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Traveling to Reno

Discussion in 'US - Mountain' started by TJB, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. TJB

    TJB Aspirant (45) Colorado Mar 25, 2012

    I'll be there on business next week. Any breweries, bottle shops, or pubs that I should try to visit?
  2. NVbeer

    NVbeer Savant (310) Nevada Oct 3, 2002

    In no particular order for brewpubs
    1.Great Basin Brewing(one in Sparks and one in Reno)
    2. *Brasserie St. James
    3. *Silver Peak Brewing(3 locations but only one is a brewery)
    4. *Brewer's Cabinet

    Beer Bars(in no particular order)
    1.* Saint James infirmary
    2.*Reno Public House
    3.* Chapel Tavern
    4. 775 Gastropub
    5. *Ole Bridge Pub
    6. *Sierra Taphouse(mostly Sierra Nevada brews on tap)

    Beer Stores
    1.* Craft Wine and Beer(My favorite local store)-also 3 beers on draft. Can purchase any beer in store to either take home or enjoy there(no corkage fee)
    2. Ben's(multiple locations)
    3. Total Wine(largest selections but sometimes out dated beer)

    Hope that gives you some ideas. If you are staying in the downtown area, a lot of these are within walking distance or quick cab ride. I starred the ones that are walking distance or within about a mile of downtown.
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  3. Where is the 3rd Silver Peak? I know of the original and the one on Sierra.

    There is also Brew Bros, but that place isn't that great.
  4. NVbeer

    NVbeer Savant (310) Nevada Oct 3, 2002

    It's called Slice of the Peak, on 2nd street across from the Ace's ballpark. It's more of a beer bar. I don't even consider Brew Bros. since the last time I was there all the beers tasted the same. There are too many places now in town doing good things for beer.
  5. I haven't been to Brew Bros. in years. I remember it being decent, but I'm with you, there are now much better places to go have a beer.
  6. masterofsparks

    masterofsparks Advocate (515) Ohio Nov 15, 2009

    Figured I'd revive this thread rather than starting a new one - I will be in Reno for work next Wednesday 7/24 through the following Friday 8/1. The above list gives me a pretty good idea of some can't-miss spots, but I thought I'd ask if there are any upcoming events that an out-of-towner should know about. I will be spending 9 days in a hotel and very anxious to do anything that involves getting out.
  7. NVbeer

    NVbeer Savant (310) Nevada Oct 3, 2002

    Ole Bridge Pub is doing a Firestone Walker night(7/25)- Parabola, Double DBA, and some other FW regulars, $15 for a taster set. Other than that...not a lot going on that I am aware of.
  8. masterofsparks

    masterofsparks Advocate (515) Ohio Nov 15, 2009

    Thanks. Unfortunately I have a business dinner that evening so I probably won't be able to make it, but maybe it'll end early enough that I can make it before the end.
  9. Reviving this thread yet again. Rolling through town Sunday and was wondering if there's any new spots since NVbeer's post a year ago. Any worth stopping by for a Hop lover?
  10. NVbeer

    NVbeer Savant (310) Nevada Oct 3, 2002

    The only changes are that 775 Gastropub has since closed and there are a few new breweries in town but neither does real IPA style, though they are both guite good. They are, Under the Rose and Pigeon Head and are
    Coated only a few blocks from each other. Anything specific you are looking for? Coming from CO not much we get here that you don't get there. Where are you traveling to? As I might have suggestions for the region (Nevada and NorCal)
  11. Rolling to Bay Area. Doing RR and if time permits, Drakes.
  12. NVbeer

    NVbeer Savant (310) Nevada Oct 3, 2002

    Since you mentioned being a hop head, I would strongly recommend a stop at Knee Deep in Auburn,CA. There brewery with taproom is only about 5 mins off I-80. Known for their double and triple IPA's.

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