gets shut out of bottles, but such is life.
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  5. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    I think the important thing we have learned from BA traders as of late is : retardation is apparently contagious.
  6. maximum12

    maximum12 Advocate (735) Minnesota Jan 21, 2008

    This isn't any better or worse than bringing a wife or good friend to mule.

    Ultimately it's the same outcome: get more of a specific beer. So this becomes the same argument.
  7. FalconA

    FalconA Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 10, 2011

    It could be the brewery creating a bunch of alias accounts and setting up fake trades to get more people to show up. I'd expect to see more of these in the future from breweries trying to garner awareness for their releases. "IP @ Bourbon Barrel Pale Lager release: MOAR BBPL FT: Photograph of a bottle of King Henry"

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  8. I hope the brewers look at the trade threads and can actually watch the beer that they just sold trade for something "better"

    That would be dope to go to the CW release, do an IP trade "15" for a bottle of Pipeworks bluelady and look the head brewer in the eyes while you exchange bottles, look down your brow at him and nod with rueful abandon. show him how you feel about his precious wares.

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