Trip from Long Island to PA for Hopslam?

Discussion in 'US - Mid-Atlantic' started by 1Sundown2C, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. 1Sundown2C

    1Sundown2C Advocate (500) New York Jan 13, 2012

    Contemplating a trip from Western Long Island to Eastern PA (specifically, Shangy's in Emmaus) and would appreciate any feedback.

    Most importantly, for those who have had Hopslam in the past, is it worth the drive?

    Also, if coming from that direction, is that the most reliable in terms of availability and/or most convenient with regard to distance from NY?

    For the record I would be making this trip with my brother which effectively cuts gas and tolls in half. I figure no more than $25 each for traveling costs on top of the cost of the beer itself.
  2. I make the drive from Jersey every year. Makes it worth it if you buy Hopslam and other beers not normally distributed to you.
  3. Shangy's is the "importing distributor" for Bell's, so it is the best source in Eastern PA- also pretty easy to get to via I-78.

    Note there is a long history of "controversy" every year during Hopslam's release around Shangy's methods and rules. One of which you might be affected by - sometimes they limit the beer to "one case per car/group" rather than "one per person". So, you might want to let your brother out of your car at the diner next door and have him walk to Shangy's ;) and whatever you do, don't talk to each other while shopping!.

    Lots more info on the subject used to be available in the old forums, no longer accessible unfortunately.

    There are a lot more beers available at Shangy's that you might not see in NY, so consider buying more than just Hopslam (splitting cases with your brother- after you get home - not in the parking lot!). We used to routinely drop $250-500 as a group when doing a run up there.
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  4. 1Sundown2C

    1Sundown2C Advocate (500) New York Jan 13, 2012

    You both make some great points that I didn't consider originally but will definitely keep in mind. Are there any specific suggestions on beers not available to me, specifically IPAs/DIPAs?
  5. jrnyc

    jrnyc Champion (790) New York Mar 21, 2010

    Sounds like an awesome trip! Maybe a stop at a brewery somewhere along the way? Although, thinking of driving on that goddman Belt Parkway would remove a lot of the enjoyment for me :)!
  6. confer

    confer Savant (355) Pennsylvania Jan 10, 2007

    (splitting cases with your brother- after you get home - not in the parking lot!). \

    Do they have a problem with splitting up cases on the sidewalk at Shangy's?
  7. beerchange

    beerchange Zealot (80) New York Mar 29, 2010

    Do they have it in yet? Just tried them but they are closed on Sundays. Their fb site says usually mid Jan to Feb, but I am seeing a lot of people with bottles already on Instagram
  8. 1Sundown2C

    1Sundown2C Advocate (500) New York Jan 13, 2012

    Bells is beginning distribution to PA on January 21st.
  9. IDontBelieveYou

    IDontBelieveYou Disciple (70) Jan 7, 2013

    I'm actually completely serious. quit contemplating. any room in your car? can spare some gas $ and good company.
  10. 1Sundown2C

    1Sundown2C Advocate (500) New York Jan 13, 2012

    January 21st is the distribution date but is that the date we can expect to see it in the store?
  11. Centennial

    Centennial Savant (450) Vermont Nov 9, 2009

    Shangy's will hold it for at least a week before it will be out for retail sale. Don't go holding your breath.
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  12. 1Sundown2C

    1Sundown2C Advocate (500) New York Jan 13, 2012

    How long do they usually have some in stock for?
  13. The first shipment went quickly at Shangys last year and everybody panicked thinking they weren't getting anymore. I want to say it was gone in 2 days, but I'm not sure. Fear not because they get another batch around march which usually lasts for a long time.
  14. 1Sundown2C

    1Sundown2C Advocate (500) New York Jan 13, 2012

    So if I call ahead are they going to be polite or jerk me around and not give me an answer on when it'll be available?
  15. Jerk you around and not give you an answer would be my guess. I am guessing they get bombarded with calls around this time every year and that can get old in a hurry. Just keep watching the threads here and you will know when it hits. It is hard to pre plan though. Dont hold me to the two day guess. I do remember it going quickly though.
  16. Off the top of my head (i.e. may be totally wrong): last year I think Shangy's made it available on Jan 23rd (when one of my friends got his case, it may have been available the day before), and I think it was gone on the following weekend, so the 28th or 29th. Again, vague memories of 2012.
  17. chcfan

    chcfan Advocate (620) California Oct 29, 2008

    In years past it lasted several months. Last year, the first wave was gone before the first weekend, in part because there were about 10 active hopslam at Shangy's threads going for most of the month of January.
  18. chcfan

    chcfan Advocate (620) California Oct 29, 2008

    They may be polite while jerking you around. Just watch the boards. There will be tons of "got my case" posts once it hits.
  19. I believe you mean there will be tons of "just got the last case" posts once it hits.:D
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  20. jiboo22

    jiboo22 Aficionado (210) New Jersey May 24, 2005

    Totally worth the trip. It's a straight shout out route 78. I do it from NJ on a Saturday. You can get the 'slam and pick up some other stuff you can't get in NY. Last year I lucked out by grabbing a case of Hopslam, a case of NN which didn't hit NJ yet, and a case of Two Hearted. Made a day of it with my wife and hit that diner in Clinton on 78 on the way home (the one with the train car) for lunch.....really awesome burger.
  21. if your gonna make the trek on friday or saturday, you pass within 5 mins of Weyerbacher, which is always a great stop, or venture into Allentown or Bethlehem and hit one of the Brewworks locations for some food and beer.
  22. hankhill666

    hankhill666 Aspirant (35) New York Oct 20, 2012

    Anyone know of any stores with Hopslam off I80 before Tannersville? Might be making a trip to that area on Saturday, and would love to pick it up if possible.
  23. baybum

    baybum Advocate (580) Pennsylvania Feb 10, 2011

    Hopslam doesn't hit this area until 1/21 or later, according to Shangy's

    SBALDWIN Savant (285) Pennsylvania Feb 27, 2005

    Shangys had it til may of last year. Nima loves to hoard the hopslam.
  25. I think it was a little longer than the first weekend wasn't it? I plan on going the day it gets there this year just in case.