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Trip Suggestions - Vermont - This weekend

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by TWStandley, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Hey there - I am heading up to Vermont this weekend to check out Alchemist and HF. Any recommendations for what to do up around that area?
  2. celfan

    celfan Savant (465) Vermont Jul 4, 2004

    When in Waterbury, hit up Prohibition Pig and Blackback Pub.
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  3. Planning on hitting the Pig after we stop by Alchemist...I've heard great things. Will check out Blackback too.
  4. jamesewelch

    jamesewelch Savant (345) Vermont May 11, 2012

    Are you planning on going to Burlington? Or just turn around and head south from Waterbury area? Which direction are you coming from?

    There's also Rock Art and Trapp Family which are close to Waterbury, if you're just staying there.
  5. Coming from MA. Uncle lives in Stowe so we will be spending the night there. Been to Burlington a few times. We are going to be hitting HF, Alchemist, Warren Store, Hunger Mountain....
  6. If coming from MA, you can always stop for lunch at Harpoon in Windsor.
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  7. dunix

    dunix Savant (470) Vermont Jan 26, 2011

    If you are staying up the mountain, Crop is a good spot closer to where you are staying. Stowe Liquor store (across from Crop), usually has some good stuff (they run out of Heady very quick, usually). Hopefully we'll have some real snow by then.
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  8. Grab a pie from Blue Stone when in Waterbury, you won't be disappointed.
  9. If any locals want to grab a beer around MRG/Waterbury/Waitsfield/Warren between December 27th-30th, let me know. I'm driving up from KY yo our skihouse on MRG so my wife can ski and I can run and drink.
  10. Alchemist advised today there is a one-case limit over the holidays via Twitter/FB.
  11. celfan

    celfan Savant (465) Vermont Jul 4, 2004

    dear god, as if i needed another excuse to go to Waterbury.

    If I had more cash I'd just sell my house and buy one of the cool old houses behind The Pig.
  12. iwantmorehops

    iwantmorehops Savant (370) Vermont Sep 25, 2010

    Mad Taco in Waitsfield, and Three Penny in Montpelier, great food and drink on your way to Warren Store and Hunger Mtn.
  13. My suggestion is that you purchase a case of Heady, and then deliver it to my apartment.

    In all seriousness, have fun. Sunday looks like the best day to go because its canning day. Just dont take it all because Im sending my roomate there to get me some.
  14. bigedct

    bigedct Savant (405) Connecticut Jun 23, 2011

    Head up Friday morning. The Alchemist had 40 cases for retail sale last week. 1 case limit. Sold out by Friday at 11:40. They open at 11:00. Be there for doors open and still make it To HFS for their opening at 12 noon. Your done with your day shopping and get to enjoy the pig, blackback and reservoir for the rest of the day.
  15. IF you are in the Burlington area Farmhouse grille is always a great spot too, usually have some lawsons and HF on tap
  16. Any clue if Prohibition Pig or Blackback Pub has TV's? I'm gonna need a place to watch the Louisville vs. UK game on the 29th. thanks!
  17. dunix

    dunix Savant (470) Vermont Jan 26, 2011

    Prohib Pig no, Blackback yes but only 2. Usually whoever the bartender is, can be talked into putting it on any sports game.
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  18. telejunkie

    telejunkie Savant (365) Vermont Sep 14, 2007

    Three penny taproom in Montpelier is a great stop if you've got an hour or two to spare traveling in either direction. It's around the corner from Hunger Mtn. so you can kill two birds with a stop off exit 8.
  19. Try The Reservoir - the back room has a bit more of a sports bar kind of vibe with plenty of tv's showing games, pool tables, etc. Also, their tap list is really not very different from Pro Pig. (cheaper too, if I remember right)
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  20. Whats the best way to get Double Sunshine?
  21. celfan

    celfan Savant (465) Vermont Jul 4, 2004

    sell your children
  22. ajthegreat

    ajthegreat Aficionado (205) Vermont Nov 11, 2010

    It was absolutely packed tonight, granted they closed at 6 for an Xmas party. That double dry hopped heady topper sure was tasty!
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  23. dunix

    dunix Savant (470) Vermont Jan 26, 2011

    Wait for it to be released. Then go to the Warren Store or Hunger Mountain that Friday morning, or watch his blog about going to Farmer's markets.
  24. celfan

    celfan Savant (465) Vermont Jul 4, 2004

    as i posted in the other heady thread, Alchemist sold out yesterday and won't can again until sunday.

    go to Prohibition Pig for heady on tap.
  25. Anyone know what time Lawson's usually gets stocked at the Warren Store on Thursdays? I called and the guy that answered gave me a really wide window. I'm headed up there on Thursday, so I'd like to hit the store before heading to HF.
  26. dujayhawk

    dujayhawk Aficionado (140) Kansas Aug 8, 2011

    I was told from 1-3 which makes it impossible to hit before HF
  27. Yup, my thoughts exactly. I've had better luck hitting Hunger Mountain on Friday morning before heading to HF. Think I might do that again.
  28. jglowe77

    jglowe77 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Jan 24, 2011

    Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier. Wicked good beer selection and great food to boot! Also, be advised that the Alchemist only cans on Mondays and Thursdays, so those days are your best chances for getting Heady. They usually sell out by the next day (Tuesday or Friday).
  29. Wait until it is brewed again.
  30. Make sure you have snow tires on your vehicle, not those all season city treads, after all you are heading to the middle of nowhere and we have all seen flatland vehicles in ditches.
  31. celfan

    celfan Savant (465) Vermont Jul 4, 2004

    the ultimate HF adventure is in march/april on a sunny day when the frozen dirt roads thaw into quicksand. i speak from personal experience.
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  32. mud season is the worst, there is a reason road's get posted
  33. celfan

    celfan Savant (465) Vermont Jul 4, 2004