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Trading & Home Brewing

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by AxesandAnchors, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. AxesandAnchors

    AxesandAnchors Savant (300) Oregon Nov 21, 2012

    Forgive me if this has already been brought up...

    Anyone trade home-brews with other BA's? What has been your experience? Do you find that for the most part you get quality, or are you more often disappointed? Do you get quality feedback, or do you find that most people feel like they have to be nice just so they don't hurt feelings (this could include yourself)?
  2. wscaffe

    wscaffe Savant (365) Florida May 6, 2011

    I have never traded homebrews with another BA but I often include them as a portion of the extras. I have also received a good amount of homebrews as extras. Sometimes they are amazing and sometimes not. As far as feedback goes, some people tell message me and tell me how they feel about my homebrews, whether good or bad, and sometimes they don't. If I get a homebrew from another trader I try to provide constructive criticism and/or praise. That is the only way we can ge better as homebrewers.

  3. honkey

    honkey Savant (310) Alabama Aug 28, 2010

    I have included homebrew as extras in trades before and asked for honest opinions. I have had some very good criticism in the past. If someone sends me homebrew, I am generally brutally honest because I know that is how I would want my beer to be treated. I had one person that I think took offense to my criticism, but that person also did not typically get any negative feedback and I thought his Kolsch was under attenuated.
  4. AxesandAnchors

    AxesandAnchors Savant (300) Oregon Nov 21, 2012

    This is basically what has prompted me to ask this question. I find that friends and family are just never objective enough.
  5. wscaffe

    wscaffe Savant (365) Florida May 6, 2011

    Friends and family are always nice. Give a stranger some beer and you'll get some real feedback.
  6. join some competitions. that is when you really feel humble about your skills! good luck and cheers!
  7. FTowne

    FTowne Initiate (0) Missouri Jan 27, 2012

    I don't homebrew, but I will gladly critique any stouts or porters that anyone cares to send me!
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  8. HerbMeowing

    HerbMeowing Savant (445) Virginia Nov 10, 2010 Subscriber

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  9. AxesandAnchors

    AxesandAnchors Savant (300) Oregon Nov 21, 2012

    This looks cool (and exactly what I'm looking for), have you used it?
  10. AlCaponeJunior

    AlCaponeJunior Champion (810) Texas May 21, 2010

    I have traded a lot, including a homebrew BIF. It came out good, I was quite happy with what I got, and I sent out some pretty good beers too. I do think the guy who sent to me was more skilled than I was/am, but I would have been happy with what I received from me, so in that regard you have to be accepting of what you get. Not everybody is a 10 year homebrew veteran, but most probably wouldn't send homebrews that they wouldn't be happy to receive.

    I give honest feedback on all homebrews, not necessarily aiming purely for ego enhancement. That doesn't help anyone improve their homebrews. That being said, most of the ones I have gotten in various trades were quite good.
  11. I love to get homebrews as extras in trades and have had quite a few excellent ones (I'm looking at you Gfunk720). Every now and then I'll toss a bottle of something I've done if I find it above par. I'd do it more but I'm pretty exclusive to kegging my beers these days
  12. HerbMeowing

    HerbMeowing Savant (445) Virginia Nov 10, 2010 Subscriber

  13. AxesandAnchors

    AxesandAnchors Savant (300) Oregon Nov 21, 2012

    It's too bad it doesn't have more users. I spent a little while looking the site over and it looks like the creator of the platform has done a really nice job.