Tree Molto Bella Espresso IPA Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Canada' started by papat444, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Tree can really handle IPAs and I look forward to this release
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  3. Sounds Interesting .. I am going to try it and see for my self :).. Love I.P.A's and Love Good Coffee..!
  4. If they added coffee to the their black hophead then I would then I guess this beer might taste like it
  5. My bro was going to head down to the brewery today to grab a few bottles, I'm also hoping he's able to snatch up a bottle of Serendipity #6 that might be lying around (but since it was released over a month ago that's just wishful thinking!) :(.
  6. "Pining" in Ontario - is it as good as I'm imagining?
  7. that beer doesn't have enough hop at all to balance out espresso.. unless it's used very minimally
  8. Wish it wasn't just 4.8% I've had very few Cdn beers that taste good under 5%, but here's hoping
  9. My bro picked up a growler of it on Friday (they had sold out of bottles at the brewery), said it was tasty but that the espresso notes definitely dominated the palette. Still looking forward to tasting it myself, even though I probably won't get my hands on it until the spring sometime.
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  10. session ale is a lost art :(, and I really hate the "imperial" trend of high abv everything right now. it's nice to have a few bombers without getting fall down drunk haha
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  11. Government store at 8th and Cambie had a bunch on Jan 5th. I grabbed a couple